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Wow, busy day.

I have no idea how people can cope with terrible traffic. It drives me insane.

Silly question ... do you drive a Renault? You dash looks familiar, except on mine the radio dial is 702.

I know that Joburg traffic all too well. I travelled the Joburg-Pretoria-Joburg for ten years until I decided to call it quits at the end of last year!!!

The dreaded day from hell!

At least you made it home on time. Joburg traffic is the pits and getting worse by the day!

Jhb traffic is hell on earth. Thank goodness for The Rude Awakening...
(Altho after 7 years of living on a little lump of sand called Bahrain, I am soooo spoiled - anything longer than a 20 minute drive is a schlepp, and waiting for more than one change of the robots is a traffic jam!)

You poor thing!

I live in Jhb and still get stressed by all the traffic. I also don't know how people do the 1-hour commute each way, EVERY DAY.

I do that pta to jhb and back to pta. I think that is the worst traffic. day i sat in traffic for almost 3hrs.Sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do so that's all i know.

I'm guessing that one must get used to never sleeping again?

I'm a 10 hours a night girl, and it clashes with my chosen career terribly.

Good thing that I can't seem to fall pregnant come clomid, IUI OR IVF thus far, or where would I be?


Wow, superwoman. You definitely deserved that glass of wine or two. Reminds me of the stress I used to feel when I had to get somewhere by a certain time and had to cope with London transport, tube strikes etc - nightmare.

Somehow I think every working mom can relate to a couple of situations in your article in some way or another. The total feeling of helplessness when situations are out of your control, and you just need to "go with the flow" and face the consequences and making the right noises when you need to explain yourself, not just at work, but also at home - especially with the kids. This has happened a couple of times with me, making promises/suggestions to my eldest (7 years), and then something happens beyond my control and you have to go back and try to make him understand why he can't do it anymore. Usually I feel so guilty and try to over compensate for being a "horrible" mom and work interfering with my personal life. On the other hand I also feel that they must also learn and accept that things do not always work out as planned. Still, the guilt!

Jo'burg traffic is INSANE. Was there last week and was nearly loosing my mind. No wonder there is so much road rage, terrible roads, too many cars! So glad to be home in CT. x

If my average day was anything like that I would look 105 and be pushing up the daisies to prove it!

Glad to hear this is not your average day either, crimey the stress!

Glad you made it through the day, and glad that not every day is like that!

whew... ok now i'm tired all over again!

You picked a winner week for Johannesburg traffic ... I spent 90 minutes on a 10km trip TWICE this week.

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