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Will I be first to comment?

I need to do that, too.

Ah, the blonde - it is alluring, particularly on holiday in the summer.

We do have so much fun. Enjoy your holiday darling!


PS - You had best be prepared for a coupon redemption!

Can you tune in radio stations on Mars with that set up? :-)

I see the blonde, but am I also seeing about 8 inches of hair gone? For what it's worth, I think a short, blunt cut would look great on you!

That wallpaper - I love that wallpaper back there! It is so HAPPY!

You got abducted by aliens? That is a real bummer, right before the holidays. :-)

lol at 'k' - I was thinking the same thing but too embarrassed to say it. Glad I am not the only one who hasn't been to the beauty salon recently enough to recognize whatever that thing is that looks like it might be eating your brains.

Sure you'll come out of it smarter and cuter :^)

can you post an "after" pic too?

that contraption scares me, too. And I'm a die hard dye jobber. What is that?

and yes, of course we must see the end results.

Picture please! Foils for sure but did you shorten drastically?

You are such a dag!! Love it.

you are so creative - an intriguing genius to be precise.

What is that around your head???

(asked by me who's been to the salon exactly 5 times in her life)

The previous comment made me sound like I have wolverine type hair, neglected and all.

My mom used to cut my hair. And then I learned how to cut my own hair when I got older :-) I have straight black hair, so there really is no point to do anything to it, because it will refuse.

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