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You might want to include a paypal donation button Tertia. I have no young kiddie clothes to donate and if I went out and bought some the postage rates would bite my butt. However, sending a few bucks would be relatively easy via paypal. Just a thought!

"I want God to be proud of me and when I die one day, I don't want him to think.... great start, pity you didn't see this through."

Ooohh, ow, ouch!!!!!!! Aaarghhh.... NO! Sorry to make this about that but oh NO!!!

Why use the words "Jesus lover"? I respect your beliefs, but please try to respect mine as well KWIM. I'm not a Jesus lover, I am a Christian.

Wow. Everything starts an argument around here.

This is not about your beliefs or mine people. It is about African moms who have nothing for their babies to wear. If you would like to send them clothing, then do. If you are unable to, then no prob. I have just returned from the hospital and it puts everything into perspective. My heart is sore for them, not going to argue with any of you or defend anything. Surely compassion is a common thread amongst all of us? I believe it is, I need to believe this is true.

Please go read my sister's blog today. http://bosombuddies.typepad.com/bosom_buddies/

"....I do it because I cannot bare the thought of a tiny infant going home wrapped in newspaper."

Put things into perspective, doesn't it.

Sorry Mel - no offense of judgement. My compassion is huge for YOU that you should feel like you might be in trouble if you don't finish what you started. I would hate to carry that around but I do understand where you're coming from. I just don't buy into that and the way you expressed it blew me away a bit - for your sake.

But yes it's off topic, sorry.

I left a comment earlier, but I don't see it here anymore... not sure if it got deleted?

Just wanted to say that, if it did, I'm not sure why because I was being sincere in my comment. The way you put it really did make me think differently about how people see Christians. And that is important since I am one.

Oh for Chrissakes!

Give if you want to give but would you people SHUT UP about the way Mel expresses her faith!! She doesn't mean anything about you! IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!! She made no judgments about you or your beliefs. She didn't try to convert you. She didn't condemn you. She simply expressed her own motivation for doing an amazing thing. GET THE HELL OVER IT!!

T, darling~maybe next time don't copy and paste her email. Just make the request for her. Obviously people can't deal with it. They like to pretend they are so open minded but really they can't accept someone who believes differently from them.

sorry, darling. I responded quickly and probably not particularly constructively. I don't want this to become about anything other than a bunch of babies needing blankets and clothes. Feel free to delete my comments.

Amy Beth, I hardly ever delete comments. Typepad must have dropped your comment somehow. Please repost.

Cakes, you are right. I shouldn't have copy pasted her email. I wish I hadn't now.

Well done, Mel! I think Mel is doing such a fab job, we should all try and do our bit. I don't go to church but I have enough respect for other people to let them believe whatever they want to. Tertia, your parents must be so proud of you two girls(I'm sure your other siblings are just as great) for all that you BOTH do for others and the community. I think the world needs more help and love not judgement and criticism.

Wow! I am am a fairly new reader so I'm not really familiar with your sister, but after reading this and the link over to her blog I have to say I am so impressed by both of you. You guys are seriously amazing. I agree with the other poster...your parents must be so proud. I also want to say something to the posters who are complaining about the way this was worded or that it did or didn't include Jesus etc
" Shame on you!!! How is it that you can be so self centered that you can turn a wonderful gester of human kindness and compassion into something about you. How sad. This is a personal blog if you don't like what's written, don't read it, why do you care if she believe in Jesus or not. You have been invited for a peek into the lives of these women, if you don't like what you see, you aren't required to come back. But as a guest you need to show respect" OK sorry about that- off my soapbox.

I'm also really excited because I live in GA and will be sending clothes to help this wonderful cause.
Thanks so much for what you are doing! What a wonderful calling!

Laura from GA, you said it all... It's perfect, I do not need to add anything else.

Go sisters!

Oh good grief. I for one was rather touched by the bluntness and passion of this communication from Mel to Tertia (for heavens sake, don't folks get it -- you are SISTERS! I would use a similar tone and style communicating with my brother because HE GETS ME! We do not have to discuss, much less debate, our differences every time we communicate! And we, too, have a sense of humor!) and would like to thank both for their efforts in helping very needy new moms and their babies.

Tertia, thank you for giving us the opportunity to help. I can not always give money but this I can do!

Thanks for posting this! I think I can finally get my act together and send over some goodies.

I realized as I thought this, that perhaps I am a bit anal too! I NEED to know, which would be more helpful, baby clothes or money? I wish to do that which is the most helpful for your wonderful sister and most of all for those little ones. Thank you.
P.S. I am a Christian and I think your sister and you are very funny about it. It makes me laugh. I do believe that Jesus laughed too. Maybe I am a bad Christian for thinking that.

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