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How can you not love that? That sounds very much like a weekend in my life and I LOVE it. Quality time must be my love language. Have never done that test thing. Looks too complicated. :-)

Well done!

You are a heck of a rockstar, T! Way to get it DONE!

That's way too much togetherness for my liking! I spent Saturday in my pajamas and did NOTHING all day. Now that was good times!

This "new project" thing sounds juicy!!!! Can't wait to hear more. Glad you and Marko had some time together. x

Sounds like you didn't get much sleep! That's one thing I really miss about my pre-parenting life. And yes, you are lucky indeed.

Sounds great barr the "went to bed way too late" and "woke up way too early" parts. Those always suck.

Looking forward to Monday....

Are you sure you're not a Quality Time person - one who is just WAY saturated and in deserate need of SOME ALONE TIME!?!

The suspense is killing......

After all that you may need a day in your PJ's!

you are working to hard...it is important in life to postponed as many 'to do things' as possible...if you can do something today,try and do it a week later...it works for me.

I know that it will never happen cause you're waaaaaaaaay to busy but I don't know enough people to use as alternatives so I have memed you (but assure you I won't be offended if you ignore it altogether :-))

Details at http://amotherspride.blogspot.com/2008/02/meme-gods-7-random-facts.html

Cheers babe (and I know that your project is all consuming but try to make some time for yourself too!)


As someone who needs some space and alone time to reset my head and breathe, this would be a little too much 'quality time' with others for me. I'd be exhausted, and not from lack of sleep.

"Saturday lunchtime while the kids nap: Spend quality time with husband doing that thing that married people don’t do"

Gasp !!! You........TALKED ???

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