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Hand wash? Ummm. No.

Stick 'em in a mesh lingerie bag, toss them in with a load that's being done in warm water, hang to dry.

Easy. Thorough. They last for years.

If I had planned on hand washing, I'd be in the "hardly ever wash my bras" boat, too.

That confessions site is the most depressing thing I have ever seen.

Quite an eye-opener! I'd love to know what other sites you religiously peruse... your fav's list. I guess I'm quizzy and you're an interesting woman!

I was my bras in cold water with the other gentle wash in the machine and hang dry them.

Can we get an add-on for bathing suits? I DETEST hand washing bathing suits and am always tempted to just chuck them into the wash. My daughter's seem to come out fine that way, but then again hers are a lot less expensive to replace...

I was a little shocked to read "hand wash after a few years" on your poll... oh... yes.... WEARS.

I don't hand wash anything. Of course, I also buy my bras on clearance at our local discount store...as long as it holds 'em in!

I saw that site a while back and here is what I didn't like about it - its supposed to be anonymous and non-judging but in the forum section, people would dissect confessions and judge big time! That made me as sad as some of the confessions. But it is a great time killer ;-)

I used to read that site, but it annoyed me that all of my confessions relating to my TRA kids were not accepted (TRA= Transracially Adopted). I felt that whoever approved of the posts were really biased against me. And since I all ready experience that bias every where else, I didn't need it there too. I also had to stop reading it because one poster called anyone who did fertility treatments "selfish" and it got a whole lot of "me toos". It just added to my spiralling depression, so as a means of taking care of myself, I had to stop. And the posts from mom's who hate their children, leave them locked in the bathroom while they go to the mall, etc. just got to be too much for me.

Have you been to secretpost.com yet? Same idea, except you post about anything and everything...
Question: Will there be more "Market Days"?? I was starting to actually believe I might win something one day..

Hand wash? Who has time? I agree with Dani, wash them in a mesh/bra bag and hang dry. Very simple.

People are still handwashing bras?! I had no idea! Who has time?! LOL

Also, one would have to have a frick of a lot of bras to "put them in the wash after one wear". Because, regardless of the method of washing, the bra STILL has to be hung to dry, which might take at least 24 hours.

I have a front-load high efficiency washer, with a million digital settings whereby I can control the water temperature, amount of spin, rinsing, speed, washing, etc., etc., etc. I wash ALL of my clothes on the "Gentle" or even "Handwash" setting, and all of my clothes look virtually brand new. When I do one of my loads of laundry, I simply put a couple bras into a lingerie bag, and toss it in with the rest of my clothes. They come out just fine (plus a hell of a lot cleaner than a hand wash). :) And hang to dry (along with most of the rest of my clothing. SIGH.)

I really need to get one of those folding/drying rack thingies.....


I like Nilla have a front load washer with the hand wash setting and it is brilliant on bras.

Check out True Wife Confessions, that one is good too.

omg, dirty, dirty people!! wash yer bras!!! (i joke.) (sorta.) not only do they cover and support the girls, they are near your armpits!! wash them! immediately!!

i toss mine in a lingerie bag and wash them with my other clothes... wa-la! clean bras!

Um... I throw mine in with the other laundry... no special bags or temperature or detergents. I'm not all that refined, apparently. Then they go right in the dryer.

Hand wash? In the same department as ironing. FAP: For other people.

I harldy ever wash my bra's. I only wear them to work anyway for blouse-filling purposes: there's no use for a 75AA in weekends and on week nights. Plus I never use deodorant: fortunately I don't need to, plus I hardly ever sweat (yes, I check with friends :-)). When would they get dirty?

There are over 30 push-up bra's hanging from my door knob, I just chuck them all in the washing machine every now and then. 30 degrees, no centrifuge/spinning, take them out dripping wet: and back on the knob they go!

I checked "other" because I DO wash them but it is more than a 'few' wears - sometimes I probably go a couple weeks - yikes! I also hang them from my closet door knob so they do get to air out between wears. I need to buy more bras but I absolutely HATE HATE bra shopping. If I had more, I think I would wash them more. No way on the hand wash. Do the mesh bag in washing machine and I dry mine too in the drier. Last time I think I even forgot the mesh bag - I often wash on delicate cycle to help with wrinkles (HATE ironing too) - washer spins the clothes less on delicate cycle and bras seem to do fine.
It's great that you now have a time saving idea - no more hand washing - yea!

I'm surprised to see all these mesh bag users. I have never done that. I wash mine in hot water with bleach and then dry in the machine. Granted I do stick to very utilitarian bras that it's probably hard to damage, but I'd never make it if I had to bother more than that. I want everything I can bleach run through it because I work in very icky healthcare and germ-killing is high on the list of goals.

Nothing bad has ever happened with my method, btw.

It really saddened me how many of those confessions were about husbands. So many sad families. Also took away from the fact that it was Mom Confessions.

And confessions don't always have to be negative.

Oh God, I created a monster, didn't I? Back when Adam was in hospital and I told you about this site, I had no clue you would be addicted. Hehehe. It's pretty bizarre. And the True Dad's Confessions are even more depressing. Do those men EVER think of anything but their weenies?

Bras? I own about 12 - no really!! and they are all newish. I handwash like so:- Woolite in bucket (smells lovely), toss in bras, wait 15 mins, rinse once, dry, out of the sun. Easy peasy and the wires don't end up trying to strangle me - that I cannot stand!! They last quite well, and I only wash every other weekend - as I have gone thru' them all then! No-one at work believes I own so many - I appear to buy them in bulk! Oh, and at full price too!!

I was a toss-in-the-washer every week or so until I started needing really expensive Le Mystere bras. Now hand wash, air dry. Couple times a month.

What I don't get is, how do you KNOW how often to wash them? I mean, how many bras do people have? I have 6-8. I don't choose them based on what day it is, but what I'm wearing. At the end of the week, I may have worn each one once........or worn one six or seven times. DEAR LORD, AM I SUPPOSED TO BE KEEPING TRACK OF THIS????

The site reminds me a bit of PostSecret (which is addictive as well!)

i go back to true mom confessions every few months (coz they can be repetitive) and every now and then i see something i can also "me too"!

Great book, very straight to the point and definitely showing the real moms Face here.

Great Buy in my opinion.

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