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I hope you feel better soon. I had a similar affliction recently and I told my doctor I was sure it was the Black Plague.

I hope you feel better very very soon. Hugs.

On second thought, better not hug you. I don't want to catch the bug.

Just lots of love :-)

Hey, keep that stuff on YOUR side of the Atlantic, okay? Don't need that over here - we have plenty of nasties of our own!

Feel better soon, girlfriend!

I must say - that is a rather big schnozz... I hope you have some spray to spray into it to unblock it. Hope you get better soon.

Just got over a sinus infection myself. If your upper teeth start to hurt, get thee to a doctor and get some antibiotics. At that point, it doesn't get any better unless you bring on the big guns.

Blech - I've had the same for a week. Miserable. Hate it!

For what it's worth, vaporizer/humidifier in the bedroom at night has really helped me sleep.

And I agree with Kristylynne-bring on the antibiotics!

you've never posted cooter pics, even tho i keep asking.

Get to a doc if you still feel like crap tomorrow. You sound positively wretched :(

Here in the Canadian small city I live in there are two clinics where doctors will see you on the weekends. Is there such a thing there? I hope so, poor dear.

BTW, I love the fact you have no shame and share all with us :) It means, sniff, you like us! You really do!

(Or you are a very strange sort, in which case we love you, we really do!!)

Good on you for keeping it real Tertia :) Now get BETTER! Sucks big time to be a sick mom.

I've been known to do exactly the same TP thing when my nose is just streaming out and I want to SLEEP.

No shame in it :)J

I have recently suffered the very same affliction and I did the very same thing with a tissue. feel better, dear tertia!!

You share your tits, and your nose! I feel so priviliged.

remote electronic hugs here...
hope you feel better soon!

Hope you feel better soon! A bad cold is miserable.

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