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Being waterwise in SA is way cool :) And maybe just maybe once you get that borehole you can focus on the recycling thing (I am shyte at it too but I do try about 6 times a year to get my ass in gear - my new project is to start a compost heap at home...)

Oh I'm just so jealous of your weather!! I looked at the picture of Adam while I'm sitting in my freezing living room, watching the snow flurries, in 20 degree weather.....a heat wave! LOL!

Completely sour and selfish note here - I already spent my weekend slogging around in "grey water" in my basement (not put there for the purposes of feeding anything but the roto-rootered drain, post-flood. Now, I come over here to have a wee read and lo - what do I see?


Verily, life ain't fair.


hmmm...will have to have a talk about this recycling thing. But, gray water use is really cool.

Very cool. I would love a grey water system. Can I suggest something called xeriscaping? Basically you only plant native plants that can tolerate your climate, and use other techniques to maximize the moisture that you have. Voila, no more thirsty plants. :-)

Oh no! I work for a state recycling office. What am I going to do with you? LOL Just kidding - it's just a job!
Very cool on the watercycling though!!

I'd say you even out pretty well! Here in the States (hee! that phrase!) very few people reuse their graywater. I would go so far as to say that many would consider it avant-garde.

You are too funny. Your two big expenditures in recent dates will be a) new boobies and b) a borehole. Pretty wide range in taste there. I love it!

I'm a tree hugger and I'm very happy that you like to save water. Saving water is way more important than recycling plastic and paper.

One thing we do in drought plagued Califorina is make sure to run the sprinklers before the sun comes up. Make sure everything gets a really good soaking (but don't let the water run down the street!) so the roots grow deep into the ground. You may find that you can run the sprinkler for a shorter period of time each time it runs and therefore save some water that way. This assumes your system has a timer which I'm sure it does.

We have the same issue here in Southern California. Last summer was so dry that our city park in my neighborhood had a forest fire and much of it burned, and now the hills above my neighborhood are bare and brown. :(

I have a few plants but they say if you want to conserve water it's a good idea to plant climate-appropriate plants -- jasmine does really well here in SoCal, it doesn't require a lot of water and it's really beautiful! I bet it does well in South Africa too because I think we have a very similar climate.

Your Grey water catcher is such a great idea. I don't own a home but I wonder if my apartment building could use one?

It's been raining the past two days here and, like you, I am so happy that things may turn green here for a couple of months at least!

As Lisa states, South Africa and Southern California are one of the very few places which have what is termed a "mediterranean climate" with wet winters and hot dry summers -- my husband has a masters in water resources and I cannot tell you how many times I've heard that. Our "garden" (in southern california) has only native plants (no lawn/grass even) -- even better than having a xeric garden -- and I am sure there are plenty of great natives to plant in your garden that don't require watering.
we are lazy gardeners.... and do not water ...

Wow, T.! I remember the first time you posted a picture of that playset when Marko put it together and twins were just bebe's! Look how much they've grown! They were too little for it then..., but, now...
Would love to come and play on that with them and mine!

Tertia, I thought you'd like to know you have a long lost identical twin in Reading, Pennsylvania. I was at Target 2 days ago and there she was. She looks exactly like you.....only instead of sounding like she's from South Africa, she sounded more like she was from South Bronx, New York. I should have told her about you and given her your blog address (or at least enough info to google it) but I was too chicken. Instead I just talked to her about tape. If I ever see her again, I will tell her about her long lost twin, though.

No need to feel guilty about the water thing. Our dams are 99% full after all it basically rained until the end of November and hell we pay a lot for our water, so water all you like but remember it'll cost you!!
Probably best to wait until early evening though!

It is really interesting to read all these comments. Here in Melbourne Australia, our climate is also similar to yours - however our water problems are serious. We have been on serious water restrictions for a long time now, with many permanant changes made to water use rules. Melbourne has very good water quality, but water storages are getting pretty low and summer has only just begun. The percentage of water in our dams that supply the city are listed on the front of the paper every day (Currently they are 38.9% full. We can only water our gardens with hand held hoses on a Wednesday or Sunday morning between 6 and 8 am. We are not allowed to water lawn at all, nor wash the car, except with a bucket. Most people I know do not water their gardens at all except with grey water from the washing machine, showers or baths, unless they have installed thier own rainwater tank to fill from the roof of thier house. Everyone I know has a bucket in the shower to catch the cold water before it gets warm. It is amazing what can be done with careful planting, and grey water is the way to go.

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