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OH - so it's the athletic endevours that are making me what we refer to in the States as 'a cheap date'. I can't drink at all without getting tipsy.

Congratulations on your Healthy Barbie lifestyle. It sounds like it suits you well.

Good for you! I, too, am trying to make some small, but meaningful changes to my habits for (hopefully) the better. I am trying to learn to stop eating when I am satisfied as opposed to eating until my plate is clean. Did you have the "Clean Plate Club" in SA when you were growing up? It was a fairly common guilt trip used in the US when I was young. My parents would tell me of all of the starving kids in the world (often Africa, specifically!)and I should be greatful and eat ALL of my dinner. Wildly screwed logic. Who was shipping my brussel sprouts to Africa, I have no idea. Keep us posted on your progress!

Go healthy Barbie! Keep up the good work!

Gold stars for you!
And although you might be getting tipsier faster, it might also pass faster. See if it becomes true for you. And if it does, you can learn to space the drinks in such a way that you control your level of tipsy. Enjoy finding out, either way :).

Tertia, you are making us so proud...
I am good in the healthy food department, not so good with exercise. My husband is literally dragging me every evening to walk; I wonder if you have put some ideas in his head.
And Kathy, I was born and raised in Argentina and my mother always talked about the starving kids! it must come in some old-fashion mother's book.
PS: Congratulations on your review!

Digging out my pom-poms, slipping into short shirt, wiggling into tight sweater.... okay now I'm ready....


Taking nap, way too much exercize....

Way to go Tertia!

YOU GO GIRL. Would that I were so enthusiastic about exercise. I started out well a few years ago, walking every day, and then this spring it started to rain and didn't stop for six months, and by the time it finally stopped I had become horribly lethargic and lazy. Never got back into that mode. Must, MUST get my ass in gear. You are an inspiration.

Good going! Very proud of you...like the pedometer thingy...I'm a gadget fanatic...okeee...one more thing on my wishlist...

Hey, well done Terta!! That is so great and you really can be proud of yourself because making all these changes can be tough. I have the weird thing of enjoying (and regularly doing) the exercise bit BUT I really struggle with the eating part. I exercise like a demon so you'd think you can eat whatever you like, but it just doesn't work that way (which really sucks big time). I also have PCOS and I love food and I really struggle to go 3 hours without food. But worst of all, I am a major chocoholic and feel really hard done by if I have to go a day without the beautiful stuff. Sigh. For me, it's a never-ending battle. And I'm only 27. I sometimes think about the fact that I have another 50 years of this crap ahead of me and I could just kill myself... Not really, but you knwow what I mean??

Well done Tertia. You're certainly a LOT more active than me. I think I'm allergic to exercise, but anyway... have lots of fun, maybe I'll follow your example and do the same. I know the my son and dog would love me forever. And good luck with the eating plan, I know you'll do well.

Way to go Tertia! I am trying to up the exercise and cut down on the eating (like you I tend to graze all day) using that whole supply and demand equation theory. Supply less food, increase the demand by exercising more and hey presto! The weight should fall off ;)

Well done! I'm trying, or at least I say I'm trying, to be healthier. I'm even doing my best NOT to pretend that skipping a meal is not only a healthy thing it then justifies whatever naughty snack I want later in the day. Why oh why isn't wine on the food pyramid?

Go Tertia. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you put your will to doing it. I'm inspired. There's a surfer beach party coming up here in two weeks. I wish I could lose enough weight to show up in a bikini (not that I even wore bikinis in my 20s)!!!

AWESOME! Go healthy Barbie go!!

Congratulations! I've been trying to exercise at night too and I've been feeling a difference.

You make it sound so easy! I want to also have a good eating & exercise plan but my get up and go just got up and went....
Glad you're getting it together though - at least that's one of us!

Yay for Healthy Barbie. Though that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. You set such a good example that Large American Toy companies will have to follow.

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