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Fabulous, dahling.

Oh wow. Just beautiful.

Thanks for sharing, it's brightened my day substantially.

I love your accents, delightful says this Canadian!

I agree, I wish everyone sounded like that when they spoke English.

They are so gorgeous. Don't you just love those moments when siblings are nice to each other!

Your kids are lovely and I can see that they keep you busy! How was Kate throwing the Rugby ball in the bin? Very funny. You should have told her that we are World Champions... hehehe. You've got a stunning house, love the kitchen and dining room suite. As for the dummies, you'll have a HARD time getting rid of them. I took all the dummies and stashed them away and as luck would have it with my last child ( then aged 2 yrs 1mth ) we had squirrels living in our tree. One day , one of the dummies was on the ground, so I told her that the baby squirrels needed the dummies as she was a big girl already. She moaned/ cried the first few nights but I reminded her that the baby squirrels needed the dummies more then her and that she was so kind to have given her dummies to them. For months afterwards she'd look up at the trees to see if she could see any baby squirrels with her dummies. Too cute. Loved the video.

Take care
Dom x

Are those the nighties that you can't wear any more because your boobs are too big?

Coed nightie-wearing rugby playing is awesome. That was one of my fondest college memories, in fact.

Whose nighties are those? Far too sexy for you???
Kids gorg!

LOVE your house! I, too, wish everyone sounded like you when they spoke English. DH would be all but a puddle if I talked like that all the time.

Did I mention how wonderful the babes are? VERY talkative - fantastic!

Ah man! Too cute for words!! Tell Rose she looks fab and we would have LOVED a song.

Those angels of yours are just too cute for words.
I must say I loved them "taking off" on the rocket toghether - I rekon our Rugby boys would approve. :-)


Loved the video! Brilliant kids you've got there! I love how clean and organized your house is.

good times! love the way you kept running up and down the passage...hahahahaha!

Those are my nighties from my single days. Clearly haven't worn them since then. They smell all old and musty. They make great capes.

Batman in a silk nightie - Love it. Your kids are gorgeous!

Um, Kate is wearing a TEAZERS beanie in the video. But what is most concerning is that you ask Kate "doesn't that hat belong to mama ?". Is there something you should be telling us ?? ;)

Very Cool video

Am I the only one who spotted the TEASERS hat that Kate was wearing? Were they one of your former employers Tertia - or a new current part -time job you have now with your big boobs? (for those who don't know, TEASERS is a notorious strip club in Cape Town!)

Marc! V funny that you recognize the name on the hat ;-)

I was referring to the other hat, the one she threw away. The Teazers hat belongs to Marko.

Too too cute!

Gorgeous! They're simply wonderful, and I love how you're constantly building them up.

I'd run around all day jumping on beds in a silk nightie too if I could get away with it. And I love your home, the artwork, the kitchen, all of it. Actually, I think I like your kitchen because it's very much like mine, same drawer pulls and all, except that I've got light worktops.

Oh BTW - I loved their answer to "who has a big nose?" Talk about brainwashing. Wahahahahaha

Of course Adam is Batman. Love the accents...

"you're doing a clever job"

i'm gonna use that one today. =)

Listening to your lekker saffa voice has made me very homesick! I hope my daughter picks up a safrican accent from me, not an aussie one from the rest of the country that we now live in!

Ok, South African accent is now officially COOLEST ACCENT EVER! Hands down. You've beat out the scots in my opinion. :) love it! I love how you say "come quickly", sounds so proper. :)

Tooo cute, you simply must post more videos!

Super CUTE!

When I close my eyes and listen to you and the kids, I hear my mom, my aunts, my grandmother...puts quite a lump in this SA transplants throat. Thanks for your unintended nostalgic slice of your life.

BTW...the kids are wicked cute.

And also, what is it with women's undergarments? I have pictures of all three of my kids with underwear around their necks, cami's on and various bras draped just so. Very fashion forward, don't you think?

such a cool video. I'm dead jealous of your gorgeous house! Is this really what your kids sleep in (The bed and the nighties?) Their room seems quite stark for a childrens' bedroom, what happened to all the colorful paintings and toys? Or is that your bed theyre fancying?

Jou huis is baie mooi en jou kinders ougat.

Wait a minute. Marko has a hat from a strip club and he thinks he deserves a new car?

Tertia, your babes are just perfection. And I am so jealous of your kitchen I could just cry. And I have just now determined that I am taking my husband and my son and moving somewhere out of the U.S. while my boy is still small enough to pick up the accent.

You know how much I enjoyed that! They are clever. and getting so damn big. *sigh*

OK, too funny. Intellectually I know that you are South African, but it's so strange to now hear your voice. It will be so funny for me in the future to "hear" all of the hysterical and sometimes goofy things you say on your blog in your actual voice which, to me, sounds so proper and sophisticated. I am one of those Americans who is a sucker for a British (man, did that get me in trouble with one guy in particular!), SA, NZ or Australian accent.

Your kids are beyond adorable!

"Whose got a big nose?" "Daddy!!"

I love that.

Oh that was awesome, and I've just gotta say, you could be cursing me out soundly but with that lovely accent I just wouldn't mind.

And yes, daddy does have a big nose.

Dummies and evening clothes. Very smart looking.
I'm sitting, watching them and smiling SO HARD.

Tertia, you may not be aware of this, but do you realise that you talk to your kids in the most positive, affirming, encouraging way? Now that I've heard the way you interact with them, and how you so warmly praise them, I'm not going to listen to ANOTHER WORD of self-doubt about your mothering skills.
PS Your children are just delicious.

You know what Tertia, you can really notice the difference in Adam's speech recently. I remember the posts you wrote previously and the previous videos where his speech was no where near as clear as Kate's - now there really is no difference between the two of them and the op. has obviously done wonders for him!

You're so lovely and positive with the babes, no wonder they are so confident and loving!

and re. the dummies - I only have limited experience with my son but I found getting rid of bottles at the same time really helped. All teat association is gone then (but I admit he was a lot younger so a lot easier to brainwash with new beakers!!) Maybe something to do with giving them all to Santa at Christmas, or a dummy fairy at their birthdays? Or my neice was easily bribed at 3 with a choice of any toy from the local catelogue in exchange for the dummies - the trampoline was definately a hit ;-)

... about the YouTube buffering deal- a way to get a handle on it- start the video and pause it as soon as it has loaded to the first frame. Wait until the status bar at the bottom reads that you have DLd the entire video (until it's all filled up) and then you can watch the joy all the way through with no hesitations!


- D

Tertia, just had to tell you that I adore your artwork! The huge paintings of the flowers in the living area and the bedroom are stunning. Very nice!

Of course, I had to watch the video about 6 times because I was distracted by your adorable children! Sweet video!

Gorgeous babies. Gorgeous house. Gorgeous accents. And fabulous parenting. What's not to love?

All I know is, your kids are adorable.

Its nice to see your sexy nighties getting some action. The video was awesome, your kids are so adorable. Thank you for sharing.

V, v adorable. You've got lovely babes, T.

Ack, my uterus aches, they SO CUTE! I love the stolen nighties, and them zooming up and down the hallway. What fun.

It's really nice hearing what your voice sounds like too, now I can imagine it while reading you! You have a great voice.

I suppose it would be wrong of me to make my son watch this repeatedly so he can pick up on that fantastic accent. Your kiddos are absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS. Do they get along that well all the time?

Really adorable... everyone... including Rose!

I'm exhausted just watching them. Wow, they are both rocket fueled. I forgot what it's like to have very young kids. Soon they'll be teenagers and they won't even talk to you, sob.

Your house is so lovely. I love that kitchen, all modern and sleek.

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