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A and C will surely bring the crowds back in...

Oh, definitely C. Goodness knows it might cover B too, not that cyclists are lesbians or anything, or even if they were nothing wrong with that, or........ ok, never mind, better stop now, before I offend every group out there, lol. As T would say, love cyclists, love bathing, love lesbians, love everyone. Hmmmmmmmmm, sexual fantasy right there, perhaps B, after all.

I choose B. Because I am pervy.

B! B! B!

B please.

B :)


What!?! You're not a lesbian in the closet???? Why do I bother flirting with you then? We need more details here.

One of two Mommies, I know! I am devastated! You are one of my favorite flirts*. Will discuss in greater detail soonest.

* Do NOT tell my other fave lesbian flirt in Canada. Am terrible flirt slut.

Definately E. all of the above

Seeing that I don't need a shower, I'll just go read Billie's post...

I think we should stay off the bathing topic, unless...well...a lesbian cyclist bathing...that sounds just a tad sexy...even to a hetero like me...or am I just fooling myself...?

Yes, I think B's the best bet.

A, for sure. Maybe because I have a lot of thoughts about it - and maybe because my sexual fantasies aren't fit to print!

B! Definitely B. :D

I vote for B.

In the bath! :P

B! I want B and a chance to feel up your new boobies. Thats as far as my lesbian fantasies go.

Let's see your boobs again! No one ever gets upset over boobs!

(oh. wait.)

How about we discuss politics, then?


And some lezbo talk, pretty please.


It give you the most fodder for discussion. :)


Maritza has the right idea—something about lesbians in the bath with smoothly muscled legs from all the biking they do. Remember, folks: When you've got a lesbian biker in your bathtub, do not leave her unattended! For safety's sake.

Talk about bran. Bran is a nice, neutral, healthy subject. Here In America we eat bran for constipation. Or is it the runs? I can't keep that straight. I think if you put bran in the bathtub it helps your skin. I don't know if lesbians have any particular affinity for bran; they will have to fill us in on that one. I feed my children bran in the hopes that, in the future, they will poop well.

Sexual fantasies? How about a poll!

All of the above plus your beauteous boobs please!!!!

That is exactly why I don't bathe my children. Nothing good can come of it. I vote B, not A until you need things stirred up again, not C because "here in America" we have no sense of humor, so I won't get it. D - I always like a little of D.

But first I need to start a fight with Andrea. You are so off base about bran. Where do you get off talking about bran when you don't know anything about bran? If you were a good mom, you would have the insight about bran that we do here in America. When will you people catch up??? (do I need to say just kidding? I better. Just kidding!)

i'll take "e" please...

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