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I didn't even notice that your kiddo's were sans clothing.

You do live in a beautiful city and I like that you can admire it and not take that beauty for granted. That view of the mountain from the beach is amazing. Like a postcard.

I want to be a kid again! They look like they are having an amazing time.

Is your weather like ours here in Texas? Hot as heck all summer, then suddenly cool, coldish for winter ( a freeze or two), then warm and hot again. No in- between to speak of?

Our first cool front - lows in 50's - comes this weekend.

Your pic makes me think of running through sprinklers naked as a child. I have been longing for the summer here in Sydney so Amy can do just that, and guess what, a hosepipe ban! So she will have to run whilst I through buckets of recyled bathwater at her, not quite the same!

I noticed the nakedness of the kids. It made me go "hmm" but I don't have kids and figured I don't know enough to comment. Though I guess I just commented. But you know what I mean.

I couldn't tell that the kids were naked. I think all children need to run around naked at one point or another. I'm sure my little one will probably spend summer naked, just as soon as it warms up. C'mon summertime

I wouldn't have noticed they were nekkid if you hadn't said so. We tried naked backyard potty training with my younger kid.

Beautiful scenery!

I am with you on this winter thing and this warm/hot days is just great. Just wish the damn wind will also go somewhere else .. You should have seen me walking down the street in the CBD yesterday with this thin body of mine :)
Time like this when friends with pools become best friends -- sorry no pool.

Me thinks that as long as it wasn't YOU naked and as long as you didn't leave the children alone in the street while you cooked dinner inside it's ok.

Also beach shot beautiful - nearly as beautiful as our beaches but not quite.

I was happy to visit SA a few years ago and I agree. You do live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Naked's fine - as long as they were supervised ;)

I was thinking someone might post something hostile about your kids being in the middle of the road...they could get run over! :P

I didn't notice the kids were nekkid either. We live near the beach in Australia and it's pretty normal to see toddlers with no togs on. After about 3 they tend to cover up but no-one seems to get too worked up about it.

You live in a beautiful, beautiful country. Wow.

Maybe with the nice weather you can stave off mental illness until it gets colder and your insurance kicks back in. Otherwise you'll need a large bag, a knitted hat and some bread to feed imaginary pigeons with.

I am NOT going to point out that those nekkid kids could drown in that moist patch on the pavement. I am NOT. You can't make me. Don't even try. I'm serious.

Gorgeous city! Gorgeous kids! Life just doesn't get better than that (except when it comes with a more generous mental health benefits package). Enjoy the summer.

Will save mental breakdown for new financial year.

T, you are hilarious.

Gorgeous SA! Wish I could visit. My local friends from SA have me sold.

This New Yorker would like an explanation of borehole/bore hole!

It's a hole where you can put all the bores in, isn't it Tertia? Here in America I have never heard of a borehole/bore hole, so it can't be good for anything. KIDDING!!!!!!

You are too funny....don't worry, you only have a couple more months to curve your mental woes.
Gorgeous view....so jealous !!!!!
Also, if you had not said anything I would not have have even known the kids were nekkid. Did not even notice...no worries. But be careful, someone might be upset that you are not standing DIRECTLY over them and holding hands , while they sit in the puddle..GOD HOW DARE YOU!!!! ; - )

Oh and beautiful pics of your country and the kids. And sorry about your mental health coverage, perhaps it helps that everyone acts a little crazy(er) around the approaching holidays, then you won't stick out so much.

A borehole is basically a well. Except you don't collect water with a bucket or anything.. (even though this is africa and you'd expect that right?! Haha!) It's connected to your home with pipes etc. So you're using water that is on your property as opposed to municipal water. It's very common on SA.

The Cape is really stunning! That's probably why so many celebs are going there these days. Who wants to be in old Jhb?

The pics are too small to see they are naked. I don't think it's an issue. As long as they are not in "public" / amongst lots of people / strangers. Like at a public pool. Never know these days when there's perverts around!

They are in any case still small. But I guess you'll put them in cossies when they get older.

Tertia, You live in the most beautiful place I could imagine. Mountains and the beach in the same place without driving hundreds of miles. I could not dream of anything better.

here in the states, its the ADULTS who go naked on the national seashore. Me, I like the tan lines. I will keep the tan lines.

but don't let any americans tell you its WRONG. because, its not illegal on the national sea shore!!

Kids are born naked- damn right that they should enjoy it while they can!
About the summer thing- THANK GOD it's finally here. Life is so much brighter, lighter and happier in summer! I thought I'd have to hibernate if it rained one more day!!!!
Oh, how we live in a beautiful, beautiful place!
Camps Bay for sundowners tonight- doesn't get much better than that!

Well, the kids are far too young to evoke Flowers in the Attic or The Secret History, so the nekkidity is fine.

Love the Monty Python link! (Click on "A road! Luxury." in Tertia's post.)

Money for boobs but not therapy? Nice!

If the nakedness involed close-up shots of genitals, I'd be worried. However, given the size of the pictures and that, like most, I didn't even notice the babes were sans clothing until you pointed it out, it's not a big deal. If I lived in a quiet neighborhood, I'd let my kids run through the sprinklers nekkid, too! No worries. :-)

I think it's great that your kids can run around naked. Why not? I remember when I was about five or so my grandparents' friends from Europe brought their five year old over to play and it was summer and he was running around naked. I thought it was weird at the time, but why should kids be forced to wear clothes in the summer? I think we're too obsessed here in the US with "propriety." And btw I decided that Cape Town reminds me of Southern California (where I live) a bit.

I didn't notice the nekkidness until you pointed it out. Unless your mom has a child sex offender as a next-door neighbor, I wouldn't sweat it.

Looks like the dogs got his eye on the kids! The beach scene could be one of many in NZ too. What a nice time of year - to be able to enjoy it warming up and to know you've got about 6 months of it ahead. Its getting cold here in Europe and I'm not looking forward to 6 months of cold weather. The clocks change in a week or so, so it will be dark by 5pm. I hope the sun cheers you up.

Very jealous of the scenery, and the lovely SA Summer weather!

And the nekkid kids are simply adorable.....

Gorgeous pics.
Ugh, I feel badly for you that you now feel the need to censor yourself and watch what you say. That SUCKS!!!

Your pictures are beautiful. Winter is just about to start where I live. I'm glad to see summer coming to an end. It was outrageously hot this year.

I am here to say please don't censor yourself because of a few trolls on the internet. You and I are as different as can be, but I love this site and read it every day. I really enjoy your personality and your take on things. I can't believe the things some people feel free to say on the internet, that they'd never say face to face. What are they thinking? It makes them bigger, or more important, or a better mommy, or something? Just go on being you, and writing about it, and ignore the trolls. They're not worth your time anyway.

Probably unrelated to the point of your post, but SA looks just beautiful.

I love the pic of your little nudie patooties enjoying a warm spring day! Very jealous of your beautiful mountain (I live in the flatland!) and for your spring/summer transition. We are, of course, in the opposite transition. As lovely as autumn is, it makes me a little wistful . . . having never quite done as many "summer things" I said I was going to before POOF! summer is over. And I dread the long, cold months of winter. Of course there are always a couple of glorious days, and I don't think I could appreciate the spring quite as fully were it lot for the grey slush of February.

Wow, it's beautiful.

the kids, too

borehole. What the heck is that?! New word for this Canadian.

i am hating how nice your phone is...


I live further away than the picture, but I still catch a good view of it on crisp mornings. I have an aunt who lives ridiculously close to Mt. St. Helens; staying there is so surreal - there really is nothing like waking up and seeing a partially carved out mountain.

I don't post here much, but I read you all the time. How could I not? You're like the queen of the internet at this point...

Anyway... Can I move to SA? Those photos are just stunning.

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