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TERTIA!! Thx so much for the link!!! I'm over the moon from this post!!

Tertia, you're the best!! Thanks a million!!!


Thanks for the heads up!!! WHOO!!!

AAAAAAAH!!!! :) Thanks!

Thank you!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!


Excellent to see N.O. back in a new form! Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the link! WOOOOHOOOO!

Hooray!! Thanks for sharing this, Tertia.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I've missed her

FREAKIN' SWEET!!!!!!!! I have been twiddling my toes waiting for her to post where old readers could "visit" with her again!! Yippeeeeee!

I'm happy for Karen and glad that she is back blogging, but Tertia, could you please put a huge "PREGNANCY MENTIONED" warning in your post for other readers to see? I would hate for any other readers to get blindsided by another pregnancy announcement when expecting to just read an update on her daughter, etc.

I'm in a bad place anyway, but really, to see yet another pregnancy announcement online right now, smack in the middle of the 2 year anniversary of my Twins' death is especially difficult to bear.

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