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I don't have horribly many, but the one that was most traumatic emotionally was the time I was walking across the gym to meet up with the rest of the soccer team, and while watching the boys practice basketball, ran into the volleyball net with my temple. Blood everywhere. Very embarrassing.

Ok lets see...
I have two c-section scars. Gallbladder which is similar to your lap scares. And my big one is on my finger. When I was five my father let me play with a knife (why?) and I cut my finger really badly. It bled for hours but they wouldn't take me to have it stitched. I now think it was because they realized perhaps I shouldn't have been allowed to play with the knife!!! Do ya think???

I have a c-section scar and a scar right under it from the surgery to remove my tubes.
I have 2 laporoscopy scars. One from exploratory surgery and one from when they tried to remove my tubes laporscopically but couldn't so they had to switch in the middle.
I have one on my knee that runs about an inch and a half up my thigh. I was playing on a small brick wall (I was being a ballerina) and I fell off. I was probably 6 at the time.
I have one on my left middle finger where I slammed my finger into the car door at 15.
I have a couple faint ones on my arms where I cut myelf as a teenager.
My forehead is scarred (You can only really tell if I tan, because it's a slightly darker color than the rest of my forehead) from when I was working at 7-eleven and I had to heat up the nacho cheese in the microwave then carry it over to the warmer. I tripped as I was walking with it and covered my forehead in boiling cheese (not fun, because it sticks - it keeps burning - much like marshmallows I asume) I also burned that same spot on my forhead with tea water when I was a waitress and I was carrying a pot of water for hot tea. Another waitress bumped into me and the water splashed all over my face. (I no longer work food)
I think that is all of my physical scars.

I have a scar on the side of my nose from when I was two and fell and split it open on the side of a table. I have a scar on my knee from when I was 8 and some boy pushed me down into some rocks. I also have scars from 2 laproscopies. I also have a scar on my perineum from tearing during childbirth. Oh yeah, I have a huge one on my left butt cheek from when I was 6 and slipped and fell on a broken beer bottle. Plus I have a couple stretch marks.

Geez, now I sound like a hard ticket!

Hmmm...I don't really have that many. I have the scar from where they removed my right ovary (and the tennis-ball sized cyst that was attached to it); kinda in the same place as a c-section scar. I have a scar on my finger when a physics experiment in high school that went terribly wrong (weights, string & a razor blade...ummmm, no). Then there are a couple of little tiny ones on my fingers from unfortunate vegetable chopping accidents (can you say, 'GET THE KNIFE AWAY FROM HER!!!").

The most traumatic one for me though was one I got when I was about 7 years old. My brothers and I were at a park about a block from our home when I bent over and fell on a stick. It jammed in my neck and ended (it turned out) about an eighth of an inch from my jugular vein. I will never forget running down the block with my brothers on each side of me and crying for my mother.

My scars were, until exactly one year ago today, pretty much run of the mill childhood scars. Standard small chin gash, shin stitches for running into a corner of brick steps, small burn scar on hand. Last year I had a tendon repaired in my foot and I now have a 13" scar from mid foot (arch) up to mid-ankle.

None of these bother are of any concern. I'm currently obsessing about a small wart-ish thing on my nose. It's been there for 30 years but is now on my nerves. Note to self: call dermatologist.

I have the same breast reduction scars you do.

One over my left eye when my dog bit me when I was 4 (I deserved it - I kept holding onto her tongue when she was panting, and after 20 minutes of this she was FED UP!)

One on my left knee from when I was crawling up out of a newly built basement, slipped, and gouged it open on one of the metal spikes in the wall.

A few chicken pox scars (perfect little circles) - I had those when I was in 1st grade (shocked to learn people don't get those now. My college students often haven't even heard of chicken pox)

And all those psychological and emotional scars....


hhhmm... never thought about it- damien has plenty!
i have 5 "keyholes" on my stomach from my laparoscopic nissen fundoplication last year... i have a roundish flat one on the inside of my right elbow from where i burnt myself on an urn's steam... i have a small vertical one on the left hand side of my top lip and a small horizontal one inside the crease above my chin from when i fell off a little wall and got stitches as a 6 year old... thats it for me- i've always been a bit of a chicken when it comes to climbing and such.
and i must agree with you- i also like a dude with scars.

I have laparoscopy scars, too, though the ones under my bikin line have all but disappeared.
I have a large smooth patch on one elbow from a tabogganing accident. I fell off when the toboggan hit a patch of ice and skidded to a stop using my elbow. Ouch!
But my favorites are the scars I have on both breasts, crescent moons over the tops of both areolas that distort the way I look. They're what remind me that I had cancer. And that I survived. I love them because of that.

My scar run-down:

Faint crescent scar over my right cheek from birth (I was a c-section and the surgeon was a little aggressive with the scalpel).

Many acne scars, now fading quietly on my cheeks.

Just behind my right armpit from a wart removal.

Cat bite scars on my right hand (stupidly cornered a cat and tried to pick it up).

Many scars on my knees (dumb kid stuff).

Scattered scars on my feet from roller-blading without socks (WORST blisters ever).

No surgeries yet (hopefully none to come).

Hope it makes you feel a little less weird about yours. I like to think that I "earned" these scars...you know just a part of living and being human!

Let me see...Small circle on the back of my neck from having a mole removed. Apendix scar from when I was 12. I have one on the inside of my right elbow: I was three when I decided to run away with my mum's wine glass. And then promptly ran into a door. My father refused to get it stiched - granted we were living on a farm 400kms away from the nearest hospital. That one has stretched the most as I've grown up. Right knee: nasty inch long thick scar (purple on cold days). Got it from eves droping on senior girls at school. When I tried to run away I ran into a gutter. It seems my get aways are my problem areas! Lastly a small one on my right foot - I had a glass bottle droped on my foot.

Personaly I don't mind scars. They show the life you have lived. They are your physical story in a way.

I fell when I was two and also split my chin open, but my scar is very noticable because the Dr. used this new "spray on" bandage. Twenty minutes after we were home from the hospital, we had to go back, I had sat on the back porch and pulled all my stitches out. Same Dr stitched me up, but he put a huge bandage on my chin this time. Guess he learned his lesson with "spray on" bandages and two year olds. When I was 5, I was building a snow fort with a friend, he was using a spaded shovel to dig in the snow, I walked behind him as he swung back with the shovel, caught me on the nose, (scary how worse it could have been). I was camping when I was thirteen, part of Junior Forest Wardens, stood too close to the campfire, bottom of my synthetic cords (back in the '70's they were into synthetics big time) caught fire, I used my left hand to put it out, the cord metled to my hand, second and third degree burns, but only one small scar on the posterior side of my middle finger (very lucky as well). Have a couple scars from moles that have been removed, have a lead pencil point just below my knee when my brother jabbed me with a pencil. I have the laproscopy scars from a tubal ligation, but they are not that noticeable anymore. I have never had any broken bones and the olny operations I have had are my wisdome teeth being removed and my tubes tied.

I have a c - section scar - quite a large one actually, as my son was born via emergency c - section. This scar was then re opened 2.5 years later to deliver my daughter. It is about to re opened again to deliver baby no. 3 and is giving me quite a bit of grief at the moment, as daughter only emerged from it 14 months ago,and it is grumbling under the strain of another bump!!
I have an episiotomy scar, from the failed attempt to get my son out via vacuum extraction AND Forceps!! ( Yes - child birth scarred me badly!!)(And i still failed miserably at it! Vaginal by-pass from then on, it had to be!!)
I have a scar on my right elbow from an op to put in a plate and screws after I bust my arm roller-blading at the age of 12.
I have a scar from a spider bite, that got infected, on my left calf ( Child of africa)
Umm - this really can't be interesting for you, to read about every ones scars???? I think I'll stop now before I put myself to sleep!! xx

Hmmm...let's see...

I have two c-section scars, a double scar actually. In fact, the first OB did such a botched-up job on my first c-section that my second OB gave me a mini "plastic surgery" and removed some of the scar tissue the second time around.

I have three scars down my left shin where I slipped on the side of a pool when I was about 12. I was running up the steps, slipped and banged my shin on the step three times, nice and dented these legs are.

I have a scar on my knee cap where I was running across a parking lot when I was 9 and tripped over a speed bump. The gash in my knee was all the way to the bone. No stitches. My parents couldn't afford to take me to the doctor.

I have a scar on the inside of my ring finger where I was playing with the underside of a sofa bed when I was about 5 and sliced my finger almost off. Again, no stitches.

I have a burn scar on the knuckle of my pointer finger from a cooking episode. This is why I no longer cook.

I have five scars on my back where the dermatologist removed five moles. Two I wanted off for comfort (one always got caught on my collars and necklaces and the other was always hanging on my pants line). While back there, she took three more "suspicious" moles for biopsies. I now have five dents in my back.

Ok, to make you feel a lot better, in no particular order here's my list:

Scar on my upper lip from when my brother made me carry a large box of lego downstairs - I was two. It wasn't pretty.

Scar above my right eyebrow from chicken pox

Scars all over my right eardrum from ear infections (ah, life pre-grommets was so much fun) - I guess it doesn't really count as I can't see them but everytime a doctor looks at my ears they practically leap back across the room in horror. So, actually, pretty glad I can't see them!

Scars on my breasts from having lumps cut out when I was a teenager

Scars on my belly button from laparoscopy, and corresponding scars on bikini line

Scars on both elbows from my brother dragging me round the house when I was six, leaving me with horrible carpet burns - starting to dislike my brother now I think about this list!

Two scars on my right leg from being zapped by pebbles (covered in salt!) shot from slings by my brother and his friends. You know, I'm really going to go and have words with my brother now - I hadn't realised how much damage he'd caused over the years!

Large keloid scar behind my knee from jumping over a log into barbed wire when I was seven

Yet another keloid scar at the top of my forehead from failing to let go of a flying fox in time and ramming my head into the metal wheels on either side of the wire.

Four scars on my forearm from cat bite last year

Scar on my hand from deciding the best way to open a cereal box was with a large butcher's knife

Another keloid scar on my knee from attempting to jog when I was about six and falling on rocks. Never really took to running after that...

Scar along the side of my big toe where I sliced half my toe off by standing on a glass by the pool

Oh, and a really interesting scar on my left upper arm that consists of two circles, one contained within the other, of about 8 dots each. Was from some weird vaccination I had because I was born in the Middle East. People assume it's actually one of those branding style tattoos.

And I can see another load of little scars on my hands that I cannot recall the stories behind at all. I guess I just scar easily....I'm kind of horrified by my list - hopefully makes you feel a bit better though.

The usual 3 x scars from laproscopic surgery - cysts removal, ovary diathermy, checking tubes (totally blocked apparently).

I ALSO cover the one in my belly button (which is my only keloid) with a belly ring - def too old for a belly ring, plus it's hell when my 18 month-old plays "beep-beep" with HER belly button then PULLS my belly ring!! (Also too old for the Tragi piercings, but who cares?)

Tons of chicken pox scars (got it at 15 so scarred very badly)
Various scars on my fingers from kitchen mishaps
LONG scar on my little toe from tripping over garden shears.

Interesting - the cuts I had as a kid were NEVER stiched - all my kiddies get patched up by a plastic surgeon!!

Hmmm lets see.....

I have a scar dea center on my forehead from a falling accident at the playground when i was four: punctured a large hole, required 4 stitches.. made the year we lived in Hawaii a funny one to look back onas I had a bandage around my head in most of the pictures,

I have faint cut lines all up and down my arms from when I was a depressed, rebellious teen and cut myself for fun.. Yah. Smart one, I am.

I have a chicken pox scar by my ( also rather large) nose.. but it blends in with the other acne scars I sport so no biggie.

I have a scar on my tongue from the piercing I had for a year that I took out on a whim..( kicking myself for that one. I'd love my tongue piercing back but the scar is pretty HUGE and I don't think it could be safely re-pierced)

I have a heart shaped scar on my knee from helping my ( then boyfriend, now husband) move out of his mothers house when a mirror tipped over.. I foolishly thought to catch it with my leg as my hands were full. I have IV scars on my elbow pits from kidney stone and labor IV's..

But my most apparent scars are emotional. Tough childhood.

Well... I have lots of scars too... the 2 most recent (11 days ago)are thanks to a lap for endo which turned into uterine suspension where they found I had a bunch of varicose (sp?) veins... Fun fun fun... Gotta love being a chick... These new cuts are larger than the ones I got from my last lap - must be something to do with the suspension part of the party.

Just think you get to get a couple more scars for your boobs (again) LOL...

Good luck with that by the way.


I have a "stain" scar from my mother throwing her hot coffee at me when I was about five years old. It burned my shoulder and has constantly spread across my shoulder and upper chest as I've grown.

I have a claw-shaped scar on my left ankle from falling just off the pedal of my bike (bear-claw style pedal dug into my ankle). Many various and wonderful scars on my legs from childhood trips and falls.

Wonderful cement-burn scars on the backs of my hands from flipping over the handles of my bike and landing on my face/hands (I didn't let go of the handlebars). I knocked out three teeth with that acrobatic act, and my face swelled up 3 times it's normal size, but no facial scars from that (just from acne).

Treasure-map of stretch marks from pregnancies. I'm sure there's scars from my tears from the births (first was a "running stitch"... not the words you want to hear when you ask "how many stitches doc?").

Scar on the bridge of my nose when I passed out from blood loss after my son's birth, and landed on my face against the tub and bathroom floor with my glasses on. My DH thought I broke my nose, but the bridge of my glasses just smashed into the bridge of my nose.

Huge number of burn scars on my hands/arms from working in fast food restaurants. Comes with the territory.

Am heading into scars associated with having my tubes tied. Hoping to keep those scars contained under my navel ring hee hee.

Well, I am the most scarred person out of anyone I know:
1) several scars on my upper lip where a dog bit right through it and basically left it in shreds and it had to be sewn back together
2) very long scar and smaller scar across my lower abdomen from kidney surgery when I was 3
3) three scars on lower abdomen (one on belly button) from first ectopic
4) three scars on lower abdomen (one on belly button) from second ectopic. Unfortunately all three went keloid, don't know why.
5) small scar on upper nose where a large trunk fell on my nose when I was little
6) small scar on chin from hitting it on the dashboard of the car when I was little (this before seatbelts were mandatory)
7) two scars on left knee from surgery
8) one long thin scar on right calf from my cat falling off the counter and using my bare leg to stop her fall - ouch!
9) one scar on ankle from accidentally running into a barb wire fence and getting hung up (was drunk teenager at the time, that is my excuse)
10) several small scars on hands from being burnt, cutting myself, etc.

Probably forgetting some small ones but isn't that enough?!


What an oddly vain topic. I find myself compelled to tell you all about my skin irregularities.

Left knee, heart shaped scar from when I fell off a bike and rubbed along the concrete when I was 6 years old. I had to be a flower girl in a wedding later that day.

I can't find my lap scars anymore. One is buried in bush and the other is buried in my belly button.

Zipper-like scar down my inner right breast. I fell out of a tree when I was 12 and slid down a fence post.

A few crater scars here and there - my side, my forehead - chicken pox when I was 7.

If I wrinkle my nose, you see a scar across the bridge from when I rammed into a brick heart when I was 7.

Back of my right knee - dog bite scar from about 8 years old.

c-section scar, and laparoscopy scars from the gyno too - one in the belly button (ruined a damn beautiful belly button, too) and one just under the top part of my pubes (mercifully unnoticeable).

Matching scars on each knee from when I wiped out on astroturf while running with a kid on my back (the kid was unharmed). Another scar on my ankle from wiping out on asphalt while skateboarding in my young, rebellious days.

Small round scar in the middle of my back from where I got an unsightly mole removed, just last year. (I had that ugly mole for years, what took me so long?)

Icky scar around the tip of my right thumb, where my asshole brother slammed the door on my hand when I was two and damn near cut the end of my thumb off. The nail has never grown right, the bastard.

Wow, it does sound like a lot once you catalog it all. But I guess I'm doing ok for having spent 39 years as a living being.

(1) Childhood appendectomy scar that has caused asymmetrical fat distribution on my belly; this is why I can never wear a figure-hugging skirt (but since the fat asymmetry has been with me since puberty I don't really mind). (2) Plastic surgery scar under my chin & behind my ears (from having my double chin corrected). (3) Dog bite scars on my hand and thigh. (4) Faint eczema scars on my hands and feet. (5) Another scar under my chin whose distant childhood cause I don't remember. (6) A scar on my neck that has always been there; can't remember the cause. (7) A scar on my knee from where I fell during a hike in Tuscany last spring. (8) A scar on my eyebrow and another on my chin from when I fell in a parking lot after drinking at a basketball game a few years ago. The last one is still slightly red and the most embarrassing because it was my fault (obviously I shouldn't have had so much to drink that I didn't notice the low concrete barrier that tripped me).

(9) Scar on my hand from trying to make a birdfeeder using an empty plastic water bottle and a big kitchen knife when I was 31 (how could I have forgotten that one?). (10) Stretchmarks on hips, belly, and breasts. (11) Scar on my shin and another on my ankle from shaving my legs while talking on the phone at the same time (you'd think I would've learned after the first one). (

I have a scar on my right pointer finger-cut it on some cheap metal shelves. I went to the ER on my military post and the dr. asked if the young medic could stitch me up so the young boy could get practice, because "he could be stitching your husband up on the battlefield one day"...what could I say but yes. Later when I told my husband the story he was furious at the dr. for putting a guilt trip on me. He said I had beautiful hands and I didn't need them to have scars on them. Today I love that scar because it always reminds me of my shining knight in armor trying to defend me!

I have a scar too, from an abusive ex, it seems that it will cost about $1000 to get it completely removed.. this scar was against my will and was my ex boyfriend's (at age 19) initials "DL"
someone at work saw it recently, it's on my uppper arm and said.. "What are you, on the DL(down low)?" I had to laugh, it's the first time I laughed about that scar in years..

Have you got some time?

1. Badly stitched lip after car accident at 20 years old on Quaaludes and Kamikazes from hitting steering wheel and windshield.
2. scar at hairline from same accident/windshield.
3. 7 inch scar with disfigurement of thigh running over right hip from surgery for bursitis at age 29.
4 & 5. 2 scars on same hip where surgical drains were inserted.
6. C-section.
7. Chicken pox mark on forehead.
Auto accident resulting in scars 8 - 14:
8. Obvious 1.5" scar on front of neck for fusion after neck fracture including bone graft, titantium plate and screws.
9. 1.5" scar on abdomen over left hip where bone was removed from pelvis for neck grafting.
10. 2" scar on left wrist for re-attachment of severed ligament including titanium plate and screws.
11 & 12. 2 scars from drains for wrist surgery
13. 114 stitches to re-attach scalp ripped off by hair clip during roll-over of jeep 2x.
14. Scalp scar at back of head from hair transplant surgery to repair ripped scalp.
15. Cut on hand from kitchen incident involving alot of wine, and a very sharp knife.
16. tiny scar on side of nose near eyelid where an unskilled dermatologist removed something.
17. tiny scar on chin at liposuction site.
18. Scar on my gums from extensive dental surgery.

These are the ones that show.

(1) 12 stitches in my left knee when I was 5-- exposed bolt on playground equipment. The scar looks like a smile, so I joke that I'm always smiling, even if my mouth isn't. (2) Smaller scar on my right knee from where a tree prevented me from falling all the way down a wooded hillside. Love that tree. (3) Scar on my right shin from where I kicked a propeller on a boat when I was in my teens. The propeller was not turning, of course. (4) C-section scar, also small, just below my bikini line. And that's it. I have a few scars on my hand & arms (mild burns from my teens when working fast food) that have somehow managed to disappear with time.

When I was two I pulled the ironing board off, the hot iron went down my leg. Sixteen years later and I still have the six inch scar. On my knees I have no clue which ones are from what accident. Running down a dark hall and then tripping over a friend trying to scare us. A few from indoor soccer and volleyball. On my big toe I have a scar from a leech. A two inch scar from hitting the iron with my arm. I have a little one on my stomach from when I was burning a plastic it dripped on my belly.

i've got a c-section scar from my daughter who was stillborn. though i've given birth twice, too, i don't have two. her sister was born by surprise VBAC a year later. a live baby this time!
i've got a scar on my forehead when i fell down a flight of concrete steps at 2 and had to get stitches.
i've got a scar on my left knee where a boy rammed his bike into me at the neighborhood playground.
i've got a scar on my right boob, but in the nipple, from having a cyst removed.
i've got a scar on my left wrist for having another cyst removed.
i'm cysty, i guess.

I have a scar under my right eye and a scar under my lips that are from having moles removed. A scar on my right knee from when so asshole pushed me down on the playground when I was little. I have matching scars on each side of my foot from when a tooth pick went all the way through my big toe after it was apparently lodged in my carpet. I had to have it surgically removed. My toe was basically on the tooth pick like a finger food. I also have a scar on my left foot from a bee sting I got as a child.

I have a scar from laparoscopy, which includes the anchor scars in my pubic hair. I have a scar from laparotomy, which looks like a c-section scar. I have a scar on my left thigh where my roomate dropped an iron on me. I have a scar from a biking accident, where I damaged both my elbows. I have two scars on my breasts from augmentation. I have 3 from cooking (love it) and they are very faint. You can't see them except in the strongest of light. I have one from back surgery where they went in and removed a disk.

You're fine, love. Relax

I'm pretty dull by comparison. I have one scar. On my little finger, where I accidentally cut a piece out with scissors as a kid.

Yikes! The marshmellow does sound terrible...

I have one above my eyelid where I caught an elbow while a friend and I were swimming laps. I finished my laps and denied stitches. LOL

I have a scar on each knee from some childhood mishaps - just falls, really.

I have a scar on my foot from a cigarette burn (not an accident).

There are LOTS of tiny scars on my inner elbows and the backs of my hands from IV's and blood draws. That one sounds silly, but I have HORRIBLE veins, and any time another needle must get to a vein, it is Hell and creates another scar on my skin, as well as inside my arm. NOT FUN.

I think that's about it...

From top to bottom: I have a scar in my eyebrow (very well hidden) from when my mother forgot I was shopping with her and let the heavy grocery store door shut on my head. I have a scar under my lower lip where my front teeth went through when I fell off the bed (I was jumping on it).

I have scars on my chest, arms and hands from chicken pox. I've always been a picker, and I picked myself right into scars back then. I have a scar on my wrist from where I burned myself on a curling iron.

Myo only surgery scar is on my right hand. I was born with two thumbs and the extra was removed when I was 13 months. The scar grew as I did, so now it's a thin raised line about three inches long running along the outside of my thumb with a one inch long branch running from the outside of my thumb towards my palm.

My knees and shins are covered in scars, mostly from baseball (sliding home - I never did get the hang of that). But I have one deep white scar on my right shin from falling down the stairs. The top edge had one of those metal edge covers to keep the slate from chipping and I slid with my left leg in front of me and my right leg folded under, scraping my right shin open from knee to ankle. The scar isn't that long though - it's only at the deepest part where I wouldn't stop picking. :)

i'm not gonna list mine....but wow! you people make me feel normal! and here i have been fretting over mine for years.....

19. I forgot, i have one on my back where i had a "thing" removed.. about 1/2" long. Same dermatologist that wasn't so good that left the scar near my nose/eye. Yeesh!

I am extremely self-conscious about some of them and it makes it hard for me to get naked with strangers because of them. **sigh**

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