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One of two things:

A) You're dof
B) The test was flawed

Go with B! You're not dof!

Did you erase the whole of the last post?? Awww I thought it was jolly good fun. You blog, your power - your delete button. Good for you!

Enjoy the workshop.

woohoo for educating yourselves- i'm very impressed your hubby's going with you!!

and facebook lies about iq's...

How cool that Marko is going WITH you! My husband never goes to things like that with me.

And I'm applauding your "executive decision." Sometimes I wish I had a "delete" button for moments in my life! LOL

Yeah good stuff, Tertia!

Have fun!

It means you're an idiot and need to come visit us in Hong Kong for immediate emergency therapy.

It means they were hoping you were dumb enough to fall prey to some silly on-line scam or other, but after seeing your test results, they decided you were too smart and therefore, failed you.

Hee hee.

I am tooooooooo afraid to take it. LOL

Have a good time with hubby and enjoy the (hopefully) free lunch :)

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