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Well, I was going for England, but only because I'm Aussie and traditional rivalry borne of cricket insists there's no way in hell I could ever support South Africa ;). Not too hard to support the Poms because we're not so threatened by them in the cricket anymore - bunch of pussies, heh heh heh.

Nah, congrats. SA will be one big party tonight. Enjoy!!

I dunno I'm an Aussie and I was happy to see England lose.



Congrads on a well earned victory... now you need to come to Hong Kong and help us celebrate! Uh huh?

Well done on that (from a NZer)

They did well. I thought they would win before the match started - even though I wouldn't have minded if England had one - seeing as I lived there for 10 yrs and have dual citizenship (with NZ). My brother who lives in England wanted SA to win cos he couldn't bear to have to put up with his colleagues if they had won. Funny - we watched in Germany and one of the commentators said that a woman had just emailed in to find out if Percy Montgomery was already married!Some fine bodies on those rugby players - talking about fantasies again ...

I've had the pip with the RWC ever since the All Blacks made their ignominious exit from the tournament, but I got up at 5am this morning to watch the final. I was fairly confident that SA would win, and I was really hoping they would (I don't like northern hemisphere rugby). It was just awesome to see how happy they all were after they won!

I'm sure there's a real carnival atmosphere in Cape Town right now!

[PS: the All Blacks are totally taking the Cup back in 2011]

YAY Bokke...............

So proud of the boys!! Wish I had been SA to celebrate the win!!!

I'm an Aussie and I was going for a SAF win. Can't stand England rugby and don't feel they deserve to win with that freaking kicking game they love so much. Well done SAFS!

What a win! So proud to be South African- what a great day- hangover and all. Last night was the first night in a while I was glad that I wasn't pregnant- bring on the champange!!

i was a little disappointed in the game itself... but i'm glad the cup is coming home!

Here in Aus we got up at 4 am to watch the game.The boys did us so proud (I am a bit homesick today!)

Congratulatons. As a Scot i gotta love anyone that beats the English at sport. Plus I don't think I coul of handled another 4 years of then hailing Jonny Wilkenson assome sort of god just because he can kick.

At least you're not Australian. And at least it wasn't 36-0 this time.

Still hate you though ;)


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