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Congrats on the book making it to amazon. I remember how excited I was when my first little book when up there. I used to search for myself all the time :)

And the new cover is fabulous. I'm so happy for you!

The new cover is very chic, but still adorably chic. :-) G&D for sure!

Tertia, please remind me when 7 March (my husband's birthday!) rolls around so I can ask my London friend to send me the book. I like the UK cover—the SA one looks like it's covered with white plastic spoons and that always confuses me.

My book is available at Amazon.co.uk, too. It makes me want to make a sandwich and call it tea.

The cover is lovely. Must read it when I'm not feeling so shit about my stuffed up IVF's and the rest of my reproductive baggage.


An antipodean.

FYI: WHSmith link points to Blackwell website :-)

We Aussies love you too!!!! I'm sure you must have made at least 23K on your book - that's how much it cost me to buy it from SA and have it shipped to Oz!! Thrilled it is now available in the UK - maybe my friends will stop borrowing my copy now!!

Eh, all your lost babies means you were never meant to be a mom. Let's put more pressure on the earth by having kids when clearly you weren't meant to right?

Congratulations! Can I please hijack your comments for European non-UK readers?

Another option to order So Close is on Amazon.de (in stead of dot uk): shipping is free to Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland (12,99 euro for the book). http://www.amazon.co.uk/So-Close-Tertia-Albertyn/dp/1906321655/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1197373587&sr=1-1

Same goes for French readers on Amazon.fr: free shipping (11,88 euro for the book). http://www.amazon.fr/So-Close-Tertia-Albertyn/dp/1906321655/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=english-books&qid=1197373511&sr=8-3

Option 3 (for Dutch/Flemish readers): I just called Waterstone's in Amsterdam and they told me they'd be able to pre-order it for Dutch readers too, so the book will arrive in NL at around March 7. If you give the Kalverstraat store a ring before the end of February (+31 (0) 20 6383821) they'll order it for you. Saves you the hassle of international ordering and some shipping costs. They expect the book to sell for 10,00-12,50 euro and you'll receive the book on March 7.

I love the new cover! Congratulations on getting it amazon-ed ;)

Wow! I'm so proud of you- you so deserve the best!!
I LOVE THE NEW COVER- can I swop my dog eared copy?

Yippee!!! I am now dancing round my office - 7th march is perfect timing for me with my EDD being the 3rd - great reading for the overdue, or post natal period.

Its great news Tertia - any plans for another book?!!

WooHoo! I'm with Natt, any plans for another book?

Cool, I'll buy it now - much cheaper and thanks for the info Emma - I'm in de. I thought the bassinet was a handbag at first to represent the $$ one forks out for IVF. I'm sure you are not rolling in it after the book deal otherwise Marko would get his car.

5 million commercial South African ROND!!!!

Am I even close??

Oh well even if it's less we still need to meet for a glass of wine somewhere. THAT'S IT!!!

Well done, well done, well done!! I am thrilled about the success of *you* and your amazing book. You have made all us Saffies even prouder to be 'Proudly South African'!! If you have only made $23, it is probably my fault because I have lent my copy out to all my friends instead of forcing them to buy their own. Sorry!

Well, the comment from "mfcmo" has not been deleted yet. So let me speculate on what "mfcmo" stands for. (Please avert your eyes if you are sensitive to profanity.)

The "mf" part's simply got to be something like "motherfucker" or "motherfucking." The "cmo" is tougher to figure out. "Motherfucking cocksucker mouths off"? Could be. Or maybe "motherfucker's cruel modus operandi"? This is difficult!

I sure hope "mfcmo" got herself or himself sterilized to avoid burdening the earth with children, too. And I hope he or she also hollers at friends and family who aren't infertile and tells them not to have babies, either. Just to be consistent, you understand. It's hardly fair to single out the infertiles as the ones in charge of saving the planet.

Hey, Terrie from Oz, how did you get the book? I'm in Brisbane, and I'd really love to order one. Where did you order yours from????

Hi Melissa. I bought it from Kalahari.net. So it was shipped from SA. Must say, totally worth the extra cost. Now any ideas how I can get it back from my friends???

Another Aussie here. I too ordered the book from Kalahari. Just loved it, couldn't put it down. Love the new cover Tersh! Congrats on getting it on Amazon.

I love the new cover, although I loved the last one also. Very cool to be on Amazon. I hope the poll answer reveals higher than what I picked. You are awesome!

I am in the US and I have your book. Old cover of course. I bought it in SA in Sept 06 when I was there cycling at CFC...did I ever tell you one of my fondeset memories of my visit is reading your book on a lounger in Hout Bay snuggled in blankets (cold day) the afternoon of my transfer? Well my DD is 6 months old now from that transfer. I love Aussies too and your new cover. xxmoo

Another Aussie trying to get her hands on your book! Not sure how this publishing things works but could you have a word in your publisher/editor's ear and get them to send crate loads of it down here?! Then we might let you win at cricket now and again ;)

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