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Great! Just great!

in the first photo there has to be a (large) bottle of hairspray lurking SOMEWHERE nearby me thinks?

thanks for the flashback and backcombing memories.

Wow those are awesome memories, I'm sure. What a G&D family photo!!

Bra top, belted baggy jeans, cowboy boots that only went to the ankle...ah, I miss the early 90s!

It was that dress up party. Kim was Annie Lenox, I was Madonna and I don't remember who you were? We were still in the flat and those were my jeans I bought in Paris. Must be 17 years ago I think?

LMAO at the big hair and high waist!

that's hilarious! Madonna and Michael Jackson times! been there, permed hair with tiny curls, shiny lip gloss and velvet or leather jacket....
Sister Mel, imagine your daughter dressed the way you are and saying "bye, mum, see you tomorrow!". I do not know how our parents survived the heart atack...

H-O-T. But I just want to know...why did any of us ever dress like that? lol

Oh MY - you totally Madonna-rocked there in that first picture, didn't you?

And girl, I have NEVER fit in a suit and looked that good!

Th 1st photo reminds me of "The Bangles".

You are Awesome.

I hate you... lots

The P above is my little brother. He is just feeling a bit shy about those absolutely fucking enormous set of ears he had then, and that very gay looking speedo.

JJEEEBUS - where on *earth* were you going attired like that?

I mean - I remember the style of jeans, the hair and the belted pants up to the nipple line, and maybe it's a climate difference, but I NEVER hung the girls out that far. ;-}

Delurking to comment to the fact that your sister is covering up Paul's nipples. Why? Was he modest or was she? Did he grow up being the kind of boy who wore his towel under his armpits just like his sisters? Or was it simply a loving embrace?

Either way I am going to continue to think that Paul was a modest boy who wore a towel under his arms until he went to college.

Lookin' good, girl! I do remember that period...I had big hair, kinda like a poodle. It was very in then, I swear.

No that's not the Bangles that's Bananarama! And so it must have been taken in 1986.

I think you should do a blog poll on how many of your readers would even have *thought* about taking a family portrait in bathing suits :-).

pretty gorgeous family.


You're so cool, will you be my friend? Please?!

GO PAUL in the bikini briefs! ;) lol

Holy shit Tertis, did you know we were twins back then? Having serious acid flashbacks here....

Ok, I have serious pregnancy brain, that should read Tertia, not Tertis...dork me.

Seriously funny...

Ok but seriously who was the gay friend next to Mel. He looks waaay too happy for his own good. Hehehe. I also had poodle perm back then - beeeeg hair.

I'm 1.61m tall.. I hate you. And I hate Mel more! ;)

Oh - those were the days! Madonna, The Bangles, Tears for Fears, WHAM!, MJ (before he become strange) - such great music, such high fashion, lots of hairspray and leg warmers, neon clothing and raybans! GOSH! Those were great times! You're still so skinny~! Bugger!

I may be 42 now but I NEVER looked that good in a bikini! Go girl!

You are TOO sexy :)

"I'm too sexy for my spandex" Hot for sure!

You look so 80s rock there :D

Brilliant. I love that sort of music and that look.

Smokin'. Literally.

You remind me a bit of a young Princess Caroline in that first pic.

My favorite element, by far, is how Mel is in a straight up bra and panties (ok, 'hipsters') set, and her friend is in a freaking TURTLENECK. The juxtaposition of the outfits is pretty funny. :)

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