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Tertia, I'm in the same boat as you, I think my poor mother's daily rosary offered up for me, isn't going to cut it either. But hey my thinking is think of all the fabulous interesting people I am going to meet/reunite with in so called *ell.

I agree that *ell will be far more interesting. At this point, I am probably driving the bus to and from, wearing gasoline underwear. LOL

Bad gets you more readers....

I don't know...see, I far prefer the simple guideline for eternity with Christ: "For by grace you are saved through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God's gift - not from works, so that no one can boast."

The whole point, and something that certain churches seem to have missed, is that the Bible stresses that believing in Jesus as your Savior is what counts - not praying with beads, doing nice things and being a "good person." The truth is that if you truly believe in Jesus, and believe in God's Word, He'll make the necessary changes in you, because you're open to it.

But as a human, it's pretty simple: you take your heart and say, "here, Jesus, and thanks for giving me Yours."

"I agree that *ell will be far more interesting. At this point, I am probably driving the bus to and from, wearing gasoline underwear."

Damn near peed my pants over this one. Funny funny funny stuff. At least I'll have great company once I get down there.

I was actually thinking about this very topic before I clicked on the link to check your blog. Interesting...

Listen to your sister, hon. She loves you.

What are you fighting so hard against, T? How well is YOUR plan working for you?

Andrea, Connie & Molliev, my new BF's! You will all have to join me in praying that the light will come on and Tersh will have this Oprah/Jesus moment and just know Andrea's comment is the truth here.
The more I do at Bosom Buddies, the more I know how little it actually counts in terms of 'points' with God. In the queue with my grace ticket!
PS, am chuffed with the phones so thanks for all the happy clappy folk and happy heathen folk and just any ol happy folk who voted for us.

if only deeds were enough to get us into heaven!!!

Yay for BF's! I am new to your blog, Mel, but I am loving what I've read so far. You have such HEART in what you say!

YAY! So glad they won!!!

Hahahahaha, your sister cracks me up! (and so do you!)

To misquote a friend's uncle, I don't want to go to heaven. I want to be with my husband.

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