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ROFL... Kids say SUCH cute things, and somethings are so cute, you just dont want anyone else to hear it! :P

A little girl in our family once told guests at the door that they were not welcome, and her parents didn't feel like seeing them. Then she slammed the door in their faces. The worst was that these were family members who the parents were not getting on very well with. LOL.

Still, I love those moments. Its so innocent.


Last week my 7 year old was playing cards with a friend. His didn't flip over or whatever it was he was trying to do and he responded with with aww shit! When I told him not to say that he said why not, you do!

Guess I need to try a bit harder... Shit.

Too funny!!! I love the funny stories that come out of kid-conversations. Just not the embarrasment of them!

Thats too adorable!And you dont know How to react because they are so innocent.Happened to me just this passed weekend
my 7yo nephew while lovingly stroking my baby's hair "bliksemmm",i told myself not to laugh because it will only encourage him-But How Can you Not!

Our girls know there are "Mommy/Daddy words" and that they aren't allowed to use them until they're in college. We try not to swear in front of them, but we are who we are I guess.

"Oh dammit!" says one.
"Amy, that's a Mommy/Daddy word. You can say 'darnit!'"

It's worked so far with them (11 and 9).

At least they used it appropriately. Clearly, you have two linguistically gifted children.

Well, at least they used the word appropriately. Recently my four year old hit us with a whopper, upon discovering that his father moved his blocks around he said "Please don't touch my shit!"

Yowch! I'm not sure where he picked that up (BLAME HIS FATHER!)

LOL. My 3 yr old was confused after I cleaned her room, when she walked in she said: W T F. The letters, not the actual words. Way too much internet talk going on at our house.

Why not? Bruno is a pain in the arse, isn't he? J/K.
But this is hilarious.

Had to laugh...we are on lockdown around here trying to curb "fuck," and "fucking." I'm such a sailor! I'm postitve first sentence will be, "Fucking cat!" (around my mother-in-law, no doubt...)

My four year old cursed "Son of a dish" last week. Glad to be misquoted for once.

My will be three in February told his preschool instructor that he was going to "fire up her ass" a couple weeks ago.......

Not sure where he heard that one! (Actually I know it was said by his grampa to him one day for trying to get into something)

Forget what the kids said, why do you have time to walk before you go to work? What the heck is that all about? Damn!

My 2.5 year old says "oh shit" every time I brake hard in the car. At least he's efficient, I only had to say it once to hear it repeated every time, lol! I try to ignore it as well- so far seems the best strategy.

I have a post on my blog about a similar thing. But my son was encouraging all the other kids in his pre-school to say it too.

ROFL! The other day Nellie heard me say dammit when I dropped something, and now she says it a lot whenever something gets dropped! I just hope that she doesn't say it at nursery too!!

I have heard worse .... and its still the cutest thing eva cos its said in pure innocence. And ignoring is best. And real hard! I heard one of mine say to the other, "cut it out or I am going to donner (AFr Donder) you!" I realised I use bliksem and donder far to often and I am not even Afrikaans!

Wait till they're 7. When my son's squabbling with his pals at the playground, he calls 'em pissers. Or penis-heads. Which is great, because he didn't learn those ones at home. Those are from other kids. When he shouts "Jesus Christ!", that's his good upbringing talking.

I just wonder what they're going to say when you're walking THREE dogs!!!!

Oh yeah the words that come out the kids' mouth. LOL. I remember a few years ago, I was taking a shower, my then 2-yr old son was playing in our bedroom. As I stepped out the shower, I hit my toe on the edge. Oh the pain! I yelled out really loudly "shit". A second later, I heard my son saying the same word. :)

When we moved into a new house my husband was attempting to fix the 200 year old pumbing. My then not quite 3 year old is helping. Daddy breaks something on the sink and says a few choice combos of "fuck." The next night, my parents who were also moving, were looking at their new house for some wallpaper. My mother mutters, "Shit, it's not here." My son helpfully says, "No, Shan (what he calls her), it's Fuck, Shan, Fuck." I wanted to die as my Army General father looked starlted. My son, now almost 5, repeated f*cker in pre-K last year, but as his teacher was, I choose not to get too upset about that one!

Yep, ignoring it was the right thing to do. At least, that seems to work with my son. Saying anything at all would only feed the fire, I think.

My husband said "that's bullsh*t" in front of our son the other day. Our boy sat there in his carseat saying it over and over. Neither of us said a word about it, showed no reaction, and just changed the subject. He moved right on and hasn't said it since.

However, I'm sure that an embarrassing slip at school is inevitable. My SIL called her teacher a "dickhead" when she was only two years old. So I can't imagine how my son will escape it, hanging around DH's family as much as we do!

oh, and my two-year-old neice walked into McDonald's one day with her dad (my brother) and started yelling "I AM GOING TO KICK ALL OF YOUR ASSES!" at the assembled total strangers.

I guess we have bad influences on both sides of the family.

I'm sorry, that was funny, Tertia, but Kristylynne, above, that is the funniest thing I have heard for ages. Can you imagine???

Keep 'em coming, peeps!

My daughter cheerfully shouts BOLLIX!! at the top of her voice. Fortunately we've moved from the UK to the US, so no one here understands here...

Kirstylyn - you win hands down!! I am rotfl!!!

thats nowhere as bad as having my two year old trip over a toy the other day and as she does she, she says "fucksakes" and giggles.

youre not alone t. xxx

How the heck to you manage to get up and go for a walk BEFORE work? with the children? OMG! I can barely drag myself out of bed at 07:00 to get the lunches done and the kids off to school before I attempt to S*S*S...
My admiration has gone up another notch!

Agh! A few days at school and look at the words they pick up! It's a good thing they have such a pure mother as a role model. LOL!!!

Excellent for a Friday giggle! I loved Jenna & Cath's versions - LOL!

My fave goes to Kelly's son.... "please don't move my shit."
At least he said please.
Funny Kate, funny Adam!

What does "bliksemmm" mean?

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