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Got to love that age! Kids are so cute when they start pretending. Ahhh,.... I miss that.


Haha the other day I wrote about my kids pretending to be CATS and licking themselves all over... which is better for me, but not so great for them, considering how dirty they are.

My boys are 8, 7 and 5. They LOVE to pretend to be animals...mostly kitties.

My boys are 8, 7 and 5. They LOVE to pretend to be animals...mostly kitties.

LOL - at 'fanny' they are so cute at 2-3 pretending - I wish i wrote more about my older son's exploits looking back - we laughed all day.
I will time round with two to keep me giggling and blogging.

My daughter thinks she is a dog. She is obsessed with them. She does this pretend biting my leg thing that really creeps me out!! She also lifts her leg and pretends to wee on trees.

Laughing so hard about your kids pooping in the garden. I love that your kids do that. I love that they jump on furniture, eat lollies and run around nude. I love that they are allowed to be kids - even though you and Marko prefer cleanliness and order :)

Hehe... the doggy phase. When my daughter was 3 she was a puppy also. A puppy named Follow, because she followed you. Three years later and she still remembers that.

I've been struggling in the bemused parental way with my own girl, lately. She's been announcing that I have a stinky bum and require changing. Aside from the insult to my personal hygiene (which is *at least* average, so no actual smelly behind on me), I'm trying to figure out how to let fair be fair without having to strip down and expose my . . . ahem . . . fanny (in both definitions of the term) to my daughter for changing purposes. There's just no good answer to this one.

Cute, but odd. That about sums it up.

When they poop in the garden, are they pulling leaves off the plants to wipe?

"The other day I told Kate that she and her brother must stop pooping in the garden."

oh boy! Maybe I do have a better grip on things over here! LOL!

your girl and i need to be friends. my name is ACTUALLY katie e. :)

Dogs DO love vegetables. I used to have a dog that I kept on the "Bones and Raw Food" diet (and yes, people really do refer to it as BARF) and he was CRAZY for all kinds of fruits and vegetables. He once took a chunk out of my husband's hand over a banana. Our recently departed rottweiler was fond of carrots and tomatoes (which I've since learned dogs shouldn't eat, oops) and the rottweiler before that couldn't get enough broccoli.

Pooping in the garden? Just think it as fertilizer. heh

Marko still uses his mother for a trampoline? :0

Anyway, my not-quite-3 yr old has the charming habit of transforming into a puppy, but only when meeting someone new or someone he hasn't seen for a long time. Them: Hi, how are you? Him: Slurp. Slurp. Them: (looking at me for reassurance)How old are you? Him: whine. Slurp. Woof Them: Uh...nicetomeetyouseeyoulater....

So embarrassing. You're lucky. I'd rather have my kid lick me in the privacy of my own home.

My daughter, who just turned 3, likes to pretend too, but her favorite thing is to pretend to be the mama. It's her ploy to see if I will let her do something she wants to do that I tell her only grownups do. For example, the other morning she was in the bathroom with me as I got dressed and ready to go, and as I was applying deodorant, she piped up with, "Pretend I'm the Mama. Now I need to put on my deodorant!" And if I close the cap and pretend to apply it for her, she gets SO MAD and says, "no, take the cap off! I'm the MAMA!!" She's also trying to convince us that she's still 2 so we will let her kepe the bathroom light on at night. (We told her that 3-year-olds don't like the bathroom light on at night, and for the first few days after her birthday, she was in total agreement. Now she claims she is 2.)

You are right, it's a great age!

I just noticed the cover of your book has been changed... what's up with that? I really lurved the little swimming spermies...

Hahahaha, that's adorable, Tertia.

My son was always into imagination games too. And he still is. He loved being animals. Now it's all about various superheroes - especially Power Rangers.

My nephew, who's 6 months older, was never into that sort of thing. He's been into cars and sports games (running races, playing on his skateboard) etc. ever since he was 2. Isn't it weird how different kids can be.

My daughter Emily went through a puppy phase around two or three years old, too. She'd beg (actually said "bark!") for snacks, fetch, roll over, and play dead. I have video of her with my dad on the living room floor, sharing a bowl of peaches, both of them pretending to be puppies. It's one of my favourite clips now that my dad has passed away, and whenever she sees it, she'll still ask me if she can have peaches in a bowl to eat on the floor like a puppy - bark!

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