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Not only did I vote, but I clicked the correct radio button...I think...

ALready did yesterday without any prompting!

I do love you guys. A lot.

Clicking just above your photo will also get the right button selected.

I voted the other day :) Good luck, I would like to see you win.

signed, sealed , delivered

Whoa is it just me or does that website looks seriously skew in both IE and Firefox? I clicked the radio button at the far right, which is definitely not above your picture. Some web developer needs a bitch slap.

My vote's in!

(And the site's lay out was just fine in IE 7, so no mistake has been made here)

Mine's in too. No probs about design.


Already did earlier this week ... much deserved, Tertia!


Good luck!

I most definitely did that and voted in some other categories while I was there....

You got my vote!

Done! You got my vote ;)

(Not only because I love giraffes, but also because I love your blog :)

Holding thumbs!!!

Congrats xx

Voted, hope you win :)

Voted! Been reading and lurking for years. Much love and luck.

xo, cp

Will keep trying :-)

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