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Is my font green? I am JEALOUS!

Even without the refill you are WAY ahead of me tonight! Tee hee!

Aw, they're so sweet when they're asleep and can't talk back, aren't they?

I always say my children are pefect...(pause)... when they are SLEEPING!

Sounds DIVINE!!!

What you should have done is yelled out 'FIRE', when Marko jumped up you say 'false alarm but while you are up sweeeetie' More wine on the way.

Sounds ideal!! Too bad about the refill, though.

That is pretty much the perfect evening right there. I'm actually quite jealous of it at the moment. Foot in the soak and the wine? With husband nice and asleep??? Yeah that's settled. We're on for tonight. I'll just do my best to put the BOTTLE of wine NEXT to the glass....

aaaaaaaahhhh... bliss!

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