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I am an INTJ - "The Scientist" (and I am a scientist). INTJs are about 1% of the population.

I have taken the M-B test a bunch of times. I've also seen this site before and some of the things on it that most surprised me was the description what INTJs do when they are very stressed. It was so accurate, and explained all the things that I thought made me crazy.

"When under a great deal of stress, the INTJ may become obsessed with mindless repetitive, Sensate activities, such as over-drinking. They may also tend to become absorbed with minutia and details that they would not normally consider important to their overall goal."

No over drinking for me, but the obsession and anxiety over very small details - my god is that accurate.

I repeat this test from time to time - it always gives the same result. That's a good sign, if it was a shoddy test, results would depend on mood or daily levels of whatever.

I have always been an INFJ, a Protector. Here, http://www.keirsey.com/handler.aspx?s=keirsey&f=fourtemps&tab=3&c=counselor
it's called counselor. I'm married to an INTJ, a mastermind or, according to your site, a scientist.

We ARE different! But I find the test useful because it combines different characteristics. And yes, it's very very precise... embarrassingly so.

You should make a poll to see what readers you attract ;-)

The quiz says I'm ENFJ, "the Giver." That actually describes my sister much more than me.

Many of the quiz questions were worded in a clunky manner that may obscure what they're getting at, which may have thrown my score off.

I'm an INFP, the Healer. It is extremely accurate!

The last time I took this test, I was a field marshall (ENTJ), which on another test was called the "benevolent dictator"! This time, though, I came up as a Teacher (ENFJ). Only thing that's changed since then is that I've become a mother. Huh, think that changes a person much?

I'm ISTJ, the Inspector. Am I ever.

I'm an ENFP. I forget what my husband is but when we did the M-B at our marriage prep course (13 yrs ago) the leader looked at our scores, laughed, said "good luck," and walked away.

I did this some months ago and posted it on my blog. Turns out I am an INTJ which has been called the Mastermind or the Duty Fulfiller depending on which analysis you read.

The funniest thing is if you click on the Jung career indicator, the first occupation on the list is Computer Programmer. Yeah. Scarily accurate.

Ooops...meant I was an ISTJ.

ENFP when I tested 20 years ago, ENFP when I tested today. I expected that maybe I had moved a bit from N->S and from F->T but, alas, no.

ENFJ... I felt like I was reading my biography. Very spooky.

I am an INFP - healer/Idealist. I would say that is pretty darn accurate. :) Cool test.

ESFJ - The provider. Pretty accurate and fun :-)

ENFJ here. Very much so. The test is very accurate.

I am Marko. I won't hear a word said against the man.
(Mind you, he would have a FIT if he saw how untidy my house was, so something's gone wrong somewhere along the line).

ISTJ -- Yup!

ENFJ - The teacher, very strange, never though of myself in that role, but I have always been invovled at my kids school, helping out in the classroom or on different committees (usually in a leadership position), was a Navy League instructor for 10-13 year olds for eight years, was a shop steward at work for a number of years, and am now a Chief Steward at work, responsible for the overall catering facility onboard the ferry I work on (ongoing trainig and supervision is invovled)

Another INTJ (The Scientist) - I'm also a Scientist by career, so the test has accurately pick 2/2 so far!

Famouse INTJ's include Chevy Chase, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Hannibal Lecter - is this a group I should be proud to be a part of?!?

I did a myers-briggs for an job interview once and it was so right it was scary, thanks for the link, I'm going to give it a try.


Some in the psychological field criticize the MBTI of having the Forer effect, or essentially, the abilty to describe a wide range of people because of vague descriptions. However, I have found it incredibly useful in my counseling career and frequently use it as one of my guidepoints in working with an individual. Of course it is by no means the only thing I use, but it is one of the handy tools of the trade. I fell in love with the test about seven years ago and have enjoyed it since.

Marko's personality is either the rarest or second rarest of the types - just under 2% are said to be ENTJ - depending on which study you are using to determine rarity. And apparently I can relate quite well to Marko, because I am also an ENTJ. I have only met one other in my life, and seem to be particularly uncommon, because women are generally not of that personality. One study I read suggested no more than 1.5% of women fall into that category.

When I once had my husband read the description of the ENTJ, he felt like we'd suddenly had a breakthrough. As an ENFJ, he is much more into patience and basing conversations on emotion. I, on the other hand, am not. Some find this to be a wonderful characteristic in a counselor, saying that I help them achieve logical results and find answers, while others may find me a little on the emotionless side. To each their own.

Another female ENTJ right here! Dh and I had to take this test for marriage prep, and I actually have read those personality pages before. I agree that they are v accurate, except that while I LIKE order, I v rarely put things in order :) Dh is an ENTP. Describes him v well, esp the jumping entusiastically from project to project and the whole loving learning thing. That is actually one of our great personality compliments: we are both driven by the love of learning and discovering new things. Our life together is like a non-stop conversation! It definitely helps that our personalities are so alike b/c we fully understand each others need to have things just so.

We took marriage prep w/ two other couples. The two other men were INTJ. V interesting to have had my personality line up so closely w/ three males, and not at all close w/ the two other women.

I'm another female ENTJ. I'm not a total neat freak like Marko, but mostly because I'm too tired to be! I know sometimes I just have to let things be as they are, even if I wished they were all perfect.

Then again, I spent my holiday putting together a shoe cabinet, mounting a few towel racks, and reorganizing my closet and cupboard -- order is beautiful.

INFP here--healer

The description was shockingly accurate for me. Really kind of spooky.

I'm supposedly an INFJ - the Counsellor. Too flattering to be correct, I think. But I can't help the feeling that it is rather accurate.


ENFJ - quite accurate! I also felf that some of the questions were ambiguous (sp?)

ESTJ - seemed rather accurate. Especially the career thing, it said sales and I am in sales. I had a bit of trouble with some of the questions though;the one about sitting in the middle or on the side of a room in particular. There was no way to answer correctly for me. I sit closest to an electrical outlet for my laptop. :)

INFJ here.

Another INTJ actual scientist here; I'm a professor. 3/3

INFJ - the description seems vague-ish, but then I read some of the others and clearly this is the one for me. Fascinating!

ESTJ here, the "Guardian". Very accurate.

ESFJ - The Caregiver

I am an INFP - healer/Idealist. Spot on!

Wow, this was accurate right down to my current situation:

"Hasty decisions based on deeply felt values may boil over with unpredictable results. More than one ENFP has abruptly quit a job in such a moment."

And here I am, a journalist again, one of the most suitable jobs for a Champion Idealist apparently :-)

Oh wait, this one is EXACTLY me: http://www.personalitypage.com/ENFP.html

Thanks, that was interesting!

Mine came out DORK and I can't find that anywhere on the charts. What does that mean?

This is a great site. Well done, you have done a really informative blog. Myers-Briggs Personal Profiles are great as well. http://www.ezy-pzy.com

Interestingly I have changed since I last did this test in 2006 - from ESTJ to ESFJ - more Feeling than Thinking now but that is probably due to being involved in IVF this year and not last year.
It's all fascinating however :)

According to your ESFP relationships, you and I should be married. I'm an ISFJ. And apparently, the only one here who is an ISFJ. I used to take these things all the time and I was always "on the line" - ie, too close to call. This is the first time I've ever been a significant percentage in any category. It's pretty close to spot on.

Funnily enough, when I looked at the careers page, I've tried or considered or started studying to be nearly every job on that page. I may have to take a second look at the ones I've just considered. The ones I tried certainly weren't satisfying.

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