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Tertia, bless you for all you are doing for this family. I think it's wonderful, I really do.

Sent 100.00 via paypal. Only 17 more matching donations to go for tuition. I was surprised to discover that tuition costs in South Africa seem to be right in line with my daughter's tuition at the University of Texas. Surprising, considering the exchange rate.
Take care,


You absolutely have a heart of gold! I love that you can put a call out for harrisons family and the world responds for these young people!

Tertia -
I just sent some money. Please let me know if your sister got it.

I am a chemical engineer here in the States - its a tough ciricula but well worth it - he'll be employable anywhere in the world.

Best wishes. Wish I could do more.

Tertia - Thank you for the opportunity to help. My grandfather is a chemical engineer, who put himself through college while working full time to support his family. I am putting myself through school right now, while working full time and I can't imagine how he did it with three kids. (Although his wife, my grandmother was a great help and very, very thrifty.) Anyway, I hope that this helps Masande. The power of education is immeasurable. Also - I will be waiting to find out how we can help Nontobeko as well. Thank you again!

I only sent a little bit...but I hope it helps.

Tertia - thanks for giving us the opportunity to help, if only a little bit. I hope you get a tremendous response. Harrison and his family sound like wonderful people. I know that Masande and Nontobeko will do great things!

Hi Tertia

Bless you for doing this.

How do your SA readers dontate money? could you maybe email me your banking details and I could do a transfer?


How do you send money via the states? When I try paypal it says I can only send money for goods or services, not a cash advance.

Can someone please advise.

thx -

Ok - I picked goods in paypal, hope that works.

I am involved with graduate development programmes and will be happy to coach Masande and Nontobeko as they take on these awesome opportunities you're making possible for them. Let me know. I'm in Cape Town too.


How can we donate in SA?

Hey there - if you send me your bank details privatley, I will add a bit.


I'm with Charne, Ann and Bianca. Please let us know how we can transfer money to your account.

Tertia, please let us know how us SAFFA's can donate?

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