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Good luck with your appointment today. Holding thumbs that your op will be everything you want it to be. I am having a breast reduction done as soon as our second child is born and everything goes back to sort of normal. Been wanting one since I was a teenager. yipee.

You go girl! WOOT!

Don't worry about what other people think. Do what makes you feel good. Good luck.

I really hope it makes you feel wonderful and all sexai wanton Jane Mansfieldish (with bigger tits). But personally, ooops, fuck-it, forgot your probably couldn't give a hairy-rat's bottom about what I think about your upcoming boob-event (well, I really really hope not anyway--your tits sister). Honestly, good luck and keep blogging!

You've had enough pain and judgment, it's definitely time for some decadence! I'm so happy for you and your choice. I just know we'll be seeing this bright, gob-smacked, silly, happy, ridiculous smile on your face post op! How many times in our life do we get to give ourselves that happiness? Much love to you Tertia! Can't wait to see those gorg new boobs. (Who would've thought I'd be so excited about seeing another woman's tits?)

I missed the post you are referring to, but I'm sorry that it sounds like the comments hit on all the sore points... I am glad that you are doing something special for you! And I thought your post tonight was great. Good luck - I hope it all works out wonderfully!

I think you're doing exactly the right thing, because you feel so good about it. Wonderful for you! Good luck in pre-op meeting.

I was going to send this via email, but then I thought, why? I'll put it here for everyone to know how I feel:

Oh for fuck's sake, I wish people would acknowledge that you are a grown woman who has made a choice to change something in her life, but is having a few moments of "cold feet."

It isn't any different than deciding to get married, and having a momentary flash of "what am I doing?" while still knowing it is absoutely the thing you most want to do. It isn't any different than deciding to grow your hair out, getting most of the way there, making an appointment to chop it off, and then having a panic right before you take the first cut in length.

The only difference is that it is surgery. But so was IVF. And so were D&C's. And c-sections. The good news is that unlike these surgeries, you have a reasonable chance at having what you set out to get when you wake up. And it is reversible if you don't.

I wish everyone would just leave you to your life and stop with the judgements, and trust that you are wise in the knowledge of what is right for YOU, not what is right for THEM.

I adore you & can't wait for your big (pun intended) day!


Oh sheesh. Missed the post in reference, btu sounds like it got ugly, so GLAD I missed it!

I'm excited about your boobs. And the pictures. Just so you know.

I also missed the post that you are referring to but I do understand why you need to do it. You are quite correct in saying that you don't have to explain your decisions to anyone. It will work out perfectly. Because of the fact that I don't know anyone that has had breast augmentation I somehow always had these visions of Pamela Anderson & Anna Nicole Smith-type jobs. After seeing your sisters g&d boobs, I am contemplating exactly the same thing after I'm done with the breastfeeding. I love my boobs too. Not unhappy with them at all. But they really could do with some "filling". Love your Dr Lazarus. My friend recently went to him for a breast reduction. It has truly changed her life.
All the best to you.

Fuck what other people think.
Go for it

Hear, hear Boulder!

And woohoo for new boobies!

Kudos Tertia. You deserve to do what every makes you happy. Screw the rest.

Good luck with your appointment. My sister went in expecting to get the go-ahead for the implants she had thought would suit her and ended up with bigger ones in a different shape because the surgeon knows much better what would work with different bodies. The funny thing is that with clothes on you really can't tell that she's gone up 2 cup sizes because they sit so much better on her rib cage and she used to wear a push-up bra anyway.

Hi Tertia,

I've been reading your blog for a very long time, and I've always just been a lurker. Not really believing that anything I have to say will be of benefit to you. Ever since this boob job thing started, I've wanted to post a comment, unfortunately or maybe it's a good thing, I missed the comments on yesterday's post.

You deserve to do exactly what you want to do, you did not make this decision lightly, and even if you did, who gives a shit? As your sister said infertility buried you. You have gone through sheer hell and you need to do whatever it takes for you to feel whole again. For some people it's a diet, or a holiday, a new house, or new boobs. People need to get off their high horses and look at their own lives first before pointing fingers. No one is perfect.

I think it's great that you're having your boobs done! Well done! Your daughter will not be scarred for life because of this, when she's old enough to make her own decisions she will do just that(make her own decisions). You have been an inspiration to me, and many other couples out there. I wish you well and hope that your new boobs will bring you and Marko joy and enjoyment. And please post before and after pics. I'm dying to know what it will look like.

I must have missed the entire brouhaha yesterday so I'm not sure what happened. Whatever, I'm totally supportive of your choice and I hope that you get exactly what you want. Nice boobs and a feeling of completion. I think it's great. I wish I had the money to pump up my own girls, who are rather empty at the moment.

Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

And this is the reason many would say my blog is boring. I am not about to put it all out there for strangers to comment, often ufairly, on my life, my decisions, and they will never know all the reasons for the decisions (That would take a lifetime to explain).I do not take any type of criticism well, anyway. I do not need to sit and wallow in self criticism, and guilt because I made a decision that does not suit a stranger.

I am impressed Tertia, you are so brave to put it out there, time and again.

Do what you want to, it is your life, your body, your money - GO TERTIA!!!! Make yourself happy, no-one else counts!

You are so right, you deserve it and you are the only one that can say anthing on this topic.
Go and do it, has been a long while since you have been truly happy.
Hope you get the joy out of that you want

I read the post in question. Had to wonder at all the idiots saying "Your boobs are great the way they are, why you changing them?" and "I wish I had your boobs, mine sag" etc. You are SO entitled to do what you want. What I love about blogging is that it is completely your space. You can say what EVER you like. Keep doing it and don't waste precious energy on people that don't understand you.

Oh word - people can be such nitwits sometimes. If you wanted to change your boobs to 34GG and dye your hair purple that would also be cool in my book - Please post pics if you ever do ;)

I hope you are very happy with the results - all the best! Would love to know how the whole procedure went. I found the good dr's website address a couple of months ago when I was looking at having a boob job, still thinking about it, waiting patiently to hear what you have to say first (I'm a real sissie... there I've said it!!!)

People can be such idiots! I think all the negative posts you got are from horrible frumpy old cows with droopy boobs that are really utterly jealous! I would go for a boobjob op AND a tummy tuck tomorrow if i could afford it. Move on and love every minute of your new boobies!!

I think you should just do it.
Everyone will always have an opinion about something you decide to do in your life, some will like it and some will not, the most important thing is you liking them, you will have them everyday so its important that YOU want them (no matter what your reasons)
please just dont moan about money , how much you can only afford and how you wish you could afford something else for your kids.
I think if any woman can afford to to any reconstructure to them they should.
Just realise where the money is going. Its going in your boobs. Dont moan about money later on.

I do not see what your breast op has to do with anyone else, except maybe Marko. Wish I had the money (and guts) to go for something like this. After two years of breastfeeding my boobs are sagging to my belly button!

do whatever you want to your b00bies, but never lose your balls, okay?

Tertia, you must do what you need to do. Life is waaaaaay too short to spend it feeling crap about yourself. In fact, partly because of your decsion to have your breast augmentation, I have started saving for my breast reduction. I have wanted one for ages but have always felt like I should just accept what I have and be grateful I have boobs at all blah blah blah. If I mention to anyone my idea, they say 'But WHY?? Most women would kill to have your boobs." BUT until they have lived my life in my shoes, they will NEVER know the physical and emotional pain that my enormous boobs have brought into my life. Your decision has given me the courage to take the next step. Thanks Tertia. You are awesome!

Tertia, I have been lurking since the beginning of the year and just love your blog. As someone said above, you did not go into this lightly and you have been thinking about it for a long time. It's your body and your choice and do what is best for you. I hope to be able to have one myself someday.

I've been reading your blog for ages, and I think you are the best!!! Good luck on your surgery. I'm sure you will love your new boobs!

May you have a a seamless operation and a quick and relatively painless recovery :) Whatever your reasons for doing this, I hope that your new breasts are beautiful and everything you imagined, and that you are happy with them.

I don't know why people would keep razzing you. Yes, you've been depressed and on meds, but this decision doesn't come lightly or in a moment of drug induced euphoria or something. Are people who have been depressed, or addicted to drugs, or any number of other emotional problems unable to make decisions for themselves for the rest of their lives? Come on! Not only that, but I don't know about SA, but most plastic surgeons in the US have counselors and the like on staff. They don't start cutting up people who walk in on a whim, it's not a tattoo parlor for crying out loud!

I for one have a good (not great) self image. I would never get surgery done just for my appearance alone, I wouldn't even get a tattoo, I rarely even get my hair done. I'm just not a girly girl, but that doesn't mean that I would tell anyone else that THEY shouldn't do it. I'm more likely to decorate like mad or try and put in a rock garden or something around my house, but it's really for ME to make ME feel better in my environment. I might not understand your choice, and it isn't for me, but it doesn't stop me from understanding your desire to do it. I hope your boobs rock!!!!

Ack, I hope it wasn't my comment that made you feel attacked. What I was trying to say was that while I do like the way your boobs look now (cos I have always thought you were fab!), I'm wishing you the best of luck with your surgery. You're right, it *is* your choice. And girl, if it makes you happy, then go for it! No judgement implied. You will look fabulous!

Tertia - hope all goes well today - will be thinking of you! Deep breaths...deep breaths...


You go Tertia!! Best of luck with your surgery!

GO GIRL! It is time you did something just for yourself. I suggest to stop worrying about the old prudes (don't know if that is the right word, am actually afrikaans) and go and enjoy it. Can't wait to see the "after" pics!!!!

You have so much courage. Given everything you generously share, about your children, your life, your struggles and your triumphs it's far too easy to feel we know you. It's like we sit down with you for coffee at the start of the day and chat over what's going on so... well naturally all the assvice in the world comes out when something comes up that people feel strongly about! I too missed all the kerfuffle but as always I'm impressed that you're still here, still writing, still inviting people in. I'm with your sister 100% - I've been through enormous pain and it does bury you, it does leave you empty and dark. You do deserve it - you deserve to do what you want to do and what is, for you, the right choice. Be girly and sexy and find yourself again.

Good luck! I will never understand why people have to be so judgy....I can't wait to hear about the recover and how fabulous they will look. I hope people will keep their negative opinions to themselves, so that you feel comfortable enough to keep us posted.

People have to do what is right for them. I'm noticing that society is becoming a lot more vocal in their judgment of others (or am I just noticing it more now that I'm a mom?) "You do (or don't do) X, therefore you are horrible". What a bunch of crap! People need to mind their own business and be a little more gracious to those around them.

Personally, I'm glad you are doing something just for you. I am also looking forward to hearing how it goes as I am considering a bit of a lift within the next year or so.

Good luck!

I think that if it makes you feel good go for it. I would absolutely love to get my boobs done but I can't afford so I will enjoy vicariously seeing your new knockers! Everyone who has said you are vain or shallow should eff off. Or at least keep their unhelpful comments to themselves.

Go for it. Do what YOU want to do for YOUR reasons.

I come here to catch up, and I find out I missed people dissing Tertia, when I wasn't here to protect her back!

I don't know what the deleted post said, nor what the offensive commenters said. If anyone said you look G&D just the way you are, they have a point -- but that doesn't mean they have a right to tell you not to change something about yourself, because of their own preferences/beliefs.

Me? I don't really mind my saggy boobs so I don't think I will ever get them enhanced -- but this summer, I dyed my hair VERY blonde, and I am loving it, and might just keep it this way until I'm old. We all do what we do, for our own reasons.

Good luck with it all.

Good luck, Tertia~

Good luck with your appt today. I can't wait to see the 'after' pics!

I'm looking forward to your blogging about the recovery process since I'll be doing the same in roughly 5-7 years.

If I had the money, I'd totally do it too. You HAVE to do it, for those of who can't!

I hope everything goes great! You deserve it.
BTW, you have the best sister EVER!

Rock on, Tertia! Best of luck today!

I am so sorry you have felt attacked! Good luck today and you are going to be HOT HOT HOT with your new boobs.

I think the way we judge one another -- be it about how to give birth, how to feed our babes, when to send to preschool, whether to work or stay home, or to get hot new boobs -- is the worst thing we, as women, do to one another. Why can't we all just support one another as women and mothers?

Hope it all goes well and keep us posted!!!

I read both the posts and the comments yesterday and I just want to say that I think you read something into them that wasn't there. You wrote a post where you sounded conflicted. In hindsight, I can see that you obviously only wanted support to go ahead with it, but your readers couldn't have known that, we didn't have the whole story, you've posted more of it today.

We're readers, not mind readers. The comments I read and wrote (except for one) weren't judgy, they read as being from the heart and honest.

It's a strange society where the word "supportive" means only to reinforce one side of a major decision, even when you see and know of different sides that may affect a person, and those aspects could hurt a lot more in the long run than hearing an opposing viewpoint. But no, deviate from the "rah rah, go girl" version of support, and be labelled by others as an "idiot" or "judgemental" for doing so.

Why not just close the comment sections if you don't want feedback, or place an obvious disclaimer that you want comments that only agree with one side of your case?

Good luck with your surgery.

You go girl - I am very excited on your behalf!!! Good Luck with the Surgery! That SMS you got from your sister is just the sweetest - who could ask for a better sister??? Take Care

I'm not going to comment on the surgery, but I look at you with your highlights and your clothing purchased in this millennium and your white wine, and breastfeeding, vaginal-birthing me thinks, "Wow, Tertia is soooo much girlier than I am."

I hope you get what you want from the surgery. But remember, nothing makes a woman feel more feminine than cooking dinner for her family. (Kidding! Kid-ding.)

I missed the comments yesterday, but I can just imagine. Screw them! LOL You do what you need to do for you! I love ya' girl!

I had my teeth whitened and laser hair removal to reclaim girly woman after finishing the yeoman's work of birthing and feeding the babes. Made me feel like a new woman and a bit like my old self all at the same time. Good luck to you.

Dear Tertia, I missed the post you're referring to, but I think it's brilliant to do something just for yourself. Someone once told me that as a mother, you must put yourself first and meet your own needs before you can meet anyone else's. Once that's done, then you're happy to meet the needs of your husband and kids. I find that myself. If I get a good night's sleep, I'm well rested and happy to do for others. I try to pamper myself here and there. If I'm happy, then everyone's happy. Otherwise you just grow to resent your family. I've seen that in my mother, and I don't want to repeat that in my own family. I can't imagine why peoplw would judge you over such a thing, but the heck with them. Do what's best for you. Sending you hugs,and best wishes on the surgery.

YOU GO GIRL - I'm sorry I missed the previous post, or maybe I'm not. Good for you doing what you need to do to take care of yourself!

Hmmm...I posted early and did not go back. It seems early on everyone was very supportive. Must have gotten ugly later...

You go, girl. Whatever makes you feel good. A little decadence and 'for me only' is good for you.

You know I love you. Asshole.

Ignore the stupid negative comments. "You CAN do what you want with your body!" The people judging you are probably the same people that are using the same comment as a pro-choice statement.

Do what makes you feel happy, sexy and beautiful!

As a mother of two, I have boobs but would still like a lift. Lets face it, if there is something that will make you feel youthful, give your love-life a boost, and raise self confidence, why not do it? It's a routine surgery and everyone I know who's had augmentation was very glad they did. Kudos for you and I wish you and your future new boobs the best.

I missed the ugliness, and I'm sorry there was any to begin with. It's obvious this is neither a spur of the moment thing for you or something you're doing to please anyone but yourself.

Your body, nobody else gets a say. Period.

Just remember that there are some people out there who are just plain spiteful. Nasty people. I am dying to see the "after" photos if you display them!!

You'll need to update your web banner and give your silhouette some new boobs as well.

Barbara Walters once interviewed Cher and asked her about all the plastic surgery she had had and was rumored to have had. Cher said in essence "It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. If I want to put my tits on my back, it's nobody's business but mine."

Good luck for the appointment today. I wish I had the guts to "do" my boobs too.

Wishing you the best of luck at the pre-op and for the surgery.

I feel like so many women (myself included) have trouble doing things for themselves, especially things that other women don't agree with. I admire you for making your decision and helping to break this cycle.

With lots of love and respect,

Tertia, if you ask me, you're a real woman, a REALLY real woman. Do you honestly think that the women who can conceive and pop out babies as easily as they can order shoes from Zappos are the only ones who can claim to be "real women"? No way. A real woman is one who can deal with blood and shit and pain and still see the beauty in the world. It's not fertility that makes someone a real woman, it's not about shunning plastic surgery or letting your hair go grey or wearing sensible shoes, it's STRENGTH that makes a real woman... and that, my dear, you have in spades.

Enjoy being a girl. You've earned it.

If only the cosmetic surgeons had ways of making uteruses and ovaries shiny and beautiful when they've been ugly mofos interfering with your/our lives! I do understand the feeling of your body betraying you on multiple counts of womanhood. It took me about five years after delivery to embrace my boobs—which are still saggy and a tad asymmetrical, but look good when I'm wearing a good bra—though there are plenty of shirts and dresses that don't fit over D/DD boobs, I've found, if the rest of one's body isn't similarly ample. (And a lift wouldn't be a terrible thing, but the results wouldn't last unless I had a reduction, and why should I have a reduction when the size doesn't give me backaches or any discomfort other than anger at dress manufacturers?)

But my breasts had basically done nothing but let me down for a long time, and while I tried breastfeeding, I had no fewer than four different complications with that, and quit after the worst 2 1/2 months of my life. And it was supposed to be this completely natural thing, of course. I made for a terrible dairy cow.

katherine, a few comments above, mentioned tooth whitening. Ooh, I did that a couple years ago! I don't know if they have the BriteSmile bleaching system in dentist's offices in South Africa, but that was great. Took an hour, didn't hurt, and lightening my lifelong stains by nine shades. Good for coffee, cola, and red wine drinkers who darken their teeth with every glass. An easy lift if you have $500 to spare.

Missed the taken-down post, wishing you well w/the new breast look! Actually I thought I had missed everything - I was remembering the date as the 16th, must have misremembered. Anyway I hope it all goes swimmingly, you've taught this old feminist a thing or two about why breast-changing surgery might be the most feminist thing a woman could do for herself! Mmmwwaahh!

P.S. Don't listen to us serious judgemental overthinking Americans - no matter how we try, we just can't seem to let ourselves or anybody else have any fun. Liberal or conservative, male or female, we all somehow go through life with our brows furrowed, keeping score and worrying that we're letting ourselves or others get away with more than is good for them. And then we point fingers at the English for being uptight! We're trying, we really are :) . . .

Dear T, I know how this must have felt, and how it still feels. Sometimes I would stop blogging for quite some time because it all upset me too much. And then start all over again because I missed writing too much.

I've read your post yesterday, you seemed happy with your decision and looked forward to it with some reservations, which only makes sense since it's an operation with needles and all.

I can so relate why you want to get the new boobs, eventhough you already look beautiful (I could only think that my boobs will look like your before picture AFTER I put 2x 350 cc in: I even checked with that software thingy you linked to earlier LOL).

Women who judge you should all start wearing burka's: no more nice hair cuts, no more waxing (of legs, armpits, *down there*), no ear rings, no sun tans, no slim fitting jeans, no cleavages, no mascara, no anti-acne treatments, no high heels to lift our bums, no lip sticks, no bracelets, only sensible purses, no above-the-knee skirts, no teeth-whitening, no pretty dresses, no manicures or pedicures and NO nice lingerie or, for that matter, bras.

And they should start embracing their *gasp* very feminine moustaches (yes, we all have them).

Will Kate actually love you any less for having a boob job? Will Adam? Will Marko (eh... no)? Will your moeder or your sisters (they'll be slightly jealous, but that's a whole other story :-))? Will it make you less capable of doing your job? Will you still be able to drive? Sunbathe? Sleep? Write? Eat? Watch tv? Talk to the computer?

We all have different ways of making ourselves happy: there's no way anyone but you can actually decide what's the best way for you.

You could buy a bigger car, you could hire a cook (well...), you could come to Amsterdam to visit me, you could buy 5.000 bars of Cadbury chocolate, you could invest in a 100 bottles of the finest SA wine, you could build a (smallish) swimming pool. All are fantastic investments for other people, but for you it's new boobs. They will last longer than a 100 bottles of wine anyway.

You'll be even more G&D!!!

I missed the bad comments and I am not sorry for that. I liked the photo you shared with us yesterday. Still I can understand that you want to do that booby thing. Mine have changed and I liked them more before these changes. :-)

For several reasons I do not plan an op right now. I just wonder whether it might be some kind of jealousy that forces hurting comments? I guess that many women are not that happy with the changes of age, pregnancy, breastfeeding. It is very ok to accept these changes. But it is also very ok to do something about it. I get my hair colored. Noone was ever angry at me for that. Well, it is easy for most of the women to get it done. An op is a bigger step. It costs more. So perhaps some people are mean because they feel not comfortable with themselves.

I do not like Pamela-Anderson-Boobs. I just do not consider them to be beautiful. But I don't care either. If I would have an op I would prefer a natural look as you described.

So I wish you all the best and hope for after-photos. :-)

De-lurking today to wish you the best of luck & an easy recovery!

I totally agree with your sister. New boobs are certainly in my future, as well. There is NOTHING wrong with doing things to make you feel more feminine. If anyone says anything - screw them. That's what I say. ;)

Good luck! Here's to new boobs and feeling sexy!!

Perhaps you were offended by comments made as you are feeling conflicted ?( sorry- I did not see the removed post)
You come across as an intelligent, no-nonsense kind of woman- certainly no airhead fixed on her appearance. That is
probably the very reason some people were a little taken aback with your decision.(Oh lordie- if Tertia is getting plastic surgery where
will this whole obsession with appearances end?)
I think you should not feel the need to take that responsibility on!!!!!!! I myself am anti-plastic but love the fact that we can debate and discuss
these things. Your body Tertia- stop trying to please everyone and please yourself. ( advice I need to throw back at myself!)

tertia, i'm sorry that negative comments upset you. you are a strong, confident woman and you seem so "together" that i think it's obvious you have thought this through (way more than i'm sure many people do). you don't have to explain yourself. i love your blog and look forward to new posts every day. good luck with your procedure and i'm looking forward to the before and after pics! be proud of yourself that you have made a decision to do something for YOU after all you've struggled through.........and enjoy your new boobies! ;)

i wish you the best,

Tertia, although I would choose it for me, I would say that it's important for you to do something that makes you feel better about yourself. I'm pretty sure that I'll be having a chin tuck at some point! :-)

It makes me sick that people got you so upset yesterday. I have to say, I didn't care what your reasons were before, Ive been cheering you on since the beginning, but after reading what you wrote here, I'm hopeful that more women will understand this is deeply personal and not a impulsive wish.

(For the record, I do think your before boobs looked great- and know that I say that NOT AT ALL trying to discourage you from perking them up a bit. I'm just paying you a compliment because you are a woman and you deserve it..)

I think I love your sister. Just DO IT! Do it for you.

you go, girl! go for the body you want, go for the feeling of being a real woman, go for what makes you feel good about you. count me in the legions who support you unconditionally.

I find it interesting that you've gotten such a backlash from reader's over boobs and botox, but your braces, which were essentially a pure cosmetic move, caused no controversy. I wonder, is it because teeth are not regarded in a particularly sexy way, or is it because braces are a slow transformation which must be endured over months or years rather than a "quick fix"- as if dues have somehow been paid?

Aside from the observation, good luck and hopefully a speedy, painless recovery :)

Tertia, I was out of town and didn't read the comments or post from yesterday, but reading your blog this morning, I felt so bad that your readers got you so riled up. It's funny, because I don't even know you. We're not friends, we don't hang out, but I read your blog every day, and well, since you tell just about everything to your blog, sometimes we feel like we can say anything to you. The thing is, your a living breathing person, with feelings and sensitivity, and it sounds like some people went too far (cause...they can, really, what are the consequences?). Thank you for posting such an honest, raw and heartfelt blog. You are brave to expose yourself to hundreds of comments a day, and your journey has been so interesting and entertaining for me. Your blog helped me through my last 6 months of infertility (God willing, I'm 20 weeks pregnant right now) and reading your comments on your kids is really preparing me for the challenges of motherhood. There are always going to be "well-wishers" and people butting in with their opinions (especially when your business is posted on the net for the world to see). We all have to learn to brush them off.
After the surgery, post your new size, and we can send you sexy new bras from around the world.

Glad I missed the post, too. I hope your pre-op goes well, and I expect to see quite a rack when I visit again! Lay off bitches! They're her boobies!

I too suffer from feeling "unwomanly" because infertility makes me feel like a failure. And people rush to tell me that I should not feel like a failure or I should not feel whatever I feel today. But they should get behind the wheel of this won't-conceive won't-carry-to-term body for a few months and see how they handle it. You feel what you feel, and you're doing what you think is best. Enjoy.

I can't believe people would judge you for this (or anything else for that matter). We are all out here in the blog world sharing ourselves and our experiences, both good and bad, happy and sad. Judgment is the last thing anyone needs. People need to get a grip and remember the Golden Rule. Sheesh!

I think it's terrific that you're doing what you want and need to do for YOU. Cheers and good luck! I can't think of anyone more deserving of great, pretty knockers than you. ;)

Hi Tertia, another long time reader.
I had a tummy tuck 9 weeks ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. My husband was very ambivalent about it, concerned re anaesthetic risks, recovery etc and mainly that I felt I needed it for self esteem where he felt I was great as I was. He is thrilled now, not because of how I look, he in fainess thought I was fine when I was 60lbs heavier, but because he can see how much I am enjoying my new tummy, if that makes sense. I told no one, which was a cowards way out, and I feel a bit bad about that because it perpetuates the myth that intelligent professional fulfilled and confident people, and I would put myself in that category most of the time, do not have cosmetic surgery.
Bottom line. go for it. We all indulge ourselves occasionally and no one can tell you your motives for it. You know these yourself and well done for having the courage to tell us all.
Good luck!!

Looking forward to hearing about your pre-op! I very much understand what you mean about feeling unwomanly. I feel like a failure as a woman and I haven't even begun ttc, just recently diagnosed w/pcos & endometriosis. I have such pitifully low self esteem myself...I'm for ANYTHING that makes you feel good about you. If you'd feel better about yourself if you dyed your skin green and shaved off all your hair, then go for it! Green skin & shaved head isn't for me, personally, but if it makes you feel fantastic then I'll be right here, cheering for you. (And I love the idea of new boobs.)

I totally understand if you don't want to repost, but I would like to compare when you post a pic of your new, fabulous boobs! Here they were, looking great, as opposed to here they are, looking even better! ;)

I too missed the kerfluffle. I like your sister's take on it. I see this as you celebrating you and moving forward. Enjoy the 'new you'. Whatever it takes for you to celebrate yourself and your body-which by the way, while it may have let you down many times over, it deserves some new tits for giving you two adorable and cheeky little kids!

Luck to you on the pre-op and 'big day'!

You go girl! Do what is best for you, don't worry about what anyone else thinks. This is your decision and no one else's. Good luck with your recovery!

Tertia you have the right to be totally f#%cked off with the comments who are they to judge?! We are the privileged ones here, that you are so willing to share your stories with us ;-) Keep up the wonderful work and all the luck with your boob job! You don't need other people's shit in your life.

Whoa - I missed whatever the post was and the nasty comments, but I'm kinda shocked that anyone here would attack you for (finally!) doing something just for you. Enjoy it - you've thought about it long enough and made your decision - so now just revel in the "self-love", as you put it. As much as we all here on the internets love you, you should love yourself more. Best of luck with your pre-op appointment!

Fuck the assholes that can't respect what you have gone through, and what you want to do with your own body.

It's not like you turned around one day and said "Aw, I want to have new boobs, let's go to the store and buy some." You put much thought, care and concern into every single thing you do.

You go do it, you deserve it, and you will love it.

Go for it, no regrets. There's enough of us on your side, screw the rest. (like any of us really matter!! all that matters is YOU!!)

I usually just skulk around here because I'm curious about the human condition and not particularly interested in judging. I admit that I'd probably have an issue if you said you were going to club some baby seals to make yourself feel better, but other people's boob jobs are incredibly low on the Things To Get Worked Up About scale! I hope the pre-op and op go well and that you're ecstatic about the results. I look forward to reading all about it!

geez. i got boobs because i broke my back and went from being a healthy six mile a day runner who was so graceful that others called her 'cat' to being a 90 pound skeleton with no shape who could barely walk.

i wanted to look, feel like a woman again.

i got them out because i felt men were more focused on my body then who i was.

i look horrible now, but the man i have married could care less. if we have the money, ever, i might get them again, for HIM because i think he would appreciate them, even tho he doesn't care.

do whatever you do for YOU and YOUR reasons.

everyone else needs to take a cold shower.

I must have missed the bad comments.
I personally cannot wait to see how your surgery goes, since I am happily fantasizing about the day I can perk mine back up.
Good luck!!!

who the f@*# cares what other people say. Go girl. You have a right to do what you blady well please.

I found your blog thru a friend of mine and have been reading it ever since. I love your writing style and what you write about. I have never posted before, but after reading the latest entry I wanted to come out of lurking. I just wanted to let you know how much admiration I have for you and I am so happy that you are doing something for YOU! Try not to let those negative people bring you down or make you angry! It's your life and you need to make the decisions that are right for you. THanks for all the posts you do. Your children are just beautiful. Good luck with your surgery and I look forward for more updates.

Damn right! You go girl!! Reclaim that gorgeous body, make it better and don't give a rats ass what everyone else says. As you say, your body has NOT been yours for so long- anyone who has been through the tunnel of infertility knows that. I'll be thinking of you on Friday.
P.S Girls, put the claws away- be nice- we have no right to judge one another!!

I also saw the post and comments yesterday. And I have to agree with Nancy – I think you read more into the posts than was really there. (Maybe because of the normal pre-op excitement and jitters??) I think that other than 1 or 2, most of the posts were honest and heartfelt. I personally was surprised by the picture, because I had expected something else -- truly. And from what I remember reading, that was an undertone of most of the posters.

No judgment from me -- good luck and I look forward to seeing the (even more) divine after pics!

I believe you.

Good for you, T! I will be sending good thoughts your way :)

Hi Tertia, I know this is going to sound like someone's mom telling them all the other girls make fun of them because they are just jealous, but I have to say in this case, it's true. I think people are threatened by people who make their own decisions whether or not those decisions are popular. And the people who criticize you are just jealous because you are a strong woman who knows what she wants. And you should be proud of yourself for that! Who cares what everyone else thinks, do what makes you happy! :)

Looking forward to the FULL EXPOSE'
Good luck and best wishes, dreams DO COME TRUE.

Oh good grief, it's your body, your life and your right to do with it how you choose. Everyone who has a problem with that can stuff it and start paying attention to their own life for crying out loud. They're boobs, your boobs and it's not like you're trying to make everyone else get boob jobs!

Oh, that was lovely and well said. Also I loved the test message from your sister. And I am very, very sorry that I wrote a judgmental comment yesterday. (Kicking self.) You know it's funny, but you're really right, so many of us (including me) made *your* decision into something about *us.* Very embarrassing to realize this. Have a lovely surgery and a pleasantly drugged recovery! :-)

This is the first time I've ever disagreed or felt slightly dismayed by something you've written. And no, it's not about the boob job (God, they're your boobs, and you certainly don't need to defend your decision to change them to anyone). It's about your decision to remove the post because you were hurt/annoyed/upsetby some of the replies.

Let me explain why I feel (slightly) dismayed. You've taken the decision to share your most intimate experiences, fears, hopes, dreams, ambitions, feelings, etc, with a huge audience of readers who don't know you, but who relate to you on a deep visceral level. Your blog is a true Net phenomenon because it speaks to the deepest and most secret feelings of women. You say things, proudly and openly, that 99 per cent of us would not have the balls to express even to our husbands, partners, mothers, siblings, friends, and so on. What's more, unlike me and millions of other more tentative souls, you say these things using your own name and your own identity,with no fear of retribution or stalkerism or all the other nasties that plague the online world. This takes monumental guts. I think I can speak for a lot of other readers of your blog when I say that your courage in expressing your feelings has been a true inspiration to me. (For example, I find it hilarious and very touching that you call your husband an 'asshole' when you think he's behaving like one.)

Would you like me to get to the point? OK, here it is: I think it was a mistake to remove the post. You always give your honest opinion, and I think your readers should be able to give theirs in return. (I didn't read the original post, I hasten to add). Ok, if their replies were abusive or insulting, or crossed the boundaries of good taste, then deleting them is a no-brainer. But deleting the comments because you didn't like their tone? Dunno about that. You say in a later post that you are just sharing this experience with your 'friends'. But the majority of the many thousands of readers are not your friends - they're your audience.

That's my two cents' worth. Good luck with the operation.

I missed the original post. I'm with Summer - you're a hell of a woman.

Right on sister!

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