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Wow, never been first to comment before. I think it just does not receive the same amount of publicity as before. There are so many other competitions/reality shows on which involve talent (Idols) and survival (Survivor, Amazing Race) that Miss SA does not seem to have much substance. There is also a lot more to watch esp if you have satellite. In the 'old' days you did not have many options. Maybe it is just an age thing. Though if I had known it was on I may have watched it, then again maybe not.

Oh well... Nowadays there is Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Holland, Miss Amsterdam, Miss Black Beauty (really!), Miss Teenage, Miss Disabled, Miss Best Bum, Miss Pin-Up, America's/Holland's Next Top Model, Beach Beaty, Elite Model Look etc etc. In 1988 (when I turned 14) there were only two Dutch tv channels; in 2007 we have over 25 Dutch national/regional channels and many more in English/German/French/Spanish. So no one watches the same stuff anymore.

Despite all the jokes about how the former Miss Worlds all wanted to end world hunger, for me they were real live Barbies to - more or less - look up to. They got to wear a tiara, travel all over the world on planes and talk to presidents :-)

These days tv bosses turn every competition into a real live soap, the girls all look alike and the title means nothing. And 'normal people' also buy new boobs, new teeth, new hair and/or travel all over the place, so I guess being Miss Something 1526 just isn't special anymore.

I read an interesting article the other day in a SA magazine. It said that long ago (when we were all MUCH younger) it was a big deal because we were isolated from the world. We had no "celebs" so we turned Miss SA into our very own royalty and treated the whole affair as such. Now that we're part of the world, it's sort of.. Blah.

The U.S. gets both Miss America and Miss USA, one feeding into Miss Universe (I always root for Miss Pluto the Dwarf Planet in that one) and one into Miss World. Nobody watches any more. I think the TV network that used to air the Miss America pageant has dumped it due to low ratings.

Everybody did watch the YouTube clip of the Miss South Carolina in the Miss Teen USA pageant. She flubbed her answer on a question about Americans' geographical ignorance and demonstrated plenty of her own. Combine this with the general not-feminist philosophy of the pageants, and you see why they've slid into irrelevance.

If I had not flicked past the channel I would never have known that Miss SA was even on, in fact I did not even know it was happening... I think V hit the nail on the head, with so much other reality stuff going down they don't really advertise Miss SA anymore... in the good old days there were many articles in the papers and magazines leading up to the competition so that we could choose a favourite... nowadays it is like, what? Miss SA?

I remember watching one of the pageants once - only once. It was in university and half the dorm piled into the community room wearing disgusting flannel pajamas and home-made sashes. Ideally we were all to cheer for our home-state beauty but since half of them looked like horses (or vapid chipmunks - it was a toss-up that year apparently) we chucked that and went directly to making fun of the question and answer session and discussing whether looking soulful while singing country-western was a talent or a symptom of delusion. I think we changed the channel after about an hour or so but it all got a little fuzzy about then...

I couldn't tell you who was crowned what anywhere. I have no interest in beauty pageants. I find them quite disgusting to be honest. There's no need for it, and I was pretty sure we were trying to move as a society away from the external beauty of people (esp. girls/women).

Hi! I'm from the Philippines and i share the same sentiment as you. Growing up, i looked forward to these pageants and i even went thru a phase where i'd walk and pretend to be a contestant. as i got older (i'm 32 btw) though, it lost it's appeal to me. i can't even remember who won this year (well, i would had i watched).
i have nothing against beauty pageants. i guess i just grew up.

I agree! I'm in the US and I can remember on the nights of Ms. USA pagaent & Ms. America it was an EVENT! I can remember nights of early baths and getting to stay up LATE with my sisters. We ate Jiffy Pop popcorn and we all had our favorites.
Other than the few pagaent girls who have totally made ASSES of themselves lately I couldn't tell you anything about the current state of our pagaents. I remember it being big news when they moved the Miss America pagaent from Atlantic City, NJ to somewher else a few years ago. After that happened they moved it to cable t.v. and I've never seen another pagaent again.
So...it's not just you. I think they're a dime a dozen now.

Here in the US it doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore, either. In the 80s when I was growing up I do remember watching the pageants (and guessing the right winner several years in a row!), but now I have NO idea who the Miss USA or America or whatever is. And I haven't for years!

in the united states we take their crowns away when they act ... you know ... normal. doing normal things like ... having sex, and sometimes taking pictures of it ... years before they participated in these events.

to me it's about creating artificial, holier-than-tho prissy bitches who aren't allowed to have a good time in private.

fuck that.

I don't live in SA anymore but Miss South Africa was one of our favourite events. We'd pull the photo of all of the contestants out of the newspaper and cut it up into the individuals which we'd dole out like cards to the gathered guests. We had a list of answers that if one of your contestants gave such as "I want to be an ambassador for SA", or "I want to end world hunger" - you had to drink. The loser was the drunkest person when the winner was crowned and/or the person whose contestant won. It was a really fun evening.

In Israel it's done really poorly and I don't think I've watched one in the past 15 years (or longer). It's boring and I guess I feel like the girls there are too stupid to realize that they're being pranced around like Barbie dolls...

I heard the clip of that chick on the radio and almost peed myself while driving!! Thanks for sharing the link...
When i was a kid the pageants were the absolute "END" for us! My sister and I would gather around the t.v. with my mom and we would sit up all night watching, waiting... calling our friends for opinions on who they thought would win. It was sooooo exciting!
I miss those innocent days. Can you believe we actually considered that "serious entertainment"?!

Didn't our last miss USA tearfully admit to using cocaine and all sorts of drugs? And miss teen USA had photos floating around on the internet of her drinking and flashing her boobies? I think that says a lot to where our pageant has gone.

I totally remember when Miss America was an event! And I was all excited to watch it each year.

Miss America 1988 was Kaye Lani Rae Rafko (my sister and I would say her name over and over again with glee - it was so glamorous) from Michigan. We idolized her. Ok, I was 8 years old when she was crowned. But still.

Now? I have so flippin' clue, couldn't care less, and think the whole thing is creepy and fake.

As a Canadian I used to watch the Miss USA thing on occasion. Now? No thanks. Yawn. Find it demeaning to women no matter how they try to make it PC.

3 words

Little Miss Sunshine


I think most people have DSTV and you become spoiled with all other interesting, educational programmes, there is just more and better entertainment out there then a beauty show !

I remember when I was a kid, it was a big deal (in the US). Or at least a bigger deal. I remember watching the various competitions (swimsuit, evening gown, talent) and trying to guess who would win. The Miss South Carolina flub was funny, though. (Only saw that on youtube...wasn't watching.)

I think it's been pretty irrelevant in the US for years. In 2003, as a joke, a girlfriend of mine threw a Miss America party. It was all women and a few gay men. We all wore sashes and fancy dresses and had our own complicated scoring/betting system based on our picks and the outcome...our winner got a crown and roses. Of course there was much wine. Only time I've ever enjoyed a pageant.

You know, now that you mention it, the Miss USA/America pageants seem to have gone the same way for me. I used to LOVE them when I was a kid. Now? Not so much, and I don't think I'd let my daughter watch them. I think, for me, the change has come with an awareness of what pageants really are: prettiest-girl contests. That clip of the South Carolinian girl someone linked is a prime example of the fact that brains don't get you in to these contests. I'm gonna stop now before I wind up ranting in your comments. lol

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