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So good of you to post these - just a pat on the back from someone who could have used this kind of support a few years ago. Thanking you for those you might not. good night from BC, Canada.

good site with good advice. thanks sheela

Its so good sisters to get together and rage, why do we attack the clinics that we attended for help, why do we attack when we are not helped, no baby for all that cost. My vagina hopes for a life, violated with the procedure, my loins empty once again, why do I rage when I have not conceived. All this hate and all the cost with no child to show. Please God humble me and let me see your grace, your reason for not having that child, I understand the clinics have to make a profit some more than others, we know its business for them, but for me its life. Let me not attack another clinic or the staff their in, please let me see that they tried their best but it was not meant to be, humble me lord so that I can heal and live my life knowing it was better to have tried than not to. Humble me lord so that hate does not consume and that no matter the clinic let positive energy flow and someone can bring new life into the world and the world can be a better place for that child. My breast did ask to feed, my vagina opened to receive let my experience not be despair or blame but a healing force for all who followed after me. Don’t let me attack or hate but bless the clinics for children will come from that clinic and they need all the blessing they can get not hate.
Life is a worthless bag of shit
the disconsolate dreamer privately muttered
to the cockroach traipsing across the filthy floor,
then loudly cursed for all the world to hear
when an accidental wobble of the cup in his grip
lost him several drops of his precious seed From deep within the inky ooze it now begins to squirm and rise,
Its deadly, pin black eyes firmly locked onto its bit of fleshy prize;
The swallowed sun, like a useless stone, lies cold inside its gut,
An empty hole left behind--no stars, no sky, all dimensions shut;

Too soon, my brain will be a cavern as dark as a winter's night,
Into which nothing more will penetrate, not a single sliver of light.
Yet I dream and see hope blossom and new dreams rise not in the planed venture but in harmony of light, mingled with laughter and healing within, a stop like no other every sip of hope and mental stimulation. Life is worth a dam after all. There is hope in our end days to make a difference. For you

A thought takes hold in the changing flow of the new breaking light--
With each tomorrow curving more sharply back toward the beginning,
With time tricking the senses, folding and refolding back on itself--
The untouched wind and the waves are all that will ever really matter.
Feel God in the breeze and all around the helps those that help others and themselves.

Cultivate new friends, new plants, time is for growth yet eyes grow dim. Our bodies may fail but out spirit soars. No baby for me may you have one tomorrow. Images give hope yet true hope is from within, our own soul must take the bull by the horn, wrestle with an opponent until battles are won.
Until finally at last we can say it’s done it’s the way our children should be. I have failed but in my trying hope am born for you.

You vaguely sense
Things shrinking,
Losing shape,
By invisible bit--
Yes, now and then
A speck of doubt,
Or twitch of anger
Or tiny tremor
Sometimes comes--
But not for long,
Quickly smothered
In a shapeless bog
Of bland resolve.
A girl in a dress appears with a tray--
You try to remember if it's time;
Then suddenly
The whole contraption
Flaking apart
Like unstoppable rust.
Overhead, the grey, soppy sky
Hangs low and limp--
Like a strip of dirty toilet paper,
You wearily hear yourself think
Standing by the window with light giving warmth
You breathe in, Breathe out--
The air changes,
Queerly thin; yet a frankincense of love
Not much left To do,
Except hope and overcome
A forgotten time
A forgot society
A forgotten land
A forgotten people
A time of peace
A time of war
A time of grieving
A time of celebration
A time of loss
A loss of knowledge
A loss of dignity
A loss of loved ones
A loss of sanity
A loss of peace
A beginning of a new time
A beginning of new war
Its all a cycle
From a new beginning
To loss
To a time of difference
Till it is all forgotten
And a new beginning is forged.
We lost one another once
Today in spirit and flesh lets celebrate.
Make victory ours and save children from their ways
You keep hope and if in your womb a child doth grow,
Celebrate for all of us who tried.
We who have failed its not money or failure, blame or rage but hope for others who come.
A beginning of new life
A beginning of new knowledge
A beginning of new peace

Good Day. I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.
I am from Angola and learning to write in English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Fall activities and seasonal activities for preschool children that are fun and educational."

Thanks for the help :-D, Louisa.

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