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Overdose of White wine may cause vomiting.

Puke is coming!!!! I still think that is hillarious!

There is a similar product on the market called "Red Wine". It has changed my life dramatically. There are alternative therapies which are sometimes referred to as "Tequila" and "Scnapps" BUT I have tried these in the past and have experienced very severe side effects, so I am no longer taking them (on a regular basis, anyway...)

This is a product that really works - but if you find the results aren't visible as quickly as you had hoped - supplement your White/Red wine with Jagermeister... guaranteed results in no time at all!!!

Love this post - I'm sure most of us can relate...

Can't see the balance of your Facebook status.. but I'd add.. a wife! :-)

I have shares in this product :) along with red wine, tequila and jagerbombs...

Tequila and Jager Bombs cause more severe side effects than white and red wine the day after, a cautionary is thus administered to one and all :)

Oh, I think the benefits definitely outweigh the side effects!

Love it!

Brilliant ! I only have a little white wine so I can't verify how true it is at the moment.

I definitely recommend at least 2 glasses per day.

Is WW as effective as margarita? Are the side-effects comparable?

LOVE! Very funny.

Oh my gosh this is so funny!!! And so true at the same time!!!

Wow white wine sounds fantastic. Do you think you can order it online from Canada?

Haha! Love it! :-)

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