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1. Marko and Myself (take "Marko" out of the sentence, how would you say it?)
2. Nothing wrong with booking the seats that way.

Good luck tomorrow night honey! Although I think you will do just fine. More than fine. You'll be great!!!

4A & 4C -- very practical. I think after a while, marriage becomes "practical" in more ways than we realize. It's too tiring to upkeep the romantic stuff, especially with toddlers gouging at your face (for a moment there I thought you were going to say "boob" instead of nose).

This is totally how I always book airline seat for myself and my husband. Best case: nobody's in 4B. Worst case: somebody is and if we want to sit next to each other, I guarantee that somebody will be willing to trade with one of us.

I think the rabbis would like to see your new tatas. They're Jewish, not dead!

I say that you can argue that it is MORE romantic to sit one seat apart. As both of you love the other so much that you want them to be as comfortable as possible!

Good luck on your speech:)

Knock them dead Tertia. Well not literally but you know what I mean ;)

Hi Tertia - me and 10 of my closest friends are SO looking forward to hearing you tonight.. I promise when I introduce myself not to look (only) at your cleavage :-) I'll be sure to have an extra glass of chardonnay available at our table for you too - but for the record, I have no doubt you'll be brilliant!

Yeah! Best of luck! You'll be fabulous!

Here in the U.S we sometimes say break a leg, so break a leg Tertia!

Best of luck giving your talk! Have a fun trip with your guy, also.

Wow, I have just been to the Malka Ella link and am so impressed. I did not even know that such an amazing charity organisation existed in our community. Brilliant. Hope the talk went well. PS: Also v impressed with the Hebrew sign-off!

I was at the Malka Ella Function last night, and Tertia was superb! People were really touched (barely a dry eye in the house).. Well done and thank you for your courage to share your story so eloquently.

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