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Go read your travel policy .. breakfast does not come out of your Per Diem .. that you can use for that 1 and half glass of wine :)

I am fairly sure you are not supposed to drink alcohol while on antidepressants? ...makes sense since alcohol is a depressant itself.

Don't mean to point this out in a mean way. Just thought I'd mention it. Does your psych say you shouldn't drink?

Can so relate - when I'm away from kids and hubby - I'm ALWAYS in bed later with more glasses of vino under my belt than I promised myself hours earlier.. its a second wind thing (it sneeks up on us as the sun goes down).. I know 2 great places to go for breaki anytime from 6am - next time breaki's on me :-)

Don't feel bad, I practically fall down after half a glass of wine and I weigh 150#, a bit more than a "light weight"! Nothing makes up for a rotten sleep like a hearty breakfast, though, so eat up! Maybe you can rustle up a guava or two ;)

oh dear heart, it gets worse - wait till you're just over 40. the only thing for it is to make certain you have a coke with brekki. it's the elixir of life you know. when served with a wimpy breakfast. preferably overlooking the sea.
anyway, the important thing is NOT to throw in the towel. just become more inventive with the cures.
cheers dears, bottoms up.

Before you go to sleep be sure to drink at least 1 big glass of water. 2 is better. You will feel so much better in the morning. Never mind how I know this (and I know it well!)

I also have this problem that sometimes I feel miserable although I did'nt drink that much and other times it feels as I I had closer to a bottle and don't feel a thing! My DH's coment is that drenched soil doen't take much rain....So much for the tolerance theory!!

Come on Michelle, you are like "n ou vrou met n nat broek" with that coment. Does not know the English version - wet blanket??

Oh yes, and the water trick REALY does work. (Take sommer 2 Mypridol's with the water and you will be sure not to have a headace and you will sleep like a teenager)

I think my comment is a valid comment - a glass of wine everyday + antidepressants doesn't seem like a good combination! I know it is intended to be a light-hearted post!

Last time I had a glass of red wine I ended up in emergency with appendicitis....I now drink white.

Have to agree with 21stcenturymom and elzabe...drinking a glass or two of water before bed after wine really helps.

I can't imagine that red wine has any causal effect on appendicitis. Me, I've sworn off Irish whiskey ever since that one time in college 20 years ago. But it didn't send me to the hospital, but I not only had a furry animal on my tongue, I threw up on the furry animal. The animal was pissed.

I had 2.2 beers last night, stayed up too late, and have a little headache this morning. And I took prescription headache medicine before bed! I thought it would save me. Alas, it did not.

Growing up is highly overrated. I'm cleverly disguised as a responsible parent. ;)

BTW - Some type of sugary snack before bed (along with the water) helps ward off whatever the hell it is that makes you feel like shit the next day.

I vote for the getting creative about what might help alleviate the hangover. As soon as you get home or when you know you are going home - gulp back two glasses of water fast and maybe one of those fizzy vitamin B tabs that you drink. It could be a little dehydration causing headache etc. Following that some breakfast remedy the next morning such as suggested - you'll have to find the right concoction.

The weird thing about wine is that, technically speaking, a "glass" is only 4-5oz. If you actually stop and measure how much you're drinking, it's a bit of a shock....at least it was to me. My "glass and 1/2" was really more like 3.

As much as I loved it, I'm better off without it. It was a depressant in my case, but your mileage may vary.

Words to live by: You are only young once, but you can be immature forever.

Cheers to indulgent wine-drinking and lack of sleep well past your 40s!

I wonder if you're gonna get charged for those cookies??? I hope your hang over wears off soon.

Be sure to only drink wine that comes out of a bottle. You can easily get sick from "doos wyn". It's not the best quality and often old and left outside in the heat. Overmeer is THE worst.

You're not immature, you're just an extravert.

As an introvert, I get exhausted just about reading about such antics, but you seem to manage quite well.

if you are a slow learner now, wait until you turn 40...
You suddenly start to lose your memory, to have liver problems (for all those years of heavenly wine) and to increase your ability to get irritated for everything.
Or so I've been told.
I don't remember...

I do the same thing every time I travel for work. I say I'm going to rest up and sleep and get stuff done, and I never ever do. I go out, drink a lot, mess up my whole schedule, and get annoyed. Why? WHY I say????

I have to second that water thing from up top. Metabolizing alcohol is a dehydrating thing, take a toll, so to speak. So replacing the water is a kind gesture that pays dividends in how you feel in the morning.
And I love per diem. The best.

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