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You're doing fantastic! I'm so glad that school is getting easier for all 3 of you!

Second and third day of school is always harder than the first, then it gets easier. My heart goes out to you--my son cried every day when we first dropped him at daycare his first year there, and as soon as my husband or I got there in the afternoon, he would start to cry again as soon as he saw us. Good on all three of you for being so brave.

So glad it was a wonderful day for all of you. YAY!!!!

Cheers to you! What you are doing for Adam is telling him "I know you can do this, I believe in you, you will be ok." On top of that He knows that mommy always comes back and you keep your promises! Well done!

I love those moments of "all's well". They're so worth all that comes before and after.

Wonderful, Tertia!!! I'm happy to hear all is well at the Anal Albertyn's house ;-)

Excellent! If you like the school, it makes it so much easier. And congrats on feeling good exercising. I know I could use an endorphin boost from my elliptical machine today too. This post will give me a little kick in the pants to listen to that voice that tells me I need it. Must stop ignoring her.

Hooray for school! Sounds like Kate and Adam and you are all adjusting very nicely. I'm sure there are many interesting things to talk about, and to look forward to the next day. I hope all 3 of you will come to LOVE playschool the way our kids did.
Way to go on the exercise and feeling good! I must get started, am feeling fat and lazy and want to hibernate, as usual for this time of year in the Canadian prairies. If you can do it, maybe I can too.
Best wishes,

You go mama! Glad that everything is going swimmingly!

Dammit girl! I just got a few minutes to myself so I grab a bag of chips and some creamy ranch dip and settle in front of my computer to catch up on some fun reading and you.just.wrecked.it. You suck.

Glad the kiddos are adjusting to school,and you too.

Next time you post a guilt inducing post could we please have headers? I would have saved your blog til I was done with my artery clogging snack.

I'm sitting here after hitting the gym for the first time since December and eating my high protein, low carb lunch and feeling better already. Exercise really is key for me and I know I can take off those last 25 lbs I need to lose to feel fabulous.

Hooray for school going so well and being in a good place mentally. I still take antidepressants as well and they really do help!

Hee, I just read the comment right before mine and had to chuckle. I've been there too. Keep it up! (From one PCOS girl to another!)

Can you see me? I'm doing the Mexican Wave for you! Well done! Keep it up!

So the only bad news is the huge lunch? That's almost like no bad news at all. Almost.
Good going on leaving them in school. And you didn't even need your spy post today!

Yay, good for you for keeping up with the exercising. Am having to force myself to exercise too. Here is my new weight shedding blog which I mentioned to you the other day - www.growby40.blogspot.com. I am hoping that by being open about every aspect of the weight loss I will be forced to keep it up or lose face. So anyone who is trying to lose weight is welcome to read my blog and give some support.

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