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So sorry dear Tertia. Thinking of you all and of darling Ben. Hugs.xxxx

Thinking of you today. Sending hugs your way.

Thinking of you and your's. Happy Birthday sweet Ben.

Tertia - you and you family are in my thoughts today - especially sweet Ben.


I'm always surprised that another year has gone by. I just want you to know that Ben is still very alive in memory for many of us who visit here daily.

I will next month grieve the fourth birthday of my triplet babies that I lost at 25w1d. Just as you write of Ben, the time we spent will forever remain a part of my very being.

Happy birthday precious Ben.

Happy Birthday, Ben. xoxo

Happy Birthday, Ben.

Happy birthday, sweet angel.

Your loss is unfathomable. Happy Birthday Ben. Lots of people love you.

Happy Birthday, Angel Ben! Love & hugs to you and your family, Tertia!

comme la coeur est grand quand tu cherches l’amour de ta vie qui s’est enfui

(all your heart is so big when you are searching for the love of your life).

we remember you, ben.

My heart goes out to you today.... praying and keeping you and your family in my thoughts today.

Happy birthday Ben!

Happy 4th Birthday Ben. I'm so sorry Tertia.

Happy Birthday, sweet Ben.

Hugs to you, Tertia.

Happy Birthday, Ben. Tertia, I think of you and Ben (and Luke) often as I was pg w/ my twin boys at the time you delivered. I remember your Ben at times when I look at my boys (who will be 4 in Feb) and I think of how immeasurably lucky I am. You baby boy will not be forgotten.

So sad for you. Lots of love.

Happy birthday sweet Ben. I wish you were hear to spend it with your darling mama, daddy, and brother and sister.

Thinking of you, Marko, Ben and Luke today. It is amazing how much Ben looks like Adam -- your children are all beautiful.

I think of your little Ben often, and remembered today as his birthday. You are a wonderful mother to all of your children, the precious ones who are still with you and the sweet ones who could only stay a little while. Love to you and Marko both today.

thinking of ben...

Happy birthday to your big boy. HUGS to you.

Thinking of you today, Tertia. Much love.

Besh wishes Tertia. Treasure your memories.

Happy birthday little Ben. My thoughts are with all of you.

You know my thoughts are with you all, and how much you are loved. Ben and Luke have given us so very much through your voice and love.


Happy Birthday dear boy. Thinking of you, Tertia.

Happy Birthday Angel Child!

Hugs to you and your family today Tertia.

Happy Birthday Ben. Tertia, hugs & strength to you xxx Ben, Luke, Adam & Kate are very lucky to have a wonderful mother like you.

Happy Birthday Angel. Tertia and Marco, Adam and Kate lots of love to you all.

Sue xxx

Happy Birthday, Ben! You sure have left some beautiful footprints on this planet. :-)

Happy Birthday Ben!


I have thought of you, Marko & Ben so much over the past week. I have no words but know that I send love!

Happy Birthday to precious Ben and Luke!
Thinking of you today - and understanding how raw it STILL feels on anniversaries!!
"Know that your angels look down from heaven above, and with each ray of sunshine, they send you all their love!"
(Good thing you live in sunny SA and not the UK, or else you would be wondering where the love was ......v grey and miserable here at the mo.... :) )
Love Kirsty & co. in the (very grey) UK

Happy birthday Ben

Loving memories of one so dear,
Treasured still with a love sincere,
In your hearts he is living yet,
You loved him too dearly to forget.

The candles are lit,
but no song will be sung.
No laughter, no roars, of my little one
who would have been four.

If you only knew the plans
that would be made by your dad and me
The cake to be baked...
The presents wrapped...
and all the funny party hats.

The pictures taken by your dad,
or course,
As loving friends fill the house.

All of this is not meant to be,
since you were taken away from me.
No birthday cake...
No presents unwrapped...
No pictures of you in your party hat.

But the candles are lit,
Never go out.
For they burn forever in my heart.

Author unknown

Today, I will hold you in my heart.

Happy birthday, Ben. And hugs to Mama.

*tears* How I wish Ben was still in your arms, Tertia. How I wish we could be enjoying his birthday celebration today, complete with a gaggle of 4-yr-olds.

Thank you (as always) for sharing your intensely personal story, Tertia. You have made the world a better place.

Happy birthday, dear Ben! I hope you are watching from Heaven, and can feel how much your family - and each of us! - loves you.

Four years... a big boy. Happy birthday Ben! And a big hug for you and Marko, T.

Thinking of you today Tertia. Ben will always be remembered.

Happy Birthday sweet boy.

Much love to all of you.

Happy 4th birthday little Ben.

Peace and comfort to all your family today.

thinking of you today. happy birthday to sweet ben.

Tears, and hugs, dear one.

Sending you a big hug, dear Tertia.

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Tertia, you and your family are close to my heart today....

Happy Birthday, Ben. And lots of love to you, Tertia, and your family today.

Happy Birthday Ben.

Keeping you close at heart today my friend.

Happy Birthday, Ben.

Tertia & Marko- thinking of you today.

Hi Tertia i finished reading your book today...so weird,that i am in the same situation that you were in...but i pray that you and your family will stay strong and my huusband i have you in our thoughts and prayers...
happy birthday dear little Ben...

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Holding you, Ben and the rest of the family in my thoughts and prayers today.

Happy Birthday, Ben. I will always think of you, in January, as my twins came into the world on the same date you had to leave, three years later. If it wasn't for your mommy, I literally wouldn't have my babies. You were a very special little boy. Hugs to you, Tertia and Marko.

Happy Birthday, Ben. Thinking about you and Marko today, Tertia.

Happy birthday, Ben, and much love to you and Marko, Tertia.

Happy birthday, Ben, and much love to you and Marko, Tertia.

Happy birthday, Ben, and much love to you and Marko, Tertia.

sending a virtual hug on this day

Happy Birthday, beautiful Ben. Let this day be a memory of love for you, Ben's mama.

Happy Birthday Ben. And hugs to you Tertia.

Ben's story just breaks my heart. You are a brave and strong woman, Tertia. Hugs to you.

Happy birthday, Ben! Hugs to you and Marko, Tertia.

Happy birthday, dear little boy. You are remembered.

You'll be with him again one day, Tertia. I believe that with all my heart.

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous angel.

Thinking of you and your family.

Happy birtday to Ben and Luke. Thinking of you guys and missing you terribly xxx

Always a part of you, he has changed you forever. I know exactly how you feel, and a huge hug to you. :)

Happy birthday to Ben.

Thinking of you and yours today.

Happy birthday, sweet Ben.

Thinking of you today.

Thinking of you and Ben, and your whole family today. Peace to you.

Woah...it's my birthday today and I just came across your page.
I do understand how it is to lose a child as a close friend of mine has.
It was an unplanned pregnancy and as time went along, she was happy to have this baby.
One day she woke up and realised she miscarried while going about her daily routine.

You're a strong woman Tertia and I do admire your courage and your bravery in the face of adversity each time. You really are an inspiration to me.

Happy 4th birthday Ben...thoughts to you today

Happy Birthday darling Ben and special hugs to Mommy.

Thinking of you and your precious Ben.

Long time lurker letting you know that I'm thinking of Ben, and your entire family today. Please know that after my loss last year, your archives were the first I hit to remind myself how on earth people can live through such tragedy. You're an inspiration, and Ben is lucky to have a mum like you. Best.

Take care of yourself today Tetria.

thinking of you

Happy Birthday, Ben.

Don't really know what to say. Hugs to all of you...

happy birthday baby ben. wishing you, and your family, peace and love. today and always.


I remember Tertia, always will.

Happy Birthday, sweet little Ben

I remember his birth 4 years ago. Happy Birthday to dearly loved Ben. Big hugs to his mommy and family.

Thinking of Ben and Luke today. Sometimes it is harder as we get farther along seeing our living children and wondering what we had missed with our angels.

God Bless you and your family, Tertia.

Happy birthday, Ben. Much love you your beautiful family, Tertia.

Sending you hugs and lifting up a prayer for you on this difficult anniversary. Ben will never be forgotten.

Thinking of all of you.


{{{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}}} to you.

I did not realize that Ben and I share a birthday. What an honor.

And what an amazing woman you are to send me a sweet b-day message on the day, when here it takes me until days later to even drop by to say how sorry I am that Ben died. I am sorry, so sorry.


Very belated here, but thinking of you and all your children during this momentous week.

Wishing you all the best ......

Happy Birthday, Ben. Your sweet face brings tears to my eyes. You are dearly missed.

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