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And since when does the Cape Town weatherman get it right .. I am sure it will be fine but do not hold me to it

Mmm, don't panic - the weather people are never right. In fact, I'd go so far as to say you can probably depend on sunshine. It's quite hard to get horse *&^% out of a carpet.

Please don't ask me how I know that.

Have fun. Here is is raining and 5 degrees celcius but my 7th of january 05 baby is a wintergirl! We are having the birthdayparty tomorrow as well.. I can't imagine they are three. Congratulations we made it so far and it is going to get easier isn't it ;-)

Can't wait to read the report on this party... Hope you take lots of pics and the weather holds off. If it rains tomorrow I swear I'm staying in bed!

It will be ok, I remember holding a huge golf umbrella over my little equestrian's head as she rode the pony at the fete. She liked it so much, I thought it was the longerst ride in history! I think that will be a good job for anyone whose name begins with M and ends in o........

Have a Happy Birthday, Adam and Kate! Here's to NO muddy ponies. We're doing cake, ice cream and punch at my place next Saturday...do I suck much?? ((mumbles to self...ponies? I have to get ponies in two years?))

HAPPY BIRTHDAYING, ADAM AND KATE!! Send the rain over here - we desperately need it and will gladly babysit it for you during the festivities!

Happy Birthday Babies!!! We're also in a drought, so we'll gladly take the rain off your hands. Hope it holds out for you!

They predicted 80% rain last week and not a drop fell, so here's hoping it won't rain and besides we normally get the rain in the southern suburbs- not you guys!? Have a blast- can't wait to have my childrens parties ONE DAY!!

I postponed an outdoor party last year because the weatherman said we would have torrential rains and gusts of wind all day. I rescheduled 45 people to come the following Sunday. At least half were coming from 100 miles away or more.

The original party day was one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen. Not a cloud in the sky, never mind torrential rain. The following Sunday that I rescheduled it for, it poured like a bitch all day.

My weatherman sucks.

They also said today would be 25 degrees, and it feels more like 30, so maybe they'll be wrong about the rain as well. Will be thinking of the kids on Monday as it will be my birthday too!

Don't worry. I'll do a big rain dance here today and pull all that rain to San Fran. I'm not doing anything today that requires dry skies. I'll take one for the team.

Ponies in the lounge? Video, please.

(And as others have said - when does the Cape weatherman EVER get it right?)

When do the ___________ (fill in the blank with any city) weathermen ever get it right? Happy B-Day to the little tykes.
Here's hoping you have dry skies!

Here's a late entry re; getting the little buggers to eat. I (contrary to all the other six zillion comments here) tell my twins (almost 3 y.o.) that only children who eat their dinners get to have their dessert (usually a ice cream fudge bar, cookies, chocolate pudding, etc.).
My daughter will eat anything. This gets her to eat it all faster. My son will eat 50% of the food i offer him. This gets him to eat 98% of it.
This bargaining works. My kids eat (if not eat, then, at least try) everything now. I am firm about my refusal to give them dessert if they don't eat their dinner.
Try it. This works like a charm for me.
Good luck!

Adding: BTW... somewhere along the way, my kids have even actually started to like their veggies because of this!

Ahh, there's nothing like the smell of wet pony in the morning! Kiss those sweet three year-old faces for me (omg, when the hell did that happen?), and belated birthday wishes to sweet Ben as well.

Okay, so it's poured here (in SS-CT) for the last hour!! Hopefully it's rained itself out and you'll just have a cool summers day!

CONGRATS! Happy 3rd Birthday Kate & Adam! Weather crap but I don't think it's going to stay like this. The sun is already peeping out... Have a lovely party!

enjoy the party... i just know the weather will be fine! happy b.day to the two angels! xxx

send us the rain if you get it! even though it's been pouring for days here in 'Sunny Queensland' we could use more over our dams. the rain hasn't made it that far, and despite the down pour and the cyclone warnings and the floods, we're still in a drought!

hope it all went well for you!!

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