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Wishing you the best of luck and determination in tackling these things in 2008. I think writing them down is half the battle. Remembering to read it so that you can follow through is the other half!

Happy 2008 to you, my darling.


Ambitious, and yet so sensible. I have been working on sorting through things so I can then stay ahead for a while now, and I am not yet caught up. But I hope to be. And I wish you better luck with it than I have had so far, and a happy, healthy year.

Happy New Year, Tertia!

It *will* be better than 07.


Happy New Year to you Tertia! I look forward to more of your bloggy goodness come the new year and also some "one step aheads" of my own - we may have one or two in common. :-) Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful 2008!

The other thing I wanted to say was that I reviewed some of the stuff that went on about Adam and parenting and firming up boundaries. I wanted to thank you, in that struggle, for acknowledging my voice. It's so rare that someone actually says "hey, I heard you. I think what you said makes sense". Knowing that something I said resonated really made me feel good and maybe even a little bit intelligent. ;-}

So thanks. That was one of the unexpected pleasant notes in my year.

Happy New Year!

And remember "diet" is a 4 letter word. It's all about eating only good food and no bad food. The rest just follows.

it has been a pleasure to follow you on your path. I think 2008 will be the best yet.

And as for the "diet" don't do that - just start by choosing the better food at least half the time. then work from there. diets can be so STRESSFUL. Change how you eat, one baby step at time.

or so I've heard. I'm still lugging around my own personal extra 40lbs of high quality Suzi.

hugs, m'dear. Keep on keeping on and Be Happy.

Happy New Year! I have high hopes for 2008... it will be great :)

Happy 2008, Tertia!

My New Year's Resolution is this: Don't be so lazy. From that one resolution I will eat better, move more, and clean up my own finances, which are completely screwed up right now.

Sounds like a great plan.

Happy 2008 to my fave asshole. ;)

A great resolution ...not to have set resolutions I hope your 2008 is blessed, prosperous and everything you want it to be!

you forgot to write down your "JAZZTESS JAZZFEST" hong kong trip with boulder ? ? ?

Happy new year, Tertia. And thanks for sharing your world with us Internets!

Happy New Year, Tertia! Have a great year!!

Happy new year my friend.

I pray that happiness be at your door. May it knock early, stay late and leave the gift of peace, love, joy and good health! Happy New Year to you,Tertia - and all the readers too!

Happy new year Tersia. I look forward to share your 2008 journey with you. Hugs n kisses to the kiddies. xxx

Buon Anno! (Happy New Year)

Thanks for being there for all of us!
Cheers to '08, you rock.
Canada, of course!

I just posted a post, and I think ...I meant it to be from me. Sadly, thinking of you, I posted it from you....but really, it is me. ha ha...I'm laughing, sorry! I had a bit too much tonight.
Love you though you really are the best.

Thanks for keeping me going- I am so delighted I read your book and 'found' your blog last year- I look forward to more in 2008.
I wish you all the good things in life!
Thanks, Tertia- if only you knew how much you've helped!!

I am years and years and years and maybe century's behind from catching up to my income/expenditure war. Being a single mom, it seems an impossible task while raising three kids. I wish!!

All the very very best to you and your wonderful family.

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