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Cha-CHING! Look at you! That $$$ for the boobies was totally worth it to get to wear the bathing suit! I see it as an even payoff!

Ha, yeah, sometimes I forget that some people can buy cheap bras -- I am a 34C and I can never go without an underwire and can't wear just any old bra -- I hate spending money too so I only have three (really supportive and ok looking but definitely not sexy) bras at a given time. I can't just buy any old thing, it's rather annoying! When my (smaller chested) friends go without a bra, or wear one that has no underwire, or have a ton of cute, cheap ones, I get really jealous b/c there is only one style that fits me just right and it's expensive.

That bathing suit looks great on you!

Ahh yes but those pricey bras are worth it!

Do they have Wacoal bras in SA? If so, I highly recommend them. Before I had a baby and my boobs deflated, I was a natural 32D. I had several Wacoal bras and loved them! They are a little on the pricey side but not as bad as some, and are well worth the price.

Yowza! Your new CCW has obviously not spied your rack! I've never seen an ol' lady with boobs like that! Well done!

I don't feel to sorry for you.
In fact, I think I'm a little hot for you right now....

You dont need to bother with expensive everyday bras when you have silicone. I have silicone and I go braless all the time - one of the many benefits of fake, so comfortable. Just buy some of those stick on nipple covers when you dont want to 'high beam'. I buy expensive sexy stuff for when I go out and wear nice dresses, but its really only for show. Us fake girls dont need the underwire support, we are self supporting!

Bada Bing.....Love the new twins. V v jealous of those things, and a tad turned on.

see now I would so feel you up if you offered. Those are some very nice tatas in that marked down swim suit.


The tata upgrade looks like a brilliant investment to me :)


Oh please don't go braless! Nothing personal, donna - but the bras aren't just to keep things held up. There are few things that give a low class look like big boobs (no matter how perky they are) jiggling around with no bra. I just shake my head and feel a little ill when I see women of any size doing that.

Nice, how does Marko like them?

Wow, can I give em a squeeze? :P

Man. I'd kill to had cleavage like that again.

Asshole. xoxo

I know you only bought the boobs to compete with me, but my big ol' natural boobs don't get in the way of sleeping on my stomach. I win!

Downside? There's a downside here?

You can totally still sleep on your stomach - can't you? Just put your forearm against your ribcage, under your boobs, to take the pressure off - voila! I am a DD and do it all the time. Or are fake ones different that way?

Also a DD here and I, too, sleep on my stomach. Perhaps when you get more adjusted to them you can resume tummy-sleeping?

Well, I suddenly have natural 32D/30DD breasts and I can commiserate with the bra problem! I have no idea why the boobs grew, since I haven't gained weight or anything.

Yesterday I had to go and spend almost $300 US on 4 new bras from a specialty place. I was so dissapointed to find out that Victoria's Secret doesn't carry ANYTHING that would fit me.

I was an A cup at age 19, a B for a few more years, suddenly realized I was a C this summer, and now find out that I'm really a D. (Age 25)

I am really not complaining, because I'm used to being curveless. It is like a free boob job! Of course, I can't fit any of my old clothes either...

Bathing suit? I thought it was an evening dress! Very nice, those girls!

Boobies look great. Lucky girl!

Very pretty boobs Tertia! Money well spent.

Just had my first a year ago, and my hoohas area already looking like socks with oranges in them.

I dream of the day when babymakings are complete... and I, too, can have my frontview re-alligned. ;-)

Enjoy 'em!

Damn them boobs look good. I am def going to your doctor, he did a fantastic job! If I didn't just find out I was pregnant with no. 2 I'd be having mine done in the next month. Like Lotus Carroll I too will wait until the baby thing is done and then have a little upgrade done.

Enjoy your girls, they look great.

Wish I could get a boobie job too, how divine, not in the cards right now though, so will just be happy for you meanwhile.

Yyyyyyeah . . . hard to be sympathetic for someone who *voluntarily* joined the "you want HOW FUCKING MUCH for two bits of cloth and a wire?" brigade. . .

Who overpays for boulder holders because she's got no choice.

Hey, Tertia, try a pillow under your stomach for tummy-sleeping.

Though how you ever manage to get Marko to leave you alone long enough to sleep with those beauties, I can't quite imagine.

my husband LOVES your girls. he often comments on how happy I will be when i have a set as well.

no bitterness over here....

Those are hot! I am totally putting perky new boobs on my "someday" wish list.

Hey no fair... I got 260ccs and mine are only 34Bs!!! And Woolies bras fit fine. *stomp*

But then I can lie on my stomach with no problem, even on a hard floor doing 'the locust' in yoga, so I guess I am happy enough. Mine are low profiles, perhaps that makes the difference?

People gave you crap about getting a BA? Screw those skankwads. You look great and you deserve to feel great. People suck. You are brave. Go forth with your mighty chest, brave warrior princess! Lead with your strapping D+ cups and I will follow. (if I can ever get up the courage to go through with it)

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