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How cute are my darling niece and nephew! Yay, we were also doing the summer thing today and went down to the beach. Now doing the nasty unpacking de-sanding part of the day.

You took this shot from your wheelchair, right?

Cute grandkids! LOL


V v funny chaps.

that is so Fuh-reaking cute!!!

Wow! Good for you that at your AMA you could figure out how to use that newfangled digital camera thingy!

Very very fun ... glad everyone's enjoying the sunshine. What exactly do they do in those tubs (not being snarky, just looking for ideas for my 18-month olds)?? just play and splash around?? I'm so uncreative, so excuse my silly questions!

Waaah! It's cold and rainy getting ready for winter here. Wish I was in lovely SA with you all, bathing in buckets of water. Cute kids you have there, even if you are practically ready for the nursing home.

What a great idea, I never would have thought to fill up one of those tubs.

Yay! Summer!

Good to see we are not the only parents who let our kids splash around in a storage bin. Hooray for Summer, indeed! Though I might admit, I am very thankful the days of not having to run and therefore, pay for, the air conditioning are finally upon us on this side of the pond. :-)

Adam & Kate are just so d*amn cute!

What a great picture...their faces show the pure joy of summer!

Glad to see you keeping those kids fresh in Tupperware!

adorable!!! i love the colours!

What a great idea! I'm going to link to you tomorrow because I have a post in drafts on using those storage containers for organising something else :)

What a hoot that picture is! They look happy as clams in their "pools."

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