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Awe... are you beaming with pride?? (now it's your turn to cry) Good Job!

Yay! Phew! Brilliant for you too. Now you can stop that worrying I hope!

PS. Yes I did vote!

Well done Adam and Kate! And you, Tertia :)

That's brilliant!! You have handled this whole situation so well especially today, even though I'm sure it's hard for you still. Well done, Tertia!

Awesome job all around. I say this is a good reason for a glass or three of white wine.
May all of you have many more nice days.

"We go to Woolworths a lot. (If I buy them something, anything, they will exclaim “Wow Mom, where did you get it from? From Woolworths?!”)"

Ah, for us it's Target--in my three year old's mind, anything and everything can be bought at Target. Which pretty much it can!

Bigger question - did *you* cry?

did you have a nice day and did you get anything from woolworths?

Well done!

But I'm confused - do you drop them off and work from home those days?


I voted for you! Best of luck!

I didn't cry, I skipped out of there!

No, I didn't get anything from Woolworths and yes, I did have a nice day.

And re working from home, yes, I work from home now. Did I not mention that? Very remiss of me. Am v v fortunate that I am able to work from home.

Isn't it the best sensation when you can leave them at school and know they are happy. Great job satisfaction as a mother there, well done to all.

"Have a nice day" LOL how grown up of Adam!! I'm so happy he's adjusted so quickly. That is wonderful.

Awww...so happy to hear that! Big boy!

That 'have a nice day' thing slays me. What a big boy! No tears! I knew they would be OK. Good for you, mommy. And good for Adam.

Evan asked me this morning, "Can we go to school early today?"

I guess it's good he likes school, but gee, he doesn't have to want to go early!

Not only should you be proud of Adam, you should be proud of YOURSELF! Great job - you did the school thing fabulously!

But what about the hair? Didn't you get a haircut recently?

The Sainsburys Man brings EVERYTHING that comes into our house - including the post ;)

Well done on a smooth preschool transition. Now it's your turn to cry ;)



YAHOO!!! That's terrific!

Three cheers for Adam, for Kate, and for Tertia! and for the playschool teacher(s) who must be doing a fine job. So glad school is good for everyone!

I'm really really glad to hear it! Although I had no doubt. You have happy, secure and well-adjusted children. No wonder! they have such a miracle mother. Now go and drink a good glass wine... we're all shouting cheers!

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