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I can certainly see where you would be offended. Really. And I am not defending the people who put out the quiz but I think sometimes when people 'say' offensive things (especially very young people), they don't actually think through the words to imagine the action they are describing. If they did, how could they do it? I think they just try to put together shocking words. Kick/babies. Eat/tampons. Bump/uglies. Rub/[you fill this one in].

If there is a silver lining, I guess it is that you know now that you can be offended. Good for you, I think. As for the rest, try not to think too hard on it, I suspect the people that wrote it didn't.

I agree Tertia, this is pretty offensive. And well, bizarre. I mean, Em's probably right in that someone didn't even think about it, maybe it's even randomly generated by a computer, but still--this company should be having a live person with half an ounce of sense look over the lists before they send them out.

And the rest of the list; "take out a cop"? Definitely bizarre. Let us know what happens!

I agree with your stance on child abuse as my life's work is working with neglected, physically and sexually abused children. However, while I don't think the quiz was funny, for some reason, I wasn't offended. It was just stupid!

And clearly! The only reasonable option here is to "lick someone's eyeball"! :)

Awwwww! Our little Tertia is all growed up!

oops. sorry. Did that offend you?

The "Kick an infant" thing is so utterly ridiculous, it doesn't even register with me, so I'm not offended by it. It is clearly a joke, unintentional, unrealistic. I am offended by intentional things, things meant to hurt, exclude, mock.

Interesting that you say people are offended by religious nuts. I am much more offended by the anti-religion nuts. The ones that go out of their way to mock all things spiritual. I find religious nuts annoying, but not offensive, since their intent is nearly always for good rather than for hurt.

You are rightly offended.
But I'd lick your eye any time.
And feel free to lick mine.

I agree with you...what a peculiar thing to write...I'm surprised any company would want to be associated with that type of writing....
Mio Destino

"kick an infant" was probably written by some twenty-something who watches too much South Park (this from a 30 something who watches way too much South Park herself). "kick the baby" is a game that an older brother (Kyle) plays with his younger brother (Ike) where he kicks him like a he's kicking a field goal and sends the baby flying, and because South Park is a cartoon, it's funny to watch the goofy toddler fly through the air, and the baby never gets hurt, baby enjoys it and comes running back for more.

If you don't watch South Park, it's probably lost on you, I don't think that the person who wrote the quiz realized how it would translate to you or anyone else who hasn't seen "kick the baby" on South Park.

I have a volunteer job where I work with abused and neglected children, I don't think child abuse is funny, but I laugh every time my husband quotes South Park and says, "kick the baby" --and trust me, he would NEVER kick a baby and I would never find it funny if someone kicked a baby.

Child abuse is never funny, but South Park is pretty hilarious. Forgive the idiot 20 year old who wrote that quiz. He had no idea that you wouldn't have seen that episode.

what i find consistent with YOU - is you DID something with your emotion. whether it be sorrow, anger or joy -act on it.
instead of simmering into a fine froth, you took action against what upset you. earlier this year when tragedy hit you, you took action to help harrison. when you had creepy cold feelings about adam, you took action to see what it was instead of letting them grow.
love you.

Ummm.. yeah. And I find the inclusion of killing a cop, or any person, pretty offensive as well. THat definitely needs to be removed.

I didn't really get offended by that because I know people wouldn't really kick an infant. But, as usual, if I reaplace "infant" with "dog", I am offended. I can't help it. I like dogs way better than babies. :)

Well it's absolutely unfunny. Probably also crass and stupid. I'd have to believe the writer of the quiz meant it more seriously than they did to get good and pissed/offended about it, though.


Yes, definitely offensive. I have to wonder about your reference to racist, prejudiced stuff, thou. Isn't being pissed off and being "offended" pretty much the same thing? I don't quite get the difference.

I hope they take your letter to heart and not only remove thw quiz but revoke the account privileges of the person who posted such an asinine thing. :-)

Yep, I'm offended too. Good for you for writing that letter!

I'm speechless. I've done a few of the quizzes (not the new apps though) and thought they were kinda silly and cute. But I can't imagine anyone putting that line up like that.
Thank you for taking action. Bless you (I'm not the religious nuts, at all, just so you know).

That is foul.

I get what you mean about Facebook. Some of the pictures I have seen on people's walls are absolutely disgusting, and it takes a hell of a lot to offend me (must be a Southern Hemisphere thing ;) ). The sort of things that you'd have to pay a membership fee to see on other sites. And then I've seen other people I know fakes their 4 and 5 year old kids' birthdates and give them their own page (complete with photos).

It is really getting out of hand. I am starting to knock back every application invite I get and am sticking to Scrabulous.

I think that quiz was meant to be offensive. Some folks actually find offensive things humorous, like bathroom humor for alot of guys, especially (which i don't get at all).Clearly, this succeeded in it's purpose... to offend.

it is offensive. the problem is that child abuse is very common so there are sick f#@ks out there that would do that. the quiz might even put ideas into some of their heads. child abuse is a reality and even to make light of it is an insult to so many children who have no was of defending themselves.

very offensive in my opinion. well done for writing that letter.

It really is offensive. I can't believe it. I am so glad you wrote that letter, I would have done the same, I hope that they will do something about it.

I have to admit that I actually just made a joke about kicking an infant to my husband. I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and have been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately due to a very active baby. After a couple hard kicks to my ribs at 3 am, I told my husband that I'm going to give this baby a nice kick when she's born just to see how she likes it. Obviously I was joking.

wow. holy crap I completely agree with you on this one.

I don't get offended very often either. But when I do watch out, get over, close your eyes because the world just might end if I don't get the head on a platter I deserve!

I have a stressful job (work on wall street and I feel like I'm on the deck of the titanic) and have been proactively working on being less easily offended after a bad day at work. However, the "kick an infant" choice made my laugh out loud. A couple tips for staying level headed is to put everything in to context and remember it isn't directed at you. You seem to not be offended easily, so perhaps my lack of concern with that quiz suggests there is some hope for me after all.

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