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I got that 2 weeks ago. V. v. Funny. It even made the Today Show here.

That is brilliant!!!!!

I also saw it a few weeks ago, from my brother. I wanna know how much practice time they put it in, and how many people knew they were gonna do it.

These guys were on the Ellen DeGeneres show last week here. They searched and searched for them. They never expected it to be out on the web. Their video person put it up for friends and family to see (the ones who couldn't make it to the wedding). When the got back from their honeymoon something like 600 people had viewed it and they thought that was crazy. Now it is over 2 million.

They did the dance again on her show for her. Very funny. (And the husband had declared prior to this that he would not ever dance again because he'd seen a video of himself, and thought it was just "wrong." Now he FAMOUS for his dancing.)

PS - from Ellen's web page (www.ellentv.com):

The newlyweds who choreographed an amazing wedding dance to "Baby Got Back," MICHELLE AND JOHN BRUBAKER, will be here for a live encore to their inspired routine.

I LOVED that video! I just kept thinking, "what a fun couple they are! They seem like such nice people, so unpretentious and playful. I bet they're going to have a really happy life together."

That really got me! Wish I had been funny at my wedding :^)

Oh, yeah - I laughed so hard I cried. What a funny, good natured video!

You should also check out the video of the British couple who recreated the entire dirty dancing scene for their first dance. It's also on YouTube.

I love this clip. My MIL, of all people, sent it to me last week and I've watched it over and over again. Very, very clever ... and they're GREAT dancers too! (I kept thinking her shoe was going to get caught on her dress, lol.)

Also, since you liked the first clip so much, thought you might enjoy "The SECOND best wedding dance ever". Also very clever ... though the first IS the best, I think. http://www.whoisthemonkey.com/videos/49/second-best-first-dance-at-wedding

I LOVE IT! This couple has a good chance of beating the odds, I'd say! Having a well-developed sense of humor is a good start. Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning, Tertia!

I love people who don't take themselves too seriously!

LMAO! I totally want to be friends with these people. They rock.

Very funny. I got excited about your book so I went to the UK site and did the conversion. It would cost me $29 US dolloars for your book. It would be 134.314 ZAR. Is that what books normally go for over there?

this is great! for a second i thought you were posting the dirty dancing video and i was so glad to see this one! yay!

I LOVE that and when I watched it on you tube, I found this which has instilled great respect in me for these groomesmen. They learned the thriller dance and do it well!

I saw this a week or so ago on a daytime TV show here in the US (Ellen Degeneris) and I was laughing so hard. That song is one of my daughter's all time favorites and she dances pretty much like this woman, too.

Excellent! My husband would never have done that!

"Surprise" wedding dances are becoming a big thing, nowadays (apparently). Many times the whole wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen) are in a big choreographed thing. If you search "wedding dances" on you tube, you'll find a bunch of 'em.

I love that they did this! They were on The Today Show and said they acted like they didn't know what was going on when the song first came on . . . . I wish the camera had gotten a glimpse of the guests faces!



There are more!!!! Man, i laughed so hard yesterday!

CLASSIC!! That lady looks like she could be related to you, T!

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