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OMG children are...yeah. Better than what my oldest did--turned down the biliblanket on the middle child and made the poor infant have umpteen heelsticks before we realized the dial had been tampered with...yours is more zen. SIGH...

I think I'll stick with the wee-sticks. It sounds safer :)

Hi T, came across the on another blog that I read daily and I'm sure that she won't mind if I share this on your blog, it's as she says so that other people can understand what it feels like.



Ah you guys are very proper. Here Mrs Polly is Miss Polly which I guess makes her a single mom...or unmarried with a partner...or didn't change her name...or prefers women. Whichever way you look at it, Miss Polly must surely be a sinner.

If you want a song that will be guaranteed to drive everyone nuts but that Kate will love - look up Dr Knickerbocker (you can get it on iTunes).

Sorry about the monitor. And the 5am wake ups - oh dear lord!

You really can't put anything past kids. They have to know everything going on and to be a part of it. Gotta love the little dears. And Kate's very fashion forward. You didn't know this was the latest on the Paris runways?

Its the "oops" that gets you every time. That's when I do the DEEP INHALE and micro-eye-roll.

That Kate. I love her sense of fashion - being her own girl! YAY!

Oh my goodness, Kate & Miss Pink are the same child! I cannot trust that anything of mine will remain untouched all in the name of being just like mommy.

My Child 1 was (is) a morning person too - very irritating in a family of confirmed night-owls. The only thing that saved her from being throttled was the fact that she woke up in such a charming mood. Very hard to maintain irritation at a little 5 a.m. waker who hums at you, flings its arms around your neck and declares its undying love. Must be a survival strategy.

Oh dear. In SA can you buy ovulation kits? They are just like pregnancy kits- sticks that you pee on.

Also, I'm SURE you already know this, but in case not, make sure you get Marko's swimmers in there before you ovulate, don't wait until you do :)

I used a fertility monitor for a while, the pee on a stick and jam it in the machine variety -- which for me was pretty much useless, all it told me was that I was indeed ovulating when I thought I was -- and during that time we went on a camping trip with my then 3.5 year old son. I love camping, and normally don't at all mind peeing on the grass, but the timing of this trip was such that I had to pee on a stick on the grass, and my son saw me doing it. He was curious, so I explained what it was for, to help me find out when was the best time to try to make a baby. When he got back to school on Monday, he told his teacher I was going to have a baby, and she sent me a congratulations note. SO EMBARRASSING. I had to tell her that I was not, in fact, pregnant, but declined to tell her WHY the boy thought a baby was forthcoming.

Thumbs up for shagging for fun. That's my plan, too.

Those are the cutest wellies ever.
Of course little Kate in them is just too cute!

ROCK STAR! The writing is on the wall for Kate.

Gina already mentioned it... but I'll repeat - cutest wellies ever! Her look is very Fergie (from Black Eyed Pees) meets Zoe from Sesame Street. (Do you have Sesame Street in SA?) Or also very PINK meets Tinkerbelle.

I hear ya about the mindfuck the “natural” conception can be. My hubby still brings it up after S E X and it drives me crazy. I have to keep reminding him that his eternal optimism makes me feel worse that just letting it go already!

my friend showed me this funny story of true child obedience, check it out and let me know what you think. http://www.mypetpeeves.com/plog/index.php/archives/2465

What a little doll that Kate is. My ds hits the floor running in the morning. My dd (11) is so NOT a morning person. She is quite moody until noon or later.

My son's favourite was "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family, with a great big hug and kiss from me to you...." thanks to that big fat purple dinosaur. There were days when I was ready to dismember poor old Barney!

I probably shouldn't share this, it's cute but rather naughty.

My twins are sitting here looking at the computer with me. They love to see pictures of Adam and Kate.

Anyway, I scrolled down, Livia saw Kate's picture and says "What the hell is Kate wearing?!?!" *blush* The worst part came next, "I LOVE IT!" AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH HAHAHA

I swear these kids are going to drive me to drink. More. Much, much more. ;)

Sorry about the monitor...

Why don't you take up a collection for another IVF? You have already helped other people. Let us help you this time.

aaaaaaaawwww... she's adorable t! congratulations!

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