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Yes, quite glad it was over myself. Fell into bed exhausted and slept like a bear for a change.
How odd too us in he northern parts of America to see little tanned, barefooted children this time of year.

Mimi! I was going to comment the same! I'm sitting here shrouded in flannel longing for a Christmas swim! Glad you had a Merry Christmas.

They all are too adorable. Kate actually looks very elegant in that picture! Hope looking back you can enjoy your Xmas festivites (and realize it wasn't that bad). I spent Xmas trying not to throw up, and not succeeding.

Does Marko have a girlfriend? That sounds rather serious.

Glad it's over. Sounds like it was a good time, hectic and all :-) There's a reason why major holidays like this only happen once a year. Someone recently said "everyone snaps like cheese crackers this type of year.." Very true. Snaps are still occurring here as well.

The dipping in the pool bit? Wonderful!

I love tzatziki. I made my own a couple of times. YUMMY. I also made a Christmas garland this year and it turned out surprisingly good. But before you hate me for my cooking skills, I thought you should know I burnt the turkey very badly during Thanksgiving though. Nearly brought the house down with it.

I'm with Mimi and Teki - jealous about the pool and the little sundresses on the kids while I sit here looking at the slush falling from the sky in British Columbia!

I have a question about your salad. What is gammon? Meat, veg, fruit...?

Trace, Gammon is a pork cut prepared in various ways.

I think Kate's hair is looking G&D these days...
Here's my question.. what is "rocket"? In my world it is something you fly into outer space, but, you don't eat!
Happy, happy!
P.S. am feeling somewhat slighted by the "sulky Susan" reference...LOL! Can't that be changed to "pouty Pamela"?!

I loved entertaining before my divorce. My ex-husband never use to get stressed out as I did and would always come looking for me...since my divorce I stopped having people at my house. Period. This year I had Thanksgiving at my house and I realized just how much I missed entertaining.

I love entertaining- but not too often!
An idea for your 40th...
If you like Chinese food- there is an amazing "little" chinese couple, who come to your home-they bring everything including the little gas thingy to cook the food on.They wash up and leave!! They are VERY reasonable- cost wise. Just a warning their English isn't very good and you need to meet them somewhere well known so they can follow you!

We also plotted and planned Christmas lunch at my cousin's house in West Beach. He came the day before to collect all the chairs from the family (22 attended). Do we have enough crackers, who is glazing the gammon, don't forget chocolate mousse... etc, etc...and then we dish up our lunch and it's all over in 20 minutes. Christmas is definitely for the kids...

I have nothing to say except that sounds like the LEAST healthy salad I've ever heard of. In fact, I'm not sure it qualifies as a salad. But, I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Merry xmas!

It was very nice of you to explain what that greek yogurt thing was, but now, what is gammon and what the heck is rocket and you eat it??
Merry Christmas to you also, my hubby and I dropped dead into bed last night and we were totally worn out, so it isn't just you and Marko. I think just about everyone is glad to see Christmas Day come to an end, even if the day was great, which it was!

Seriously, what type of camera do you use? My little Sony is slowly giving out and I'm looking at Canons. I want a fast shutter. Your pictures always look fabulous, help a sister out!

How did your family get so many BEAUTIFUL kids??? There's not a dud in the bunch! :):):) Merry Christmas from equally sunny SoCal!

Gammon is another word for xmas pork (a specific cut) and rocket is a type of (fairly bitter but delicious) lettuce :-)

Ha Ha!!!! My husband does exactly the same thing when he is mad. Has to have a screech of tyres thrown in as well for good measure. Also glad it is all over, now we are preparing for New year party at our place. Sigh, never ends!! My DH also gets all stressed out and snappy whenever we prepare for a get-together at home and every time I say never again and then we go and do it all over again!! Why is that?

Lindsay, we also had the little Chinese couple come and do our annual friends Christmas dinner (not at our place, in Kleinbosch). Brilliant and very reasonable cost wise.

I'm sure that your sentiments are why Boxing Day was created. Do you have Boxing Day? I'm assuming the English tradiiton may have carried over. Here in Oz, it is the day following Christmas, also a public holiday and is probably my favourite day of the year. You get to eat leftovers, be generally slothful and this year all except one of our house guests left that morning, peace reigned. Bliss!

Rocket is more commonly known as Arugula stateside. Yummy stuff.

Sorry Marko is being a sulky Sue. Ah well...

Wine in the middle of the day sounds great. Perfect, actually.
And I think you should definitely cater the birthdays party. Definitely.

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