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Oh, how we are praying the bokke win!!! Have been cleaning my house all day for a big party tonight! I've gone to the extreme with yellow roses, flags for everyone, green jelly with custard for pudding! But I have that much faith that we will win! Oh, please God let us win!

Yeah, we're pulling for the Springboks as well. As long as England doesn't win. DH is all over a Southern Hemisphere win since Australia was knocked out.

Was just wondering this week if you were keeping up with the World Cup. Very few people here are watching it (it's such a shame that Rugby hasn't caught on more here!) but my DH played Rugby for a few years before we had kids, so we've ordered the cable channel that shows the World Cup and have been getting together with friends to watch the games all month. My BIL is from South Africa, so we are VERY excited about today's game. Can't wait to watch it! =)

Hey, hands off the English everyone!! I don't think any of us believe we'll win this, and I think it would be fair enough to concede the cup to you South Africans, but hey, to come back from a 36-0 defeat and beat the French on home soil is an achievement in itself.

Go Jonny go, we're proud of you guys!

Am watching it right now and suddenly thought of you so I came here and of course there was a post on it!! GO BOKKE!!! (I'm in Spain).


I miss my country more than words can ever convey at this very moment!! Congratulations - BOKKE BO!!!!

CONGRATS BOKKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dankie Bokke! Ons is soooooo trots op julle. Ek huil sommer.

Well done. My husband is very cross with me for pointing out the fact that we would lose. In fact it is my fault that we did. I told him "we like south Africa, it's not like we're playing France!"
Didn't go down too well, but there you go.


I am English and my husband is South African and we live in Australia.

It's going to be emotional.

SA played a great game and deservedly won, but from the highlights i saw, there were no losers. great job!

hah i know what you mean about the whole country would be in mourning. grown men cried when nz lost to the french a couple of weeks ago... i was actually kind of astounded that they trucked on and bothered screening the rest of the cup at all, given how many people felt hard done by after the loss :P

congrats to South Africa!

What a vibe! Friends in NZ called to say that it was all green there - they are 10 hours ahead of SA but they were up and rearing to go! Family in Paris were astounded at the support for SA and again, all green! We were at friends last night in Blouberg and the streets were lined with people singing & partying. Amazing that when we need to, we can come together as a nation - from wherever you are in the world!


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