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I could have typed those last two paragraphs myself. I'm excited, too, and I hope we're both right!

May 2008 bring everything you're dreaming of!

You have waters? Americans feel things in their bones.

May your bony waters be an accurate herald of grand things to come!

Happy and Merry dear Tertia -

may your premonitions all be true - for our house as well...

Merry Christmas, Tertia. Here's to a fabulous 2008!

Woohoo! May all these things come true for you.

oh, how you deserve it! My year can only be better- won't let it be worse! Here's to happy times and many success in all areas!
That's what I love about Christmas and new year, it's a time to look at the past year, reflect and look forward to a great year full of optimism. Boy, has it been a year!!

oh, how you deserve it! My year can only be better- won't let it be worse! Here's to happy times and many success in all areas!
That's what I love about Christmas and new year, it's a time to look at the past year, reflect and look forward to a great year full of optimism. Boy, has it been a year!!

I hope you have many many great things happen in your life!!! Glad to hear your looking forward to a bright future!

You've two healthy, beautiful children. A lovely marriage. A good job. A nanny who adore your children.

Yet you've convinced yourself you've not had "your turn." That the world owes you better.

A lot of women have had all the bad luck you've had and no children, broken marriage, shit job or fired from one, no extended family, etc.

Personally, I hope your run of good luck contines. I also hope you begin to realize that it's been your turn for a long time now and allow yourself to feel like the very lucky woman you are.

Wishing you and your family a super Christmas and a fab 2008!

Hello my darling - I hardly think you've "convinced yourself the world owes you better" (not even sure about that grammar) ..... may the blessings rain down on you my dear friend... . . . . run around bare foot and giggling as they do.
love ya (and marko and the kids and rose)

I want to clarify what I wrote. This season, so many people I know are having rough go of it. Spouses in Iraq, parents in very ill health, a child who is enjoying her last Christmas due to a fatal illness and another child who was hit by a car and whose brain damage is turning out to be worse than feared.

My point was that, as we get older, the years when we have our health, healthy parents, healthy children, jobs, good marriages, family around us and so on are going to become less common. It seems short-sighted to decide that "our turn" is coming up when, in fact, it is going on right this second.

Can't wait to hear all about it!

I saw Anon’s comment earlier and I wondered to myself whether it was worth explaining something to someone who clearly did not get it, and decided it wasn’t.

But then Anon came back to clarify, and so I thought I would take a stab at it. If you still believe afterwards that I think the world owes me better and that I don’t know how lucky I am, then so be it.

Firstly, have I not said, almost ad nauseum, how lucky I am? Do you really believe for a moment that I don’t know how damn lucky I am to have my two healthy children? That’s silly. The marriage, the nanny, the job – of course I am damn lucky to have that, but that is not what the post was about. And to accuse me of not knowing how ‘lucky’ I am to have that is frankly quite insulting.

The post was not about material things, it was about attitude. About internal stuff. As I said in my post “The last decade ……. one characterised by hardship and fear”. I said “our attitudes are changing and for the first time in a long, long time, I feel excited about the future”.

And that is exactly it. It is about an internal world view. It is about no longer being ruled by fear. About breaking out of the prison of fear and actually getting excited about the future. About having sufficient inner strength to take risks. For the last 8 years, we have been so beaten down by what we were going through that we were too terrified to take risks. What if Something Bad happened? It would break us, we were so fragile already. Both Marko and I were immobilized by fear. Absolutely and totally risk averse. But the ‘good luck’ which you so kindly pointed out, has indeed made us stronger; it has given us the resilience to take a few chances, to open ourselves to the possibility of success. For years all we did was expect failure, success had no chance.

It is our turn now to take control of our lives. To take control of our marriage, our health, our children, our finances and our selves. To stop being so convinced that the only reason we had any good fortune was because of random ‘luck’. And that if we tried to take control, if we took any risks, we would get beaten down again by the familiar bad luck.

It is not about material things. It is about an inner change. About saying “yes, bad things can happen, but we wont be ruled by fear any more.” The scars run so deep, you have no idea. But we can either let them rule our lives or we can pick ourselves up and believe that we are stronger for it. That good fortune is as likely as bad fortune, and that maybe, must maybe, it is our turn to take risks, to take chances, and to be strong enough to embrace both success and failure. Without the fear that we will ever be back in that dark place again.

But, as I said, you either will get that, or you will not. And if you don’t, well that’s fine with me. As this sea of change begins to take shape within myself I care less what people think of me, I like myself more and more and above all, I am extremely proud of myself. And even if nothing else good happens in 2008, I’d say with just that small thing, I’ve done pretty well already.

I am sure I don’t have to say it, but please don’t say anything against Anon. Let’s not have the lynch mob mentality run rife. Anon spoke to me, and I am responding to her. Any personal attacks will be deleted.

Now go open some Christmas gifts or something!


I totally understand your post. I've had those gut feelings myself, and I've learned to trust them and follow them. I've had feelings that I'm going in a bad direction and need to change course, and I've had the opposite where I just know things are going to work out for a period of time. Right now I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be a year of change and excitement for my family, and maybe not always happy but definitely exciting. I hope that your feelings are on the money and that you have a GREAT year in 2008.

No attacks on anon here. I can see anon's point, I just don't think he/she quite got yours, which happens. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Handled very maturely, T. I understood some of anons points too - but after reading your explanation I get what you were saying and I think it's wonderful.

I've seen some awful pain this year too, and in the last couple of years, and truthfully I'd love to be where you are now. Where you are now is a dream to me. But I know you've been through hell and you deserve every bit of happiness coming your way. Here's to 2008!

You go girl!!!

Hi, just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and I hoped that you and your family had a great day. Thanks for a wonderful blog.

I realy really wish that for you. A 2008 filled with highs

Tertia, I hope 2008 is *fabulous* for you!!

2007 sucked for me in many MANY ways (but yes anonymous commenter, I am happily married, healthy, etc. and my kids are healthy). Still I am hoping for a great 2008 for myself as well.

All best & happy holidays!

I totally get what you write about. I don't have to wait for 2008 (tho it's just around the corner), I feel that I am changing for the better right this very minute. Looking forward to 2008 and the years after that. No matter what comes, I think internally, I can deal with anything better than I have been doing in the past decade.

I wish I felt like that.

Reindeer droppings are said to bring good fortune.... So I hope that Rudolph pooped all over your stoep! Hope your Christmas/Xmas was magical and that 2008 is filled with only good things! :)

I hope your waters feel something big for me too. I know. Its pretty selfish of me to use your blog for my own personal dreams...but I never claimed not to think of myself first.

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