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Hi. The most wonderful kid-friendly destination is The Morgan Bay Hotel - Morgan Bay, Eastern Cape. TOTALLY kid friendly. Activities all day every day for kids and nannies to watch them. Hotel is right on the beach. And not too pricey. A real "spoil yourself" holiday. It is a family owned hotel and is upmarket but not pretentious. A real treasure. Another place is Blanco Farm, also in the eastern cape. A working farm but with the emphasis being on the kids being involved in the day to day running. Also great, altho never been there. Just heard rave reviews. Good luck.

This is an awesome site - http://www.wheretostay.co.za/.
They have pictures, pricing, maps etc...

Hi Tertia

Love your site. I am a working mom with triplet boys of 9 months and an eight year old son. I understnad the need for a family get away where help with the kids is readily available. I would strongly recommend the Morgan Bay hotel. It has that old family hotel feel and the nannies are great. In fact my husband and I are escaping there for some alone time on Saturday night(we have convinced granny and grandpa to babysit!!) We are also going to Blanco in April with a bunch of friends who all have small kids. It has been highly recommended by a number of people. However if you are traveling straight through from Cape Town it could be differcult with the kids. Perhaps you could organise a stop over around Storms River. Good luck and thx again for your blog....it keeps me sane knowing I'm not the only one with such a hectic life!

Lucky enough to have been to both with my parents when my brother and I were kids and can honestly say that both were just brilliant. Can't wait to take my daughter,

The Fish River Sun is great! They have a camp Kwena for kids. They supervise kids daily with activities and outings and give T-Shirts and the food is great. They have self-service rooms. The pool area is super. They have jungle gyms and a playground.

Blanco's website is http://www.blanco.co.za/. It's an awesome place, and very kiddie friendly. My fiancée and I were there last year for a week and it was fantastic to sit and 'chill'.

My cousin has just come back from the Beacon Isle Hotel in Plett - he raved about how child friendly it was. And not too expensive either. He said that it felt great to get to know his wife again and do some couple things....

I don't know - after our December holidy with three 3-year old triplets the best place is home, even though we stayed at my moms beachouse in Onrus which is quite child friendly. They have their own toys, beds and familiar surroundings. I would stay at home, take day trips and make sure I have a baby sitter for each evening so that you and hubby can go out to chill.

The Cavern in the Drakensburg is divine and very kid friendly :)

My in-laws have a house on the Keurbooms river in Plett which they rent out - if you interested mail me and I can put you in touch with them.

The Cavern in the Drakensberg is totally amazing! Been going there annually for about 20 years :-)

I second the recommendation for Blanco farm in the Eastern Cape: http://www.blanco.co.za/ I was taken there by my parents and grandparents when I was four years old and had an absolute blast! One of my best memories from childhood. The adults had plenty of activities to keep them busy as well (tennis, swimming, horseback riding, hiking etc).

Have heard fabulous things about Blanco. So many kiddies in my class go and they LOVE it!! Apparently they have babsisters etc. so the kids can have fun but you can have time out too! Then you can also do fab family things!! Hope that helps.

Nooooo! Come here, to sunny southern California! You can stay at my house! I'm a great cook and we're only 15 minutes from the Wild Animal Park, where you can see giraffes and lions and wildebeests and..oh, never mind ;)

I hope you find the perfect place for your holiday!

Hop on the plain to sunny Caribbean - just got back - two kids under three - best and most relaxing holiday ever! And no powercuts! ;-))

Try Umngazi River Bungalows - on-tap entertainment (and nannies) for kids, a spa (woohoo!!), close to the beach, walks etc all right there. Only mission is getting there - either need to fly to East London and then a 4 hour drive or fly to Durban - not sure how far a drive from there. We are going in Feb and have only heard good reports. www.umngazi.co.za

Been to both the Cavern and Morgan Bay hotels - and I can HIGHLY recommend both of them. My husband, who will be 40 this year has been going to the Cavern ever since his mom was pregnant with him.... and my two have basically grown up there. Absolutely fabulous place for a seriously relaxing holiday for the whole family. Some of the babysitters that used to look after my husband when he was small - looked after my two when they were there. Let me know if you need more info..... (www.cavern.co.za)

Hi Tertia, the same people that brought us the great SA pet frindly directory http://www.petfriendly.co.za/ also now have the SA child friendly directory http://www.childrenwelcome.co.za/. We have used the pets one a lot on our travels with the dogs in tow and have always find it's content excellent. The Nest in the Drakensberg is great, but maybe a bit far for you, It is a family style establishment with a kiddies dining room, activity programme and babysitters. Gives Mom and Dad a break.

there is a winner site called budget-getaways.co.za - budget barbie will love it

Hi Tersia

There is a Child-friendly section on SA-Venues.com with family-friendly accommodation throughout SA. Only lists establishments that accept children of ALL ages, so very useful.
Here it is:

Hi, we will be driving from Jhb to Southbroom with our 2 year old, nightmare traveler son and we would like to stop off for the night in the Midlands but it has to be a very child friendly place, lots of space,kids,jungle gym,trampoline etc etc. Any tips for me?

i would go to disneyland. I think its a little high but entertains kids so much.

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