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I think I'd be tempted to mess it up, just because.

No Green Stuff?!
My (then 5, now 6 year old) son fell in love with Cream Soda when we visited your beautiful country back in March/April and managed to get a serious addiction to Green Stuff (as he re-named Cream Soda) while we were there... :)
Your bar sounds like ours, we say we have better rum than Bacardi since their's only 8 years old... ;)

Give me two hours and i'll be right over. I'll bring Sheena with and we will alleviate the problem of booze in your fridge staying there until it expires!

My DH is exactly the same! The drinks fridge is packed to perfection - but go to his cupboard... it's another story. More clothes on the floor next to his bed than in the cupboard! Sad, but true!

My compliments to Marko...it's inspiring...

Fridges say a lot about people...mine looks like a messy wholesale vegetable market...you get ur RDA of vitamins by just looking at it...really sad...but true...

Yes that looks familiar...but could you have him switch that Fanta and Sprite, asap? (He'll know which ones) It's really fucking with my sense of order...LOL

hmm....shouldn't that one sprite and fanta be swapped?

wish i could train my husband to be like that :(

I think I love him.

*GASP* The fanta and sprite are in the wrong places!!! Sg Analton messed up bad!!!

Yes, I do love him too. We would get along famously.

You had to throw it out because it expired?!?! Why didn't you invite ME over?! HAHAHA!!!

I think Marko would be very disappointed you labeled your reasons #1 and then "b". Someone with a fridge like that would not appreciate you mixing up the cosmic law of labeling things in a proper system. It even bothered my anal self a bit :-)

1. and (b) is my fave, fave corny joke. I love doing it. It is followed by Roman numeral (iii).

Oh, it is so beautiful. I wish I had a separate drinks fridge that looked like that.

Does Marko give lessons? It is a lifelong goal of mine to have my husband trained to keep things in order like this before I die.

I'll live to be 275 at the rate I'm going.

That's hilarious. I would've thought, "Jeez, whoever stocked this fridge sure is fond of liquor" when it turns out he's just fond of tidiness.

I find this somewhat scary. Funny, but scary! That sprite and fanta thing would drive me nuts, too. If I were organized, which I am not. But otherwise, it would.

OMGoodness! That fridge is so MEEEEE... I *try* to keep our fridge like that, but I have a lazy hubby and 4 messy kids who don't make it easy! *rofl*

Okay, #1 and (b) followed by Roman numeral iii !!!!! That just pushes it over the edge. My anal side is demanding you take down this post...I can't handle it :-) I have to go decompress.

that totally turns me on. i just love your husband.

I had to laugh at the Sprite/Fanta thing too because it's the first thing I noticed - and I'm FAR from anal. I just know it when I see it. ;)

Heck, I wish my husband would stock a fridge like this! I would use it! And then he could refill it of course.

I'll be over after tea for a quick game of cricket and a few tinnies.

OK I'm sorry but I just have to point this out. Aside from the Fanta/sprite disaster, has it gone completely unnoticed that then ENTIRE BOTTOM ROW is backwards??? Is this intentional? Its killing me. Big massive kudos to Marko on this one. From one anal insane person to another. But please...for the love of god....please front the door!

Anyone ready to smack me for saying it, don't worry, MY Marko just did....

Oh how I miss you beloved Tang apple sours!! (expat in Aus)

I. love. him.

I'm dying here! Our drinks fridge has old lettuce in it and some soy sauce stains on the bottom. That looks better than any minibar in any fancy hotel.

What do you guys do when you open Christmas presents? Open one, clean up the boxes and paper, then move on to the next one?

Sigh, I want to be you.

no comment, just giggling...

No alcohol would ever go unloved in my house, either.


Looks perfectly normal to me, except for the Sprite and Fanta thing. A man after my own heart.

How bad am I...i had to check the comments to find out what was wrong with the Sprite and Fanta (i did check the pic) and COMPLETELY missed the 1. a) thing....so i need help?

oh that is so so funny. My husband commented on the fanta and sprite being mixed up before we read your last line! HA HA! We had a good laugh! cheers!

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