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Oh dear, I love the stories about those wonderful magic funny children and their world! LOVE them!!!

What happy children you have, Tertia. What wonderful memories they will have when they are grown up!

soo sweet, call me crazy I love how mischievous toddlers can be.

those moments where the realisation washes over you of just how blessed you are . . . nothing beats them. hold onto those precious sensations, they will get you thru any angst or fears you have to face from here on out.
i have a five week old daughter, the last of four (21 years after the next youngest, and a long succession of baby losses and sadness) and am drinking those seconds in. saying to my self this is the last time, so hold onto this. the feel of fuzzy head under my chin. the crowing and snuffling when it is time to feed. the tiny hand gripping my finger, and the heat of the little mouth the finger gets stuffed into, in quest of yet more food. the phantom smiles, from a tiny face that crinkles up like a chimpanzee, and the intoxication of a creaky laugh.
your cup is full right now tertia, you are blessed. keep that moment you describe in your mind and use it to block out any negative stuff.
you are the best mommy they could have. you deserve those times.
enjoy . . . .

Here in the U.S. water safety is a big issue and while I'm sure some parents allow their children to bathe alone, it is generally frowned upon. Parents are warned that all it takes is 30 seconds and an inch of water for a child to drown, and most parents do not let their young children in the tub without a parent present or within sight at all times. Or maybe I am the only one who is not relaxed about that?

Great stories. Glad to hear things with Adam are going well. Too funny about Kate. I love the naptime cuddle. My daughter has also never been the cuddliest child, and whenever we do have those moments, I have that wave of amazement. I get it when I wake her in the morning and tuck her in at night. Her birthday this weekend was amazing. I can't believe she's seven years old already!!! They get big so fast.

I think letting your child alone in the bath is more of an issue when they are still small...not when they are almost three years old.

Why can't we have more of those moments and less of the hi-jinks?????????? :)

Children under 5 should not be left alone in the tub, especially when there are 2 of them. Asking for trouble, IMHO.

Oh my gosh, talk about missing the point of the story!! I think anyone who reads here regularly can see that Tertia is not exactly a neglectful mother. If her kids are in the bath without her eyes directly on them, it is because she knows that they are safe enough. She shouldn't have to explain or defend herself to you! Worry about your own kids' baths!! Tertia, your children sound delicious, and I am so glad you have the peace right now to enjoy them. Even if they cause trouble. Would you want boring kids? I think not.

Lovely stories, Tertia. It's so nice to hear that you still have time to "stop and smell the roses", so to speak, with your hands as full as they are!

But Sheesh, who would have thought we could create another round of Mommy Wars? We've had Bottle Vs Breast, Circ Vs Not, and now we have the Unsupervised Bathing Battle!

Please, people. I'm sure Tertia appreciates your concern, but it is possible to be aware of how your children are doing without hovering directly over the bath tub. I use bath time to fold laundry in a room opposite the bathroom and have the door open the whole time. I can hear them playing, and am only a couple of steps away if anything should happen. Might not work for everyone, but that's okay. Can't we just acknowledge that we have our differences and be done with it?

Thanks. I really needed to hear that right now.

Thank you thank you. I am standing on the verge of insanity and my twin tots are about to push me over with their endless tantrums. But, you write this beautiful post and remind me how grateful I really am to have them.

Thankyou Tertia, for your wise and hilarious stories.
I am one of those still trying and wondering if it all worth it - sometimes its so hard to keep going. Thanks for the reminder...

What? In the US you don’t allow your children to bath alone? Here in South Africa, we tell them to put down those spears and sharp knives THIS VERY MINUTE and go run the bath themselves. Then while they play unattended with household cleaners and paint thinners, we go next door to get completely plastered on our traditional beer and local spirits. By the time we get back, they must fed the lions, cooked the goat and baked the bread. We don’t believe in spoiling our kids here.

Thanks Tertia! Can't wait!

Wah haaa haaa at your comment Tertia. Well done!

I just have to add that I had one of those wonderful moments you mentioned in your post just last night. My son was lying up against my back and I was breastfeeding my daughter (lying down of course) and I just had to say a prayer of thanks for being so blessed with 2 such amazing children. I hope they know how much we love them, these little toddler rascals!!

Great post, great kids, GREAT mom!

Love love love this post!!

The time the kids are in the bath are the only free minutes I have. Even if I just stand outside the door it makes the day better. Relax people.

Ah, the Mommy Olympics. Where every "slice o' life" is an opportunity to be a gold medal winner. For someone else.

"When I ask who the culprit is, it is always the other one who did it."

This is the part you need to quit. There's no point in asking who did it. Either you can chill about toys on the floor, or decide that there will be a consequence for toys on the floor (for instance, you both have to come out right now), but it's a waste of time to get all cross-examination on two-year-olds.

Holy crap... Seriously with the "Don't leave your kids in the tub?"

Lovely response, Tertia. Heh heh...

Tertia, some moms are just super hyper protective over their kids. I put all 3 of mine (almost 4 year old twins and a 2 year old) in the tub at the same time and go about my business. I take care of things in the bedrooms that are all within 6 feet of the bathroom and I check on them and talk to all 3 while I am putting away laundry and picking up. Guess what, I also let them play in the dirt! I can't stand moms who constantly hover over their kids, and run to get them every time they fall or sneeze. It's like they think that it makes them a better mother or something.

And please don't give me the "my friend's friend's baby drowned in a teacup" story, I know these things happen, and they are tragic. But I choose to give my kids some room to be kids.

Oh goody! Can we have a flame war about bathing kids now? Yipee! Let me get some popcorn!!! :)

I leave my kids, 4.5 and 2, in the tub together. I fold laundry in the attached bedroom and I put away the laundry too. I can hear them, and I check on them visually periodically. That's what Tertia is doing.

Parents are so freaking hyperactive today. Helicopter parents.

I'm glad you are having fun with your kids and they are
having some fun with you.
:) and the little girly is quite the leader.

had to tell you Jake's latest funny comment. He wanted a bath the other night at around 9pm. He had already had one at 6pm so I said to him 'no we are not having a bath tonight'. To which he replied 'why; do you have your pyramid?". What a laugh! No idea where he got that from!

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks we're making potty training progress only to be rudely slapped back into reality. M was undressed before bath time last night and very eagerly sat on the potty. After a few minutes she said she didn't have to go and got up. She of course promptly walked into the living room and peed on the floor! Oh well.

That was an awesome post and I really enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for the pep talk at the end - needed that today too. At 3 yrs ttc our 1st I'm having one of those "bad" days

I also think that it is not necessary to spend every single minute of the day within arms reach of my child. I remember my great aunt telling me that she would leave her kids in the tub alone while she went about her work, but that they had to sing to her. She figured that as long as she could hear them singing then they couldn't be dead from drowning. I haven't quite gotten Ella to sing for me, but considering the amount of noise that she makes while I am out of the room, I don't have to get too nervous wondering whether or not she is safe. From what I gather about Kate and Adam, a drop in the noise level would be an immediate tip-off that something was up!


Although not a mother I read and love your blog and the stories of your children, however this is the first time that I am commenting.

One of my friends lost his niece (3yrs old) in a bath accident. She and her sister (5yrs) were in the bath together and their mother was hovering around. She was in the room next door when the 5 year old walked in. She asked where her sister was and ran straight to the bathroom. It was too late. Both parents were at home and the dad had been (and still is) a surf lifeguard since his teens. He gave his daughter CPR and they called the ambulance. They did get her recusitated, but she died in the hospital due to secondary drowning and her lungs being damaged by the bubble bath.

I would probably have done the same as this mother, thinking 3 and 5 were old enough not to sit in the bathroom with them constantly but now when I have children I will be extra vigilant. It really does only take a couple of seconds.

I am full of hormones at this moment, less than a week away from my 4th IVF, and Tertia's last two paragraphs have touched me beyond words. To hear such gratitude and hope from someone who has been through IVF hell is more healing than I can say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Tertia, for thinking of those of us who are still waiting. No one would fault you for exulting in your own happiness, but you turned that moment into an opportunity to reach out to us.
But I was completely distracted from the beating heart of this post - joy, real life, hope, Tertia's humility in the face of a tough job - by pettiness about water safety, who has or does not have a sense of humor, and whatever other personal distractions people wanted to bring. I think that's a shame.

Gee thank goodness we have people from the US to warn us of possible dangers. People from other countries just don't know how to care for their children.
In Australia we just throw our children into the nearest billabong and walk away. That way they get clean and learn to swim really fast getting away from the crocodiles (and can therefore win us medals in the olympics)

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