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Ha! Delurking just to be first! Have nothing important to say, just wanted to see what all the fuss was about....yah, think I need to get a hobby. Or get to work maybe!

Kids are so different.My daughter always ask us to cut her hair when she sees us cutting our hair. We just have to be patient with them. They will not remember us forcing them; rather,they might remember our abundance of patient or they might not remember those events at all.

You might have to sit on the bodyguards' laps first in order to get to the big guys...and I always though a computer type job would be boring!

Absofuckinglutely. I've had situations crop up (like if we really really really need a doctor to help us get something one of the children needs, or wheedle test results out of the technician who interprets the thing but isn't supposed to tell you what they see) where I've "dressed for success" and had my husband be like "undo one more button, YEAH. That should do it." Had no idea Marko was so funny. Yay!

My husband swears that my commission has gone down since we switched to a more casual dress code at work. No more pencil skirts and jackets with cute camis underneath. It was nice while it lasted. . .

Dont forget to wear a short skirt and flash the legs too.....works every time....

You are guaranteed to get a raise if you sit on their laps... but it probably won't be of the monetary kind!

hello T darling, it's been... like 5 YEARS!! Just dropping by to say hi :)

LMAO at the comment below:
You are guaranteed to get a raise if you sit on their laps... but it probably won't be of the monetary kind!

oooh, who were the dudes??! I think I can hazard a guess. V cool.

mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaa... brilliant! were they cute enough to warrant a lap-sitting from tertia?

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