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WOOHOO!!! I've been having a really kak day today..but this made it 100x brighter!

YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE............... this is such great news, a natural cycle.......... good old fashioned sex may just provide Adam and Kate with a sibling :)) cant give up hope now!

Yay! Awesome!
Do you get EWCM (egg white cervical mucous) before the ovulation pain? It should be about 2 days prior. That's a good indicator and a good time to start with the couch activities :)
Have fun with those, btw :)


The best website EVA for tracking fertility.

As a former infertile,who had no trouble conceiving the second time AND then had an oopsie herself (ONE SINGLE incident at just the right time) that unfortunately led to a miscarriage, I have to share with you that NOW that we are no longer trying and my husband has been "fixed", NOW I have more regular periods than I've EVER had in my life! (I'm 41!) It's ever 30 days like clockwork and with GOBS of egg-white cervical mucus (TMI, I know). Nature's way of taunting me, I suppose.

And it will be for FREE!!!

Totally awesome!!!! Go Tertia!

Woo hoo! Congratulations, Tertia!

unf unf unf!

Congratulations on your period... Wait, that doesn't sound right... Uhmmm... WELL DONE?! No, congratulations was right. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

That is great news. Good luck

I love the expression "true as Bob"--I've never heard it before. :D

woohoo! way to go tertia- i'm so excited for you!

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