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The only reason I know who Noddy is is because I had to look it up the LAST time you mentioned it! I always learn such new and life-changing things from you. ;)

Did you tell the doc that you have long hair to cover the ears and that's free?!

Noddy is virtually unknown in the states, much to my chagrin. I LOVE Noddy. I imported Noddy stuff from England when my kids were little because I thought the show was so sweet.

I don't think I've ever seen a photo of you with your ears uncovered. Maybe that's why nobody guessed. At least they don't stick out of your hair. Now that would be depressing!

I like your ears! And your nose. Can't say about the boobs - haven't seen them lately.

I absolutely know Noddy and Big Ears and word on the street is they are employed by Satan through the same agency that recruited Barney.

you ears?
no kidding. So, of course I had to go through your photo album and check out pics of your ears. And I have to say, they're really grasping at straws if that's the best they can come up with. I have never noticed your ears before, and wouldn't if you hadn't told me to.

btw~I forgot how crazy sexy you are with the dark hair. It inspired me to head mine back to dark next month.

I read somewhere that ears and noses are the only things that keep growing throughout your life. Guess which two things I already wanted fixed before I read that?

Are your ears as big as my kid's?

Don't you dare get your ears changed! That's how they suck you in! Next time you go in he'll tell you you're a bit pudgy down the middle or have squinty eyes etc. You'll be forever in the shop getting work done and you'll end up looking like a kewpie doll! (you know, but a bit older and possibly thinner...)

Oh, and you know noddy was gay, right? Ironically with that gnome-thing Big Ears!

Noddy is on Sprout (younger version of PBS Kids?) in the states. Make Way for Noddy ... Say it with Noddy ... etc.

We catch it every once in a while, but then my brain starts to pound and the channel needs to be turned. ;)

Yes, ears and noses continue to grow as you get older. My grandpa brought this up over and over again over Christmas dinner this past year. He wondered what my younger cousin would look like once he his 75 and what would become of all of the piercings he has in his ears. I had to remind him that I have 5 in each of mine ... he shook his head, laughed and told me I was screwed. To expect to hear the air whistling through all of those little holes as I waddle around the mall trying to stay in shape.

question : does the gollywog (am i actually allowed to say that?) play any part in noddy anymore? i remember at one stage the powers that be felt it was too politically incorrect to have him in the books !! damn that enid blyton, doesn't she know anything? i just think it's terribly sad that the dooo-gooders have to get involved in something as innocent and wonderful as the noddy books. they were a delight whilst i was growing up and continued to be a delight whilst i raised my son.
tersh - never touch the ears. you're gorgeous as you are (bigger boobs would be lekker!)

Haha. I didn't guess what the doctor had said, because I wouldn't dare, but I can't believe he said ears! Like Cakes, I went through your photo album searching for this phenomenon and I gotta tell ya, I was sadly disappointed. I was really hoping for some whoppers, but your ears look disappointingly proportionate. Maybe you're just good at masking them with the hair? I don't think so though.

If you have the boobs done hopefully no-one will notice the ears ;-)

I LOVE Noddy!! I also heard that Noddy was gay, because he was shacking up with ol' Big Ears. People are so perverted! I never noticed any of that crap when I was growing up. Remember the song? "Noddy, the little man with a red and yellow car..."

Noddy was pimpin', wasn't his car a convertible?!

Who would have guessed what was underneath the hair????

The other day I saw on TV a boob-op where the doctor made an incission in the belly botton and inserted a probe underneath the skin to the boob. Then he placed a baloon in the boob and filled it with whatever. All is wraped up for some days and then voila! Awsome boobs - no scars. Now that I would consider....

(I'm not a computer fundi and do not know how to check my spelling on this thing.. English not my main L, hate spelling mistakes!)

Good luck with your boobs. Your ears can usually be covered by hair, right?

Noddy looks vaguely familiar, but no, don't know him.

No Noddy unfortunately, sorry, but Wikipedia has now informed me of my unintelligence and countered it by keeping me up to date on all things Noddy. :)

So you will be posting photo of a close up of your ears?? Does Sister Mel have bigger ears as well as bigger nose? ;P

Unfortunately Sister Mel's ears are small than mine. But only by a bit, and that little bit is obscured by the size of her incredibly large nose.

Big ears and being teased about them, hahahaha. From a guys perspective, boob jobs are sexier on anyone any day. No guy looks at the ears, unless if they looked enough at the boobs that their attention turns to other things - in which your hubby's eyes are now more objective.

In short, do the book job. Watch the smiles of all your male colleagues and their absenteism changing like overnight... literally. They'll have a better reason to come to work and to not avoid any meetings, boring are dragging... as long as Teria is present. LOL, then in which case you start selling them your book for their wives and female friends to read. LOL.

My daughter LOVES Noddy... me, not so much. And now, thank you very much, I have that oh-so-catchy Noddy tune running through my head. ARG!

Unfortunately, I do know who Noddy is. I can't stand him or any of his Toy Town friends. Although, my son LOVES Noddy. Where are Noddy's parents? Martha Monkey IS annoying!

Thankfully I can usually persuade R to watch The Backyardigans instead.

Too funny about the ears! You do have a nice jaw line though. I still think the boob job sounds cool. Whatever you decide is up to you.

hahahaha ROTFL. BIG EARS Photo. LOL

Dom x

I like the "get bigger boobs - no one will notice your ears" idea. That rocks.

*Make way for Noddy...Noddy! He toots his horn to sayy..*beep beep beep*"

Your ears and nose DO NOT continue to grow with age. No, as you age the cartilage in the nose & ears deteriorates, causing the nose & ears to DROOP appearing longer. This is not "growth" this is age-related deterioration. Nothing GROWS in adulthood. Sheesh.

Okay, what Izz said is A HUGE REASON NOT TO GET A BOOB JOB! Get bigger boobs so the men at work can stare at them? So they can forget to take you seriously as a professional? So you need not rely on your personality to draw people to you?

I am so tempted to kick this Izz in the nuts right now, I swear.

My cousin, who is divorced, unemployed, and living with her three kids in her parents' small house, just got her boobs done. She financed the expense with a handy payment plan from the plastic surgeon...though I don't know where the money will come from for those payments since she hasn't worked since last year.

Thanks to my children I actually do know who Noddy is. I must say I cannot stand that punk and his little car! Talk about making you feel awkward, I could NEVER go to a plastic surgeon and ask him what he/she thinks of my face/head region. Good luck!

Sounds pretty good to me if your ears was all he could find to comment on. He would probably look at me and say, "How much money do we have to work with here?"


Long time no blog for me. Regarding your funbags - I highly recommend getting them done if they aren't what you want. Mine are augmented and fabulous. I'm very happy with my middle Cs. I weigh 117 and have boobs!! I'm all for you choosing something that works with your body. I'm emailing a pic to you directly as I don't know how to upload a pic for all to see. I just grabbed a photo off the Flickr Acct. Maybe this will work. At any rate, you can see basically that there is something there (sans bra).


I think you and your ears are fiercely sexy.

I grew up reading Enid Blyton so I do know who Noddy & Big Ears are. I also loved her stories of the Faraway Tree.

Jules xoxoxo

EARS! That was all he could come up with! Hilarious!

Well, no offence, but that's how plastic surgeons drum up business - by pointing out alleged "flaws" that they can fix.

Tertia, I think you are a very attractive, distinguished looking woman. You have a very individual look that goes with your strong (and fabulous) personality. I know it's your decision to make and none of my business, but personally, I'm a bit sorry to see you working so hard to look different when I think you look (and are) great.


oh my word!!! i would never have guessed he'd said something about your ears! are there pics of your ears somewhere? i don't think i've ever noticed... and i adore noddy!

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