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Nice combo!!

SO funny! :D My 4 yr old boy wants his sister's pink accessories all the time. He even wants nail polish!

oh he is tootoo cute in his tutu!

Clearly, we need to get some dressup clothes for our boy too. How cute!!

Does Marko freak when he dresses like this? My husband would! ;)

He looks awesome, do you have 2 tutu's or do Adam and Kate argue over the one?

Never too early to learn arabesque. (sp?)

O.M.G. That is hilarious. And just by way of camaraderie...my 4yo son dons stuff like that all the time!

My 2.5 y.o son melts down when i won't polish his nails pink after doing his sister's! (I don't care, but, ppl. actually made comments to HIM about it when i did that one time...).
And, his favorite toy these days is her "fairy princess wand"...

I'm glad you posted this picture. I posted a picture of William wearing a tutu a few months ago and received several comments about gender confusion and doing something morally wrong. Then, this really ticks me off, I put together a beautiful slide show for our triplet's 3rd birthday a few weeks ago (it made ME cry) on YouTube and in that slide show, was the adorable picture of William in his tutu. Some idiot left me a comment "Hmmm, your blonde kid. Is he gay?" YEAH YOU A$$WIPE. MY THREE YEAR OLD IS GAY. WTF!! I shouldn't let these things bother me, but they do. He's a LITTLE KID, still in DIAPERS. If his sisters are wearing tutus and dancing around, why shouldn't he be able to, too?? Because he's a BOY? Should that same line of logic be applied when my girls want to play with their brother's dump truck, or wear a baseball cap??

We have three tutus, one for each of them. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Henry wants to wear one too, one day. And if that's the case, I'll happily buy a fourth. But God help anyone that teases my boys. Oh, the fury!! It can be quite intense.

Too cute. The funny thing is that if anything he looks more male than ever in that tutu.

That is one cute kid!

Love it, love it. It's almost a little "Village People" in style!

oh he's a scream!!! so kyoot!

Adam has a definite flair for accessorizing! ;-) Thanks for posting such a darling pic.

I burst out laughing when I saw this. And it's damn near midnight here. LOL

There is just enough police helmet to carry the fairy skirt and necklaces off nicely! I hope you save this one for his 21st!

He is too adorable!!

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